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The End of the Blossoming

I did finish watching Hana Kimi tw, and i DID enjoy it, for all that I sometimes wanted to force Ella to look in the mirror and say, LOOK! LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOURSELF! STOP MAKING MONKEY FACES. The monkeys don't like it!

There was a number of glossed over storylines, or storylines that seemed..wildly incomplete..hey, look, it's Quan's brother who he hasn't spoken to in years! Let's have him come and be hostile, and then GO AWAY before anything is resolved! Let's have Rui Xi have some boy force himself on her and be SEXUALLY ASSAULTED! But it's ok, the boy who did it is a good guy, and he was really shocked to find out you were a boy! Wow, does he feel silly! Good thing Quan showed up to pull him off you before he got your pants off!


Quan pulls the jackass of of Rui Xi, Rui Xi FREAKS THE FUCK OUT and is screaming and won't let Quan anywhere near her, and then she takes off into the woods and he chases after her.

At which point, the "good guy" gets in the car and LEAVES. because he's a good guy. He wouldnt have done it if he didnt think she was a girl pretending to be a boy! WHOOPS!

Oh, sorry. We were moving PAST the rage. Right.

Rui Xi is still freaking out and running away, and Im seriously seriously freaking out for her, because 1)i read the manga, and I know they're going to end up lost in the woods overnight, and 2) SEXUALLY ASSAULTED.

He finally catches her, and even as she's screaming and trying to claw him, he's trying to calm her down and keeps telling her, "It's me, it's Quan, it's Quan," and i feel for BOTH of them right here, because Quan is the only one who really knows what could have happened and he had to SEE it, and he didn't get to beat the shit out of The Good Guy, and you can tell he feels completely helpless, and poor Rui Xi, who has always thought her stupid disguise as a boy is perfect, and who has never been touched like that EVER and jfdkslkdsla. Bad. *flails*

so, now we're stuck in the woods, and there are weird dreams going on in Rui Xi's exhausted head, and Quan can't wake her up and can't leave her, and they've fallen down a ledge and he can't climb it carrying her, and they dont have any water, and REALLY, this needs to be a much more sob worthy scene.

but then she starts babbling a story to him about how she was fat and then she saw him high jump and he motivated her to lose all that weight and a)we've already seen him overhear this story before and b) MOAR CUDDLES LESS BABBLE PLZ and c) this is the second damn drama ive seen where the girl is fat until she is "inspired" by a boy she likes to lose weight. HI I HATE THIS STORYLINE! anyway! then he tries to make her drink some water, but she's unconcious and having goofy dreams about kissing, so he tries to feed her some water. with his mouth. at which point she slides her hand up into his hair and her tongue into his mouth and his eyes go comically wide, and again, im left wondering if he kissed her back or just..sat there like an idiot. I sure as hell hope he kissed her back, as he is actually SOBER for this kiss.

ahem. sorry. and then they get rescued, and the bosslady says things that make me want to scream with anger and attack the computer about The Good Guy, and Rui Xi APOLOGIZES AND SAYS IT WAS HER FAULT and then i caught fire from sheer feminist rage and burned down my house.

But, it's ok! Because Rui Xi's fine! and she doesn't have any nightmares or flashbacks or get weird when anybody touches her! Because he was A Good Guy!

(PS. read anenko's fic dealing with the fallout here. IT KINDA BREAKS ME)



ooooh, I know!

the one where they are NAKED TOGETHER! *beams*

There is this whole contrived trip to the hot springs, during which Xiu Yi (Nakatsu, whose name ive finally figured out while writing porn) is very excited to learn that he and Rui Xi can get in the hot springs and be naked there together, and Rui Xi is admittedly freaked out - BUT NOT BECAUSE OF PAST TRAUMA! OR EVEN BECAUSE THAT HIM SAYING THAT IS *CREEPY AS FUCK* but because she's a girl!

At this point, by the way, I officially awarded any and all points to Nakatsu in the jdrama version, because at least he doesnt become a CREEPY STALKER who touches Rui Xi at EVERY OPPORTUNITY and insinuate naked things.

