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MOVIE: Keep firing assholes

Sunday of Doom

Hi, my new job officially starts tomorrow.

Ok, so, technically, ive been working for a week and a half, but i have STUDENTS tomorrow. PreSchool students. With disabilities.

I still need to do lesson plans, i still have furniture that hasnt been removed from my classroom, and I have no plates or snacks.

I would panic, but I am soothing my soul with dramas.

Today, I have watched:

Proposal Daisakusen - episode 2
Ken might just be the biggest idiot on the face of the planet. Luckily, he seems to be doing it in an adorable way. But, seriously, he thought Rei was pissed because she loves coffee milk. You are DENSE, boy. I do really like how this is going, though. He's trying to make her smile, picture by picture, and changing things in little ways. I like it. Not something I feel the need to marathon at the moment, but it's very sweet.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - episodes 1 and 2

Why Why Love - episode 1
You know, KingOne is very pretty. It's too bad he just cannot compete with the power of Mike He and his hair. I CAN already tell you that everyone in this drama is going to need to be punched in the face at least once - Im psychic like that. And it's going to be so CHEESY. But, Mike He! And his hair! And he is already pretty much completely adorable in his jerkish way. And Rainie, of course, is lovely. Also, she's very spunky, which I approve of, and she has a female friend! Admittedly, female friend needs to be punched in the face, but, female friend!

PS KingOne pretty!


I love Kingone (and his character) in WWL. (Why does he never get the girl though? He's cute and he can act! Even Jiro's getting the girl in his next drama!)
WWL does get better. About halfway it will get super awesome. Mike He's character is just so adorable! And Rainie's character isn't a pushover and pretty awesome.

But yes, the female friend and Jai Di's family need to be punched in the face several times.
WHOA, you just changed your username! *blinks in confusion*

KingOne is rather wonderful, and i loved his love story in Devil Beside You...which, for some reason, i kinda want to fic about..so im hopeful he will get SOMETHING happy in this one.

How is Mike He and his hair so POWERFUL? he already made me wibble once, and right now, his character is a JACKASS.

i HAAAATE her family. HAATE.

I am tempted to watch DBY just for Kingone and his storyline.

His hair is just so mesmerizing! In the beginning his character is a bit of a jackass but he will become all adorable and boyish really soon.

That hate will just escalate. Seriously, I spent most of the time just hoping they would get run over by a bus or something.
I am tempted to watch DBY just for Kingone and his storyline.

You havent seen it yet? or you want to rewatch? i loved Devil Beside You. And I really did like Kingone's storyline, even though i kinda wanted to kick the girlfriend really hard once or twice.
I attempted to watch it after WWL but Mike He's hair and clothes had me running for the hills. OMFG THE MULLET! OMFG THE BOBBY PINS!

And then people on my flist who had seen it told me I was better off not watching it as the only good part of DBY was Kingone.
DBY seems to be one people either love or hate. I loved it, mullet and all, but then again, i find Mike He CREEPILY ATTRACTIVE with the mullet, so..keep that in mind.

it's cheesy, but it's a drama, so..big surprise? i bet you'd get addicted to it if you watched a couple of episodes. and then Kingone has his best scene in the world in almost the last episode..bits of it made it into the last vid i made, because i love it SO MUCH.
I think only Bono can pull off the mullet but hten again wildwesternwind says the mullet grows on you.

I probably will watch it since I love Mike He, Kingone and Rainie. But it will have to wait until after my rewatch of the Japanese and Taiwanese versions of HYD and then Boys Before Flowers (omg Jan 5 needs to get here FAST!)
ARGH WILL WATCH WWL TONIGHT! Sorry, PGSM has just eaten my brain and I only found out yesterday that there's a special episode that's 40 mins long and wheeeeeeeeeeee I'm watching that as soon as I've had my shower. Also rewatching canon for yuletide, which would be a lot more enjoyable if the character I'm supposed to be writing about was actually one of my favourites. :/

Good luck with school tomorrow, I'm very interested in how it will go. Hopefully the kids will be awesome!

