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ARASHI: Jun - Precision

More Iconses

thegranddewru asked me about these:

Keyword: Peking Duck

Makino from Hana Yori Dango! She is probably my FAVORITE asian lady, as she is tough and frugal and SMART and she doesn't put up with Dorkface's crap. Of course, she's also convinced Dorkface is COMPLETELY INSANE, but she falls in love with him anyway. YAY MAKINO! In this icon, she's staring at Dorkface in shock, because the boy who hopelessly mangles Japanese just spoke perfect Chinese. Go figure!

Keyword: Danzigers

John and True Danziger from Earth 2, a long long dead show about humans being the aliens on a new planet. I loved this show, and I LOVE the Danzigers.

Keyword: A True Smile

I made this icon shortly after hearing that Maddie, who played True, had died at age..23? 22? Very young. She had a heart condition that required major surgery about a year or so after E2 went off the air. This is kind of my memorial icon, with her big smile, as True, one of my favorite characters.

Keyword: Hitchhiker

Hugh Jackman looking hot. I have no other reasons. He's just pretty. *licks*

Keyword: Two Bads Make Good

Kar and Jade from Bulletproof Monk, which is a surprisingly fun movie with a really bad name. No one ever recognizes them in this icon, but i dont care, i love them anyway!

Keyword: Muffin!

This is, believe it or not, an Inside/Firefly crossover icon. With muffins. *giggles* Once upon a time, literarylemming wrote me a choose your own adventure story where Danny Love and Birdy were participating. She offered me the choice to have Birdy turn into a muffin. And then dared me to write it. And then made me an icon. It's crack, ENJOY IT!

If anyone else would like to play, either pick out some of my icons, or drop me a line and ill pick out some of yours. :)


Bullet Proof Monk! I thought that jaw looked familiar. You know I did very much enjoy that movie too. :p

i really love that movie, as bad as it is. how can i not? it has pretty, snark, and a monk who's a badass. where's the bad?
Exactly! Does everything have to be deep, morose and meaningful! Can't I love it just for fun!? :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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