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Defriending Amnesty and More Dramas!

ATTENTION: I know that being sucked into Asian drama has caused many of you my flist to become remarkably bored. While I promise that i still love Firefly and many other English fandoms, and do, in fact, have full intentions of finishing both Wingtip and Fun and Games, I know that many of you have no interest in Japanese, Taiwanese, or Korean entertainment. EVEN THOUGH YOU TOTALLY SHOULD.

So, I declare today to be DeFriending Amnesty day. Should you have no interest in my current interests at this time, or we never comment on each other's posts, or you just don't like the shirt I am wearing today (AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME WEARING A KEYSTONE CAMP TSHIRT, HUH?), please, feel free to defriend. It won't hurt my feelings.

IN OTHER, MORE ASIAN NEWS! Ive finished more dramas, YAY! (Here is where the defriending really starts...ready? GO!)

HERE is the List of DOOOOM, which includes things Ive seen, things I've given up on completely, and things I want to see. Things shift from catagory to catagory fairly easily, so sometimes things will move from things Im watching to things Ive abandoned to things ive finished. It's magic that way.

anyway, things Ive seen lately or forgot to talk about last time around:

Devil Beside You:
HELLO Mike He! Why did no one tell me how hot this man is? Why did I have to discover it by finding out I find it hot when he manhandles a girl? I SHOULD BE SHRIEKING IN FEMINIST OUTRAGE! Instead, I'm drooling. Dammit, Mike He!

Honestly, though, I had tons of fun with this drama. There are some horrifically cheesy moments - the gloves, for example, continue to make me want to claw my eyes out and beat them with hammers, but overall, i loved it. The gloves thing made me think that this shit must have been written by a 13 year old girl, OR have been a manga in another life, because i cannot imagine anyone anywhere in the entire world going OH THIS WOULD BE SO WONDERFUL AND SWEET AND I WANT A GUY TO MAKE ME A GLOVE SO WE CAN HOLD HANDS who ISNT 13, you know?

Mike He and his hair are disturbingly attractive as Ahmon, Rainie is adorable as Qi Yue, and the scenes in the rain made me very very happy. The love square wasn't too annoying, because it didn't last long. And Qi Yue has female friends! Admittedly, one of them disappears for the last several episodes, but she was THERE.

Plus, we have the fun of Ahmon pursuing Qi Yue..usually, it's the girl winning over the asshole with her sweetness and light and whatever, but here, he's chasing her, she has no idea WHY, and then suddenly they're siblings! and then they have sex! LOVED IT. WRITE ME PORN.

Yasuko to Kenji:

Complete and total mindcandy. Nothing deep about it at all, but I enjoyed it. And, as a bonus, I didn't want to punch girl in the face like I did when she was in Yamada Toro. One major complaint. NO KISSING. OF ANY KIND. NOTHING. A HUG? WTF?

but Oki is somebody from TOKIO, I can tell you that much, and Tsubaki is is Kaniji8, I think. So that's fun, even though I have managed to avoid being dragged down into those JE bands.

overall, fun, but nothing to write home about. it didnt make me want to hunt down fic or anything, but was a good way to kill several house, and parts of it ended up in the last vid i made, so hey.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon/My Lovely Sam Soon:

I LOVED this show initially. SamSoon is loud, crude, overweight, and very blunt. I kinda love her alot. Within the first two episodes, she's slapped the main guy twice, kicked him, hit him repeatedly over the head with a stuffed pig, nearly puked on him, and possibly peed on him while drunk. We never get an answer to that last one. The two mains bicker and seem completely unsuited, and to see their slow slide into OH GOD I LOVE THIS FREAK is pretty hilarious.

I also really enjoyed the fact there was an entire subplot that went on IN ENGLISH. that was..really cool, actually. especially because you could tell they both were native English speakers, so it didn't sound weird or forced. Plus, Henry PRETTY.

