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BUFFY: Geek Love

Even the Bees Do It

Now that Ive finished tw's Hana Kimi - which i swear I will talk about at length - later, after ive finished yuletide - what should i subject myself to next? all Taiwan, all the time, for this poll.

Those of you who wish I would just shut up and watch shows in English will just have to close your eyes.

Poll #1312896 What is next for me, Taiwan?

What should be next?

Why Why Love
My Lucky Star
The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries

Convince me:

Ok. yuletide. Two starts. Few words. Let's try again.


Howdy; figured I'd better say something, since I went and stalker!friended you. ^^ I'm not sure how I came across you actually.. but um, yeah, My Lucky Star = AWESOME. Many, many, many, MANY kinds of awesome. Just remembering it brings out my lil chestmonster. Also, I thought Why Why Love sucked. =.=" Much to my disappointment, after worshiping the stars of my first ever drama. Glau. Although, Mike's hair was kinda fabulous. Whenever he turned his head to the side, I'd pause and admire.
Mike's hair should be his costar in everything. It should get top billing, i think. There is something very amazing about it, no matter how he wears it. I even find the mullet hot, and that is so very wrong!

Welcome aboard, however you came about. :)
Mike/mullet may be the biggest OTP fandom has never actually managed to create. Fic, ARISE!
I mailed out your DVDs this evening. You should hopefully get them within a week or two!

I'd recommend starting with "Lovely Complex" because it was ridiculously stupid and cute (omg, the horrible fashion!), and only clocks in at around two hours.
omg YAY. *bounce* I cant wait! THANK YOU.
My Lucky Star! I cannot pimp this drama enough. It is just awesome - and they kiss. . . a lot.
mmmm, kisses. there are not nearly enough kisses in asian dramas to satisfy me.
I haven't seen any of those but I picked Why Why Love because it's next on my twdrama list and we could watch it together and squee/cry at the same time.

Although I seem to have randomly started watching the live-action Sailor Moon so I may not get to WWL immediately. OH GOD WHY IS IT SO BAD? *watches another episode*
*licks your icon*

see, you could sell me Why Why Love just that easy. the chance to squee at the same time as someone else? EXCELLENT.

when will you be done with the current crack? and why the hell are you watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? And why do i know the name of it?!
*icon licks you back*

It's a pretty awesome idea - I haven't been able to squee at the same time as anyone else for...I can't remember. It usually only happens with currently airing dramas and I don't watch them anymore because I'm constantly disappointed by the endings. I have MLS as well so I'll just watch whichever one you pick; I was just tempted by the thought of Mike and his mullet romancing the gorgeous Rainie Yang.

And PGSM is so bad it's almost good, you know how sometimes shows can do that cycle thing? It's something I can watch in the background so whenever you want to embark on the new show I'll start watching it too - how should we arrange it? A certain number of episodes per night? Need to be at this point by this time? *excited* It's almost like we're watching it in the same place!

we ARE in drastically different time zones (note to self: figure out time difference between North Carolina and Australia - also, learn to spell), so we can't watch it TOGETHER together, as one of us is probably at work or sleeping, but hey, we can figure this out!

How about starting tomorrow? I usually can do up to 2 eps a night, and I has a baby, so even on the weekends, I dont usually have tons of extra time. So, one or two eps a night? and how will we squee together? email? lj posts of flailing? *hops excitedly*

and let's stick with Mike He and his hair romancing Rainie, and then we can watch MLS together, too! *beams*

It looks like I'm 15 hours ahead of you, if North Carolina only has one timezone? My US geography = zero so I don't know where it is or how big it is, but some site told me the current time and I compared it to my current time and that's what I got. Does that mean I start it tonight (it's 3:30pm on Friday here now) or tomorrow?

And how to do it, hmm. I don't mind, whatever you find is easiest. We could flail by email and then collect our flailmails together in an enormous pimppost or we could do individual posts with pictures or I DON'T KNOW ;_;. Do you have msn/aim/yahoo/instant messenger of any kind? We should totally catch up outside lj at some point, that might help.

YAY MIKE AND HIS HAAAAAAAAAIR! I wish they were my boyfriends. But Rainie is adorable so I don't mind if it's her.

err..i dont know. i fully plan on watching an ep after i force myself to sit through an ep of my stupid canon for my stupid yuletide fic - which, by the way, sucks, and my yuletide-ee is going to HATE ME.

i do have aim, but i never ever use it, because i find i never do ANYTHING ELSE when it's open except for talk to people. and i cannot watch dramas, write things, read fic, AND talk to people all at the same time. sadly.

i say email and individual posts, and anything entertaining that makes it into our emails are free for the posting to either lj. because if im watching it, i need to post about it*nods firmly*

email is: alianoraATgmailDOTcom

note to self: write up hana kimi post
Although I seem to have randomly started watching the live-action Sailor Moon

OMG. PGSM is so bad and so cheesy. . . and yet it made me cry more than once before it was all over (The Dark Mercury arc! Rei and Minako!).

(aliaspiral, you only narrowly avoided getting PGSM in your DVD package. Next time!)

seems like people have conflicting opinions of Why Why Love..but the picspam=yay!

and the last three pics are reading totally slashy for me. *purr*
eeh. at the very very least, it has Mike He and his hair, and that..really cant be too bad, now, can it? :)
excellent! it will be next!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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