Rui Xi and the doctor, whose name I havent bothered to learn because he bores the shit out of me, scheme and claim that Rui Xi has this horrible skin rash or something, so she cant get in the pool with anyone. Creepy stalker thinks skin rashes are SEXY.

Through a series of bizarre events (by the way, I like this Julia 9BILLION times better than the jdrama Julia they threw at us in the jdrama SP), Rui Xi's best friend Julia is also in Taiwan at this point, and they are so very adorably BFFs and kinda slashy with the panty shopping! Julia makes Creepy Stalker INSANE. She's really good at cockblocking, and it's completely hilarious to watch him turn purple. Watching him be all grabby with Rui Xi and scary possessive is NOT so fun, and wow, maybe im making this light fluffy silly cute show sound entirely too horrible...maybe i should have just skipped over the sexual assault thing...let me try again!

I love Julia! She and Rui Xi speak a jumbled mix of English and Mandarin, which, as they are both supposed to be AMERICAN, makes sense! Julia and Rui Xi kiss each other on the cheek, hold hands, and cuddle. Stalker boy, who recently declared himself completely gay for Rui Xi at the top of his lungs at the top of a building, is horrified, and I LAUGH, because i am a horrible person. Julia and Rui Xi go panty shopping and hold hands and snuggle!

Senior Nan interrupts at a convienent moment before Xui Yi tried to kill Julia, and is all "remember my name, because you'll be screaming it later." She kicks his ass. I laugh. Nan's bitchy boyfriend dumps noodles over Xui Yi's head, and they get into a slap fight, and i laugh like a HYENA.

so, all of the above plus extra go to the hot springs, which Rui Xi really wants to go in, but she cant, because of her "skin condition." Hint: it's called a VAGINA. Creepy stalker offers to sleep beside her/with her/cuddle up to her, or something, and Quan gets great joy out of that cockblock.

in the middle of the night, Quan is off thinking about his brother, who they just ran into very briefly for no apparent reason, and Rui Xi decides to sneak off while everyone else is sleeping and go to the hot springs.

she spends a good ten minutes trying to figure out which hot springs side to use - the chicks or the dudes, and then boring doctor swoops out of nowhere in a hilarious robe and tells her he's taking the girls' side, so she better hop on over to the mens' unless she wants to share with him.

She runs away, as she should.

so, we're in the hot springs! Rui Xi is naked! She is reveling in the feel of being naked in hot water! She cheers, and then, OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE UNDERWATER LAND, up pops Quan!

Boy must have SOME KINDA LUNGS, because she's in the water a solid minute before he surfaces, and im sure he can think of some way to put that skill to good use, because, did i mention they are both NAKED?

it's really kind of a hot scene, for all that Quan spends most of it turned mostly away from her, all you can see of her is collarbones and up, and it's only two minutes long, if that. But he keeps..stealing glimpses. of her. standing there. naked. and he's naked. and he has this..LOOK on his face. and then later, when he's drunk and they are back at the school and everyone is sadly, dressed, he admits he wanted to kiss her then.

And my mind is DIRTY, because i interpreted "kiss" as "touch your naked boobies and do things to other bits of you and did i mention how long i can hold my breath?" because COME ON. She was NAKED. also, she said, 'there is no one else around, we can do whatever we want!' and he kinda half laughs and agrees and takes a step closer and EEEIIIH NAKED.


of course, when she finds out later that he wanted to kiss her that day, she becomes convinced she has turned him gay. because Rui Xi is adorable, but she's not the brightest crayon in the box.

anyway, so she stutters through this whole..jumbled mess of "WE ARE GETTING DIZZY! WE SHOULD GET OUT!" and Quan, who is no fool, for all that she is naked and he is very very aware of it, agrees, because otherwise, there WILL be sex in the hot springs, and she still thinks he thinks she's a girl. plus, i dont think sex in the hot springs is entirely feasible, based on his height, and i dont think the side of the hot springs is anything other than concrete. Quan gets out, and i kinda snort water up my nose, because she is LOOKING when he gets out of the pool, and you see her jerk her eyes away, and im pretty sure she just got the Quan full monty, and Im really wondering what all she saw.

