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NwP: Nobuta Power Enter!

Dorama List

Yes, it's anal. No, nobody but me cares, but hey, I gotta track them SOMEHOW.

Stars are for basic rating, no details.

Japanese dramas - completed
-Atashinchi no Danshi (3 stars)
-Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu (2 stars for most, 4 stars for the gay)
-Gokusen (3.5 stars)
-Hana Yori Dango (5 stars)
-Hana Yori Dango Returns (4 stars)
-Hana Kimi (5 stars)
-Love Shuffle (4 stars- Yay, panda!)
-Mei-chan no Shitsuji (5+ stars)
-Nobuta wo Produce (5 stars)
-Nodame Cantabile (5 stars)
-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (4 stars)
-Proposal Daisakusen (4 stars)
-Summer Snow (4 stars)
-Uta no Oniisan (4 stars)
-Waterboys 2 (3 stars)
-Yasuko to Kenji (3 stars)
-Stand Up!!
-Long Love Letter
-Quiz Show (Sho version)
-Buzzer Beat

Japanese dramas - watching

Japanese dramas - abandoned
-Long Vacation (bored)
-Bambino (Jun too smirky)
-Yamada Toro Monogatari (everyone needed to be punched in the face except for Sho)
-Kimi wa Petto (embarrassment squick)
-Strawberry on the Shortcake (bored)
-Honey and Clover (I saw the movie, liked it better)
-Yoiko no Mikata (on hold)
-Regatta (on hold)
-Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi (too weird even for me)

Japanese dramas - to be downloaded/watched
-One Pound Gospel
-At Home Dad
-Attention Please
-Orange Days
-Yukan Club
-Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu
-My Boss My Hero
-Zettai Kareshi
-Tiger and Dragon
-Himitsu no Hanazono
-Liar Game
-Aishiteru to Itte Kure
-My Girl (AIBA!!)
-Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge (movie)

Japanese movies - completed
-Lovely Complex (5 stars)
-Hana Yori Dango FINAL (5 stars)
-Honey and Clover (3 stars)
-Waterboys (3 stars)
-Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru (3 stars for cute, -100 for making Tamaki Hiroshi cry)
-Waters (2 stars for making no discernible sense, but having Oguri Shun)
-Takumi-kun series (2 stars for having no plot, but cuteness and gay)
-Pikanchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy (4 for Arashi and Sho as a yankee)
-Pikanchi Double Life is Hard Dakura Happy (4 for Sho with a BABY)
-The Great Happiness Space: Tales of an Osaka Love Thief (5 stars for interesting documentary!)
-Yatterman (...i dont even know. On the plus side, there is Sho and Pinko-san. On the negative side, BOOB ROBOT)

Taiwanese dramas - completed
-Brown Sugar Macchiato (5 stars of pure epic stupidity)
-Devil Beside You (4 stars)
-Hana Kimi (4 stars)
-Smiling Pasta (3.5 stars)
-ToGetHer/Superstar Express (4.5 stars)
-Why Why Love (3 stars)
-Miss No Good (2.5 stars - all for Will Pan's lips and kissing ability)

Taiwanese dramas - watching
-Invincible Shan Bao Mei
-Wish to See You Again

Taiwanese dramas - abandoned
-So I'm Not Handsome (bored)
-Fated to Love You (she was a doormat, he was an ass. also, incoming angst)
-The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries (couldnt get through the first 10 minutes. SO BORING)

Tainwanese dramas - to be downloaded/watched
-My Lucky Star
-Bull Fighting
-Bratty Princess
-Rolling Love
-Bright Girl's Success Story
-Clue Collector
-Prince and Princess 2
-Extreme Ironing (movie)

Taiwanese movies - completed
-L-O-V-E (4 stars!)

Hong Kong movies - completed
-Butterfly Lovers (4 stars)

Korean dramas - completed
-Coffee Prince (4 stars)
-My Name is Kim Sam Soon (3.5 stars)
-Full House (OH GOD I DONT KNOW. 1 star for the PAIN? 5 for the sheer addictive CRACK?)

