Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Loss of Control

I havent really been around much the past couple of days, and it's not because I've been head down in dramas - although that is where I desperately would have liked to been.

No, I've been head down in the joy of data recovery!

My external harddrive, Danziger, who Ive had for barely a year, decided to up and DIE on me.

Guess where all my music, my writing, and ALL OF MY DRAMAS are kept?


So, the past several days have been a slow painful process of trying to transfer and save as much off of Danz as humanly possible, and honesty, I havent done too bad. Ive got all of my music, almost all of my icons, all of my writing, many movies, and omgthankyou, the vast majority of my dramas. Mostly, i lost episodes, and i lost no complete series. A lot of my Arashi stuff got zapped, which SUCKS, but it got zapped a while ago, and i hadnt replaced much of it yet.

As an early birthday present, Brandus got one a shiny, 1T external hard drive to replace Danz. She's sleek and pretty and going to be INSANELY dorky, so Im going to call her Yankumi.

Anyway, for me, a list of what i KNOW ive lost, dramawise, and therefore what needs to be replaced:

Baby and Me - kmovie
Bright Girl's Success Story - ep 12
Coffee Prince - ep 11
My Lucky Star - eps 14, 19, 20
Proposal Daisakusen - ep 1
Summer Snow - ep1, ep 10

So, really, the damage wasnt horrible, except to my mental health. bleh.

So, off i go to download bits and pieces to complete things! Wish Yankumi better health then Danziger!

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