Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

One More Yuletidey Post

Feel free to guess which fics i wrote in yuletide this year! Winners get ficlets of fandoms of their choosing!

Those of you who are exempt from guessing KNOW WHO YOU ARE. *glares sternly* ..but ill probably write ficlets for you anyway, if you are nice to me, and dont give it away to everyone else.

So, hints! I wrote two stories this year:

both are above the 1000 word limit
all the fics in BOTH fandoms in the yuletide archive were written by me - by which i mean, if you click on that fandom, the fics you will see will have been written by ME. this works for both fandoms.

*uses nonconnected icon*

i also just posted almost 20 recs from LAST YEAR'S yuletide over at minionsficrecs.
I am keeping my recs for this year at, to be crossposted to minions someday..
Tags: yuletide

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