Korean dramas - watching
-My Girl

Korean dramas - abandoned
-Snow Queen (cannot currently handle angst)
-Boys Before Flowers (Jandi stopped punching people)

Korean dramas - to be downloaded/watched
-18 vs 29
-Bad Family
-Fantasy Couple
-Capital Scandal
-Powerful Opponents
-The City Hall
-That Fool
-Innocent Steps (movie)
-Jenny and Juno (movie)

Korean movies - completed
-My Little Bride (3 stars)
-The Baby and Me (4 stars)
-He Was Cool (2.5 stars)
-Boy Meets Boy (4 stars)
-Antique (3.5 stars)
-My Boyfriend is Type B (3 stars)
-My Mighty Princess (3 stars)

Feel free to squee, flail, or bitch at me about any of these or anything else i should add to the list somewhere.



Add to your Japanese Movies to watch: Letters from Iwo Jima.

...does that count as a Japanese movie? Since it was made here?

No. Seriously. If you don't wathc it, I will never make you another banner ever.
hey, now, young lady, threats are not necessary! i havent watched it because i havent seen a download for it anywhere, and we cant afford to rent movies because we are BROKE.

but i will watch it..im going to be weird and not add it to the list, though, because..yeah, made here, Clint Eastwood, it's all just too weird to add.

any other suggestions? :)
Baby and Me is a very cute film.

If you ever need suggestions for films or dramas, let me know. I think I've watched about 100.

How are you enjoying Honey and Clover? I liked it, but no one else seemed to.
Baby and Me was ADORABLE, honestly. I kinda wanted to smish the main character and go "LOOK AT YOU! WITH A BABY! HOW CUTE ARE YOU?"

i would LOVE suggestions. summeries are good things, as are PICSPAMS! and hot guys! because i am SHALLOW! ahem. yes. suggestions would be awesome. I tend to lean towards things that involve romance, have a good dose of comedy, and avoid the fucking amnesia subplot. unless it's played for laughs and not for serious, if that helps at all.

ooh, must add movie version of Honey and Clover here..

honestly, Im struggling to get through it. I love Toma dearly, but..i saw the movie first, and in my head, that's how i want things to go. plus, Sho is beyond adorable, and having him compared to Toma is..weird. so, ill get through it, but it's not really giving me any deep thoughts, if that makes sense.
That baby was adorable. And Jang Geun Seok was just "Aw" with him. And, when the odd and adorable Kim Byul would pop up to play mom? I squeeled.

I've just put up some Taiwan/China drama and film recs up at my journal here. Beware of the major spoilers! I'll try to do Korean and Japanese dramas and films this weekend, next week.

I saw you were planning to watch Full House next? It's cute, but be prepared to want to hit a jealous Rain. Seriously, like a ten year old boy with his jealously.

And yet, neither the movie or the drama are completely like the manga. They were both very lose in the adaptions. To be honest, I mostly stuck it out for Harada Natsuki (Ayumi) and the very attractive Kashiwabara Takash(Nomiya) Oh, and the interactions between Toma, Narumi Riko (Hagu), and Narimiya Hiroki (Mortia). Seriously, Narumi Riko (who was 15 during the filming) could have chemistry with a rock.
You have to add Nodame Cantabile to your Jdrama list. It's excellent.

Are you going to watch Gokusen 2? It was very similar to the first series, but not too bad. I haven't been able to make my way all of Gokusen 3, though (I think what bothers me the most is that Yankumi just *tosses her glass to the ground.*)

One Pound Gospel was cute, but forgettable.
added! i knew i was forgetting things!

and i have no plans to watch G2, in all honesty. I like Yankumi with Shin and Uchi and Noda and Kuma, and..it would make me sad. because im pathetic.

Im ok with cute but forgettable. it's why i watched Yasuko to Kenji, after all.
added! i knew i was forgetting things!

That's why I hesitated to do a "what I want to watch" list--there's so many things to remember!

I completely understand re: Gokusen 2. I think of it as an AU to the real series, and imagine slotting Shin and the others into the events of the second series. And there's a Kuma related event in G3 which I approve of, but which drove me a bit crazy at the same time because it just didn't fit my image of Yankumi.
MM. I highly approve of your taste. I HATEHATEHATED Fated to Lvoe you for the exact same reason(I think we talked about this) and most of our other ratings coincide also. I am intermittently watching My Lucky Star and it's quite fun; Mars is amazing and Wish to See You Again is good but flawed(although it's got something about it...probably Zaizai;)

you've inspired me to make up my list now.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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