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Girlcrush: Ella Chen

There have been several picspams of pretty pretty people on various ljs lately.

wildwesternwind's little asian addictions
itsplashes' top 20

now, these are all beautiful, beautiful things full of hot, occasionally shirtless men. but you know what? i feel like the ladies need a little loving.

This isnt a countdown. Dont expect these to come at any regular interval. Dont expect them all to be asian - although, right now? Asia RULES, so suck it. Anyway, hot chicks are awesome.

Girlcrush: Ella Chen

Who is she: One third of Taiwan girlband S.H.E., actress in the tw version of Hana Kimi, hot ass chick with attitude and an affinity for crossdressing.

Why I love her: She is gorgeous and hilarious, and it took about three Behind the Scenes of Hana Kimi for me to totally fall in love with her. She shows off her undies. She tells the world that her mom gropes her boobs and thinks they are pitiful. She pats Wu Zun on the ass. She pats Wu Zun on the dick. She pretends to dance around a stripper pole. She says that she wears nothing but an apron around the house. She makes out with her hot bandmates. She seems like someone who would be totally awesome to hang around, because you know she'd be the one in the corner telling dirty jokes and betting on who would get drunk and naked first. And then she'd take a shot of tequila and take her top off.

Ella is rather androgynous looking, most of the time. By her own choice, it seems. According to articles and reports, she's a huge tomboy, would rather play basketball than wear heels, and thinks of herself as being a little weirder than other girls. I think she's fabulous. In Hana Kimi, she does look rather..unattractive, but that's due to the tragic monkey faces she quite often is making, as well as a really bad hair choice. I think she's hot when she's crossdressing, i think she's hot when she's all dressed up. I just think she rocks.

I really really love this picture

See, you think you know what she's doing, and then she goes all feminine and lovely on you. She's tricky.

How can you not think she's gorgeous?

How can you not think she is hysterical? I mean, her SHIRT OMG.

She is adorable!

Wu Zun does have a very nice ass. It needs to be patted.

Wu Zun appreciates Ella's hotness, too

Sometimes you have to make out with other hot chicks - especially if they belong to the same band as you

She's just fucking hot, ok?

MV for the Hana Kimi theme song by S.H.E:

Boom Boom Boom by S.H.E:



Hmmmmmmmm. You won me over with the hot.

...not enough to watch HK, but... yeah. HOT.
oh, you wouldnt like it. just the hot. i might make you watch the behind the scenes stuff, because she is AWESOME. seriously. showing her undies, talking about boobs, patting boys on the crotch. she's fabulous.

i added two vids up there, if you want to see her in action while singing.

I love Ella. Like, lovelovelovelovelove. I'm straight but if she came up and winked at me I'd pretty much beg her to marry me because a) she's gorgeous and b) she seems so FUN. My friend nushi_akubi put it best when she said that she wants Ella to be her BFF because she just seems totally awesome. I want to go to parties with her! I want to play basketball with her! I want her to pat me on the butt! ARGH WHY IS SHE SO FABULOUS?!

I almost put her in my Hovember countdown as a surprise!random but I didn't in the end because I'd promised someone that they'd all be guys. If I did a female countdown she'd definitely be my number one, followed by an immeasurable chasm, and then some other chicks. Hebe would be on the list but Selina doesn't do anything for me, which is interesting considering she's probably the 'prettiest' member of S.H.E.
see, if they hadnt had the behind the scenes stuff, i probably would have thought she was kinda cute and gone about my life. but she just comes off as SO COMPLETELY AWESOME - joking about Wu Zun not wearing underwear while high jumping and her mom groping her boobs, and seriously, i fell in love.

im straight, most of the time, so that reminds me that i need to add a new tag for girlcrushes. well..two new tags. Girlcrush and Stop breaking my het. Id also go gay for Queen Latifah, Summer Glau, and Eliza Dushku. Mmmm.

DUDE! it would have been AWESOME for her to show up in hovember! you should totally have done it!
You now have me convinced. I MUST watch the tw Hana Kimi as soon as possible!
she is NOT hot in hana kimi, so dont go in with that expectation. she is frequently adorable, though. and Wu Zun..MMMMMMMM. Id like one of those, please. *licks*
IS tw Hana Kimi any good? I was planning on watching the jdrama version soon. I really like Jiro and Wu Zun though
She's fabulous! ♥
I approve of your choice.

Have you seen this pimping post?
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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