I'll email you my thoughts on WWL as soon as I've watched it and I may have to do some capping of delicious Mike and his delicious hair.
No worries! i was actually rather torn, as my finger kept inching towards the first episode of Snow Queen, so I kind of forced myself to watch it. Im not going to say anything specific until you email me, or until ive watched the second ep and have a better grasp on characters and names. Names are always my downfall..why does Taiwan have to be so HARD when it comes to names?

Mike He and his hair, though..I will admit he made me a little wibbly in the first episode.

You'll hate the entire show the first fifteen minutes or so. After that, it gets better.

and PLEASE, the capping! the hair! the icons! I NEED.
Ooo - is that the live action sailor moon? I watched that first season. Hilarious. :)
it is, and it is FANTASTICLY BAD. i kinda love it. the ballet moves! the twirling! the monsters! the bad wigs!
oh! i forgot to ask... since I've seen Tin Man now, where are good places to go to read fic, and is there a pairing you like? i would guess DG/Cain, but for all I know you want Glitch/Raw or something. oh, and a place for icons, pls, as I have space that needs to be filled. :D
DG/Cain is definitely the way to go for me!

Let's see, fic places..i mod tin_and_jewels, which is DG/Cain. There is also tinman_fic, and the Pit, of course.

I did do some TinMan recs on minionsficrecs a while back, if you want to look.

but, tell me, did you like it? did you think it was dorky? tell me all your thoughts!
I adore fractured fairy tales and such, so it automatically had a check mark in the win pile. :D

DG is cute, and I could automatically see DG/Cain even tho my brain didn't automatically start ficcing things. Speaking of fic... What is this Pit you speak of? You forget, YOU are my only entry into this fandom. :P I did see the comm on your profile page, but there are way too many longfics on the page for me to get into easily, especially given the micromini time availability I have. :(

I liked the tats turning into things, the way the original story was tweaked just a bit to be a retelling and completely new at the same time. It has that dark overtone that lends itself well to my tendency to write angst and drama more than fluff. I think I need to see part 3 again, given that i watched it with tons of interruptions.

I should prolly read a little fic first, to get a better feel for what's out there. I also don't have any bunnies in mind, so if there's something specific you want, feel free to prompt me. :D
The Pit/The Pit of Voles/Fanfiction.net. all the same thing. scary place, but sometimes it has to be done. *firm nod*

let's see..here is stuff ive recced on minionsficrecs - mostly short stuff, i think.

i LOVE the tats- especially love that they fly out of her boobs! *cackle*

i do love the DG/Cain, but i like friendshippy stuff with all four of them, too. I havent seen much that handles the problem of Az after the witch is destroyed, but i forever live in hope. or something. i like DG/Cain, i like Raw, I like Glitch..i dont have any slash goggles for this show, to tell the truth. i would love to see something that really actually handles a trip back to the real world for DG for some real reason - not to get her bike, not to run away from her responsibilities, and for fuck's sake, not to get her damn cds.

id really love something that approaches DG's drawings of the OZ that she did before she ended up there.

i need to post more recs, because i do have some, i think.
ahhhhhhhhhhh. I've always referred to the Pit as ff.net, then. I avoid it like the plague. As in, I have to really love you and trust you if you rec something on it to read it. :D

I must ponder on your topics to write you something appropriate. I have some free time next week, so we'll have to see if I do anything with it then. I've tried to start a riverspeak ficlet and a sequel to the crazy!dean fic, but my brain sputtered. it needs some serious pokage.
I avoid it like the plague.

as you should. it's terrifying. but sometimes, I HAVE FICCISH NEEDS THAT CANNOT BE IGNORED, and then i must go. and then i must wash myself seven times with antistupid soap, and i cringe for DAYS.

brain sputtering happens quite often with a baby. shall i poke, or would you prefer to poke it yourself? :)
poke away! that way you can also insure that I will actually write something that you like. You will also be tailoring my shipping and writing tastes in that fandom, you know. :)
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