Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Yuletide is OPEN!

Yuletide is open, and i was lucky enough this year to get TWO fics, just for me! This is the first time ive gotten more than one fic, so I am thrilled!

Happily Never After is Into the Woods, and it's Jack and Red and growing up and not knowing how to talk to each other and it is completely awesome! The Baker and Cinderella make appearances, and they have such good insight into what is going on, and it makes me so very happy to have gotten this. THANK YOU SANTA!

And THEN! Some super mysterious Santa who i would never ever in a million years be able to guess wrote me GOKUSEN! And it's Shin and Yankumi and sex gone OH SO VERY WRONG, as sex with Yankumi would be doomed to do, and it makes me snort with laughter in so many ways. Love Bites *crying* they think he lost a FIGHT, y'all! There is no way this isn't hilarious.
Tags: yuletide

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