Let's see...other storylines and scenes that stuck with me..i liked her learning martial arts..i didnt care in the slightest about the reporter or about the whole game competition thing.

oh! before Xiu Yi became gay creepy stalker guy, he kinda broke my heart into PIECES when he was trying to deal with his feelings for Rui Xi. Nakatsu has the power to break me no matter what language he is speaking, and while I love my jdrama Nakatsu and Toma rocks the casbah, there is..something about how Xui Yi portrayed it. there is this cute girl who likes him, and he dates her, and tries so hard. he shines so bright when he's with her, he's happy and cheerful and clearly having fun, and then something reminds him of his feelings for Rui Xi, or he sees Rui Xi and Quan playing touchy feeley, flirty games, and his face just falls. aslkasjkal.

at one point, they are playing leap frog down the hall, only Quan keeps losing, so Rui Xi is the only one leaping, and they are ADORABLE and Xiu Yi is just broken.

Quan keeps messing with her, by the way, and it's kinda hilarious, and kinda sad. he gets all up in her space, he very nearly kisses her SEVERAL times, and i cant figure out how much is his legitimate want to kiss her (BECAUSE HE SO DOES), and how much he is kinda..trying to push her to tell him she's a girl. so he can kiss her properly and without needing stupid excuses.

also, at this point, everyone, including Julia and the boring doctor, are telling Rui Xi that Quan ALREADY KNOWS that she is a girl. but Rui Xi is convinced they are wrong. NOT THE BRIGHTEST CRAYON.

Rui Xi asks Quan how long they will be together, and he talks about graduation, and then she's all, 'and we'll go work at the same place?' and he's 'yep,' and she's 'and we can live together and be together every single day?' and he is all 'absolutely,' which leads to an adorable little fantasy sequence where they are businessmen!in!love! with bonus public face touching, and then old men!in!love! and it's cute and i love her, for all she's dim.

and then we get to the photographer sequence, and she's protecting him! and he's protecting her! but of course, they're doing it all backwards and it's all tense and Quan hates everyone and Rui Xi is not so dim that she doesnt know something is REALLY wrong between the photographer and Quan, but the pictures turn out cute and Rui Xi is in girl clothes and Xiu Yi is suddenly dating Julia, or something.

And then we get to the end, and Rui Xi keeps trying to tell Quan that she's a girl, and he keeps trying to tell her he already knows, and they keep getting interuppted, and i should have KNOWN this was the last episode, because people suddenly started talking to the camera, and there are magic tricks. And finally, after the magic show, and the paintball game, or whatever it was, they stumble into the radio room, and Rui Xi *oops* trips and turns on the mics, so EVERYONE can hear them, and after they argue back and forth about who needs to say it first for FOREVER and long enough for me to throw myself out the window, heal myself and come back in, the boys come busting in saying OMG WILL YOU JUST SAY IT ALREADY? PLEASE?

THEY NEVER SAY IT. BECAUSE THEY THINK BEING SECRETLY IN LOVE (so secret, even the person they love doesnt know it!) IS MORE *ROMANTIC*, or something stupid.

im sorry, it really is a cute ending, but i wanted SMOOCHIES. we got entirely too many ALMOST kisses(alot) and one sided kisses (2) and fantasy kisses (2), that I really wanted one.good.kiss, where both people were awake and alert and able to consent to the sexing! SMOOCHIES, DAMMIT.

over all, Rui Xi and Quan are ADORABLE and i love them, even the tragic monkey faces.
Tags: hana kimi tw, jiro's stupid face, my capslock for asia, my girl ella, twdrama, wu zun needs to take his shirt off

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  • Celebration: Ladies

    I've seen the woman in icons meme floating around, and it is lovely. So, here are my lovely ladies! I included any icon that featured a woman,…

  • Get Off the Roof

    Because I have little to nothing of interest to say ...actually, that's a lie, I have other things to talk about, but those require brain cells and…

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    -Came through Earl fine. A little rain and a little wind, and a night spent in a hotel. Yippee. But, we're home and fine. -Recently begun shipping…