And then? We hit ep 14. To tell the absolute truth, ep 14 made me itch with irritation, and i turned off the ep completely when there was still 1 minute or so left. I did thins about a week ago, and only finished watching it today (after I mainlined Coffee Prince) because i didnt want to start a brand new drama just yet. and the bad taste of ep 14 was still in my mouth, so i wasnt as happy with the ending as i could have been.

ep 14 is not deadly, it's actually fairly cute. and if it had been another couple who had finally worked out their differences and decided to do silly dating things, i probably would have been thrilled with it. but..i dont know. two characters who constantly bicker and annoy each other are suddenly calling each other 'honey' every five seconds, and there here comes COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE DRAMA IF YOU JUST WOULD HAVE PICKED UP THE PHONE DUMBASS, and it just..grated on my nerves. however, when he is at home, desperately googling for "how to make your mother-in-law like you," and when he stopped SamSoon before they went in her mom's house and asked, "am I shaking?" I LAUGHED REALLY HARD.

The last episode felt really rushed to me, on the whole. it's like they decided they had too many loose ends and too many things to resolve, so add in a time skip and pointless drama.

and the time skip. JEEZUS, is this necessary? there has to be all this additional drama because he got her address wrong and is kind of a moron? HE IS A HOT MORON. WITH MONEY.

however, i will admit to again failing in my feminist duties by cackling when he is pulling her into his apartment yelling, "WE HAVE TO MAKE A BABY RIGHT NOW!" and she's pulling back shrieking, "I DONT WANT TO DAMMIT. I WONT FIT IN A WEDDING DRESS!" and then they pan to them in bed later and they both have tissue shoved up one nostril, and I honestly cannot decide if the director wanted to imply, "SO HOT IT GIVES YOU A NOSEBLEED" or "WE ARE CLUMSY AND CRACKED OUR HEADS TOGETHER WHILE GETTING IT ON." but whatever, i laughed.

None the less, after skipping over the stupid stuff that was making me grumpy, i liked the end. Mainly because everything wasn't magically fixed. His mom still hated her, and they weren't married and she didn't have a successful baking business. but..i dont know. probably not one ill rewatch. i dont like it when you change the personalities of the characters just when im starting to really like them.

Coffee Prince:

OMG COFFEE PRINCE YAY! I LOVED the way the gender confusion, the sexual confusion, and the cross dressing was all handled! Eun Chan really did look like a boy to me - of course, Im not Asian, and so I probably miss alot of gender cues, but she made an ADORABLE boy. I really liked that it wasnt that she went 'undercover' so much as he made a mistake that she just..never fully corrected after he made the same mistake 2 or 3 times. and it was set up as a pretty common mistake, so why would she bother to correct him? within the first few minutes, her sister was calling her Oppa and asking her to come over and get this guy to leave her alone, so it was obviously something she used as a tool sometimes.

i thought that Han Kyul was ok, and it wasn't really until he's watching her eat and PLEASED to feed her, that I really fell for him. I mean it, just the smile on his face as she stuffs her face. and the girl can EAT. four pieces of pizza at a time? NO PROBLEM.

the way they handled the sexual confusion going on was beautiful. I cant imagine an American drama handling it as well. Han Kyul is falling, and he's fighting it, and he swings back and forth between wanting to be SO CLOSE to Eun Chan to getting irrationally angry with Eun Chan. And the chemistry and the sexual tension is there, and there are so many pretty moments where he touches Eun Chan, or wraps himself around him/her while she's sleeping, even though he SHOULDNT, but he wants him/her so much. watching him hit the breaking point was really amazing, because it's gone from "I'll him my little brother! it will work!" to "oh shit oh shit i want to touch you" to "I cannot be around you without having you," and oh. lovely.

...of course, on the other side of that, i now want AU fic where Eun Chan really IS a boy, and the ensuing fallout, but hey! what can you do?

what i REALLY loved is that the fact she is a girl, and the fact he now KNEW she was a girl, had basically no impact on how he treated her. i mean, yeah, he yelled at the Princes to do their own damn cleaning at one point, but he still teases and puts her in headlocks and generally just..treats her how he treated Eun Chan his sworn brother. i thought that was awesome.

i also thought it was awesome that he didnt care that she didnt dress like a girl. he didnt care about the makeup and the shoes and the fact that half the people she met still mistook her for a boy. he just loved her. and more than that, he WANTED her. in a "take off your pants omg," kind of way.

and! sex scene! YAY! and the lead up to it was hilarious. I really fell for Han Kyul by the end of this, with his toys and his dorkiness, and his wanting to touch her, but when the time came really kind of freaking out about it.

Tags: crossdressing and genderbending ftw!, japan broke my capslock, jdrama, kdrama, my capslock for asia, the mullet always wins, twdrama

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