Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Sunday of Doom

Hi, my new job officially starts tomorrow.

Ok, so, technically, ive been working for a week and a half, but i have STUDENTS tomorrow. PreSchool students. With disabilities.

I still need to do lesson plans, i still have furniture that hasnt been removed from my classroom, and I have no plates or snacks.

I would panic, but I am soothing my soul with dramas.

Today, I have watched:

Proposal Daisakusen - episode 2
Ken might just be the biggest idiot on the face of the planet. Luckily, he seems to be doing it in an adorable way. But, seriously, he thought Rei was pissed because she loves coffee milk. You are DENSE, boy. I do really like how this is going, though. He's trying to make her smile, picture by picture, and changing things in little ways. I like it. Not something I feel the need to marathon at the moment, but it's very sweet.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - episodes 1 and 2

Why Why Love - episode 1
You know, KingOne is very pretty. It's too bad he just cannot compete with the power of Mike He and his hair. I CAN already tell you that everyone in this drama is going to need to be punched in the face at least once - Im psychic like that. And it's going to be so CHEESY. But, Mike He! And his hair! And he is already pretty much completely adorable in his jerkish way. And Rainie, of course, is lovely. Also, she's very spunky, which I approve of, and she has a female friend! Admittedly, female friend needs to be punched in the face, but, female friend!

PS KingOne pretty!
Tags: japan broke my capslock, jdrama, my capslock for asia, the mullet always wins, twdrama, why why love for the love of toast why

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