Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Maybe If I Put Numbers In, They Will Connect Themselves.

1) it is 400 degrees in my apartment. am melting. dont tell Dorothy, but i didnt want those damn slippers anyway.

2) "Ted" is the single creepiest Buffy episode ever. and why i can no longer watch any movie or tv show with John Ritter in it ever again.

3) shoebox_project has eaten my soul. i am curled up in a little ball anxiously waiting to find out when they will KISS ALREADY, DAMMIT. i found it awhile ago, when everyone else was relating how it had ended their lives, but on dial up, large pics are a huge pain, so i didnt make it through the first part. then, today at school, used the fast and speedy network and now am broken in half. Sirius is terrible, horrible funny. and the episode where the boys have their brains go to their animals before they can do the physical form? i died from laugh. ouch.

also, i have a large crush on Peter. cause he has new socks on. and they are blue.

5) somehow skipped 4. not sure how. possibly having difficulty typing.

6) am having Buffy marathon. am halfway through s2..and then rediscovered the fact that my sister (or the mail, stories conflict) has lost my s3. which is my favorite season. and it has Oz. i love Oz. and it has Graduation. and the Mayor. and did i mention Oz? am planning on going into Buffy black out for a day in mourning.

7) high school students are children of Satan. i know this for a fact. today, i watched one student's head spin around when i told her that her hoochie skirt was in violation of the dress code. and the others were no picnic today either. they were all smirky and smug, the little bastards.

8) got my roswell ficathon assignment. have some ideas. hate them all. possibly will go into freezing paralysis until the week before the deadline, when i will close my eyes and point to chose an idea and my story will suck and the person i am writing for will defriend* me and hate me forever.

*not much of a hint, is it? most of the ficathon participants are on my flist. an alarming number of roswellians are on my flist, come to think of it.

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