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CARTOON: Wind and Fire

My Contents Have Shifted

What? WHAT? WHAT? 15 episodes and I get NOTHING?

No kissing? No hugging? NOT EVEN A REAL LOVE CONFESSION?!




And no, the other kisses dont count! There wasnt one single kiss where both were fully there and participating - I AM VERY UNHAPPY.


*wails pathetically*


You got passion! And lots of hugging! And that adorable scene in the cafeteria where Quan reaches over and wipes stuff off Rui Xi's face and one of the superfluous boys goes, "Oh Quan, you're so tender!"

...tender. The fics basically write themselves.

But apart from that, did you enjoy it? I'm very interested in what you thought of the series as a whole, considering I was pushing it at you like a terrible, delicious drug. And mmm, Wu Zun.
"Oh Quan, you're so tender!"

*snerk* it is my own private belief that they ALL think Quan and Rui Xi are doing it, they just dont really care except for the teasing opportunities it provides. that pretty much goes for the jdrama versions, too. it's like everyone else can see their weird connection, so instead of it being weird and creepy and possibly gay, its just..kinda cute.

...tender. The fics basically write themselves.

mmmMmmm, write me first time pron. *licks*

i DID enjoy it, and i did enjoy the rather madcap ending, i just..felt cheated in some ways. i have my own prony version of what happened after 8000 interruptions happened and then Quan finally comes back to the room. mmm, dirty.

ill do a full write up - promise. just..must continue hating myself and yuletide before i decide to start another drama.

I was pushing it at you like a terrible, delicious drug.

and what should my next drug be, oh pusher? i am contemplating my next addiction.

And mmm, Wu Zun.

mmmmMMMMMmmm, yes. *licks* and i have a total crush on Ella and i think i love her like MAD. mainly because of her behind the scenes stuff - she talks about her boobs! she shows off her undies! she pats Wu Zun and whatshisname in the dick! she pretends to dance with a stripper pole! I LOVE HER I LOVE HER I LOVE HER. where can I find more Ella? besides S.H.E, i know about them.
Everyone can see their connection except Nakatsu who is totally unwilling to see it. :P Jdrama rewatching will commence on the weekend and I've already got my Nakatsu/Mizuki goggles on in preparation. That way I won't be too disappointed by Shun's lackluster performance, it will be all about the Toma.

UGH YULETIDE GO AWAY. 9 days left and I still haven't started, I feel so sorry for my person. ;_;

And you want more Ella? THE ROSE. THE ROSE THE ROSE THE ROSE. I may have mentioned it, oh once or twice, but I seriously love that drama. It has downtrodden Ella! It has Joe Cheng in revealing negligees! It has delicious, delicious incest! ARE YOU NOT SOLD ALREADY? Seriously, it's pretty angsty and the plot is all over the place but I love it for all its faults and ELLA is in it as is Hebe and Selina so it's like all S.H.E all the time and did I mention the delicious incest? Also bedhopping!


That is even worse than Japan!

Well, not true. As like... Kurosagi was a GIANT TEASE and there wasn't even a single moment of touching that I can recall but they were so clearly in love.



Go back to PD! There IS kissing!
oh, we got like..4 kisses, and one of them was pretty good, two were imaginary, and 1 would have been SMOKING HOT if she hadnt been completely unwilling.

its just..they changed the ending on me! i was expecting revelations! angst! love confessions!

instead, i got a magic show, a paintball game, and accidental radio hijinks. not that it wasnt fun, it just wasnt what i WANTED.

and i GUESS you could say we got a real love confession. i was just..wailing incoherantly before it happened.

Kurosagi was a GIANT TEASE

WELL. that's off my list! SHAME ON YOU JAPAN. with your teasing and your lack of TOUCHING.

i will go back to PD! must attempt to yuletideness tonight, and will watch some PD this weekend! *smoochies*
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