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Continue to Torment Me, Taiwain

Im halfway through ep 5 of the tw Hana Kimi, and I have to say (and i really really dont want to), that although, on the whole, I care about the jdrama characters more - like, all of the jdrama characters, i love like burning, whereas i..really dont care about many of the tw characters - tw's Quan and Rui Xi's relationship have Japan's Sano and Mizuki's asses KICKED.

Im five episodes in! Kisses! Hugs! Flirting!

About episode three, Quan starts..messing with her. He calls it "teasing," i call it "flirting." Im just waiting to see how long it takes him to realize that. He's getting all up in her space and messing with her, he's catching her full on CHECKING HIM OUT when he's changing, and he's GRINNING about it. FLIRTING. Ive seen more than one hair muss that was more of a face caress, and the kiss...

oh, the kiss.

i have mixed feelings about the kiss, because yes, he was drunk, and she was unwilling, and that's BAD, because she was so upset and i dont blame her, but that KISS. I kinda maybe rewatched it maybe 10 times, counting the number of times they've replayed it for me, too. Because, SERIOUSLY. if she was actually kissing back, instead of making the monkey frown of horror (REALLY, I DO NOT BLAME HER. SHE IS VERY UNHAPPY AND HAS THE RIGHT TO BE. VIOLATED. I GET THAT), that kiss would have been saying UNF BABY. With just Quan doing the kissing, it STILL made me say NGH, so obviously, that boy is doing SOMETHING VERY VERY RIGHT.


And the hug! He jumps! He makes it! IN FRONT OF ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, she throws herself at him and he grabs her and she's standing on tippy toe and they're hugging and they're grinning and hugging and grinning and i think i died from the absolute CUTE. and then she gets yelled at to get off the field, and they pull back and are HOLDING HANDS for a second and beaming at each other and seriously, DEAD FROM CUTE.

so, as much as I lovelovelove Sano and Mizuki, I gotta say, the passion these two have is miles more than what we saw from Japan.

And while I love Mizuki..Rui Xi kinda kicks her ass, too. Seriously! Girl is fierce. When she gets pissed, it's awesome. At one point, she is getting stupid nasty notes left on her desk, and when she gets sick of it, she SLAMS her hands on the desk and she starts barking orders and AWESOME. I like my girls with attitude, and Mizuki never really pulls off that much of an attitude. And, at a different time, eyebrow boy (the..high jump rival, whatever his name is), is needling Quan and Rui Xi really does not put up with that shit, which cracks both me AND Quan up. I think i love her.

Now, dont get carried away, there is alot i dont like about the show, and most of it has to do with what i disliked about the manga. like, OH MY GOD DONT YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT AMERICA? WE CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY HERE TOO. THIS IS NOT A NEW THING JEEZUS. but, again, that's the manga's fault. as is the fact that Quan is back to highjumping by ep 4. NO! I WILL NEVER HIGH JUMP AGAIN! YOU ARE A STRANGER AND WEIRD! to I WILL JUMP FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN MEEEE in 2 weeks? Um. Bullshit? Yeah, that's the term.

Plus, honestly, the other characters? i just dont care. In the slightest. I mean, tw Nakatsu's funny, but I dont love him like I do Nakatsu himself. And the others barely register. I cant even TELL you who the hell the other two guys probably are. I know one is Nakatsu and one is Kayashima, and the others? Eeh. Don't care. And i get really bored if it isnt about Rui Xi and Quan, so ive been doing some skimming, which is exactly how i got through the manga! Lots of skimming! and the doctor's scenes are SO BORING OMG.

In contrast, I love almost every single kooky character in the jdrama. Nanba is a lot less..creepy than Senior Nan, and YangYang is funny, but I liked Nakoe better because we got to know him more. plus, the conflict wasnt wrapped up in a split second for NO APPARENT REASON. i mean, the dorm heads themselves are AWESOME, all of dorm 2 kicks ASS, and Sekime is my baby. I love the jdrama cast and characters! this just isnt..gelling as well for me.

but, again, im not a manga fan at the best of times, and it might just be that I cant figure out who is who thanks to the name changes. Who ARE those two guys supposed to be? *ponders* and i refuse to go look at the manga again to figure it out.

Honestly, the only thing that came out of the manga that I really enjoyed was this:

In case you cant tell, that is Sano LICKING THE BLOOD FROM MIZUKI'S HAND after she cuts herself



There are so many many ways for me to say, UNF.

ETA: SHE TOTALLY WAS JUST CHECKING OUT HIS ASS IN HIS SWIM SUIT. And he *knows* she did it, and he just..grinned! *hands*

ETAA: I find myself really noticing that she isnt a boy. I mean, she and Quan go for a walk, and i find myself staring at their crotches and comparing.

I would be worried about being a perv, but i embrace it, so hey. but seriously, girl NEEDS to be stuffing her pants. or else the other boys are going to start to talk about how tiny she must be.
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