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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Hana Yori Dango FINAL!


I love you, Dorkface!

underneath the cut, all there is is spoilery SQUEEE.

Ok, so it wasnt the most fabulous quality, and there were a few places where I have absolutely no idea what the heck the translator/subber was doing, but STILL! Hana Yori Dango FINAL! I thought I would have to wait EVEN LONGER to see it!

The picture he chose! yes, Dorkface, you don't want the rest of the world falling for your fiancee, so of COURSE post a picture up EVERYWHERE of her stuffing her face with noodles! and F4, YOU GUYS AREN'T HELPING and you crack me up!

Oh, Rui, you so pretty. *drools* sitting there, all long and lean and lanky and lickable...hello? where are we? Dorkface? What? OH YEAH! RIGHT! I'm back!

So! Makino+Dorkface=engaged mayhem across multiple countries and I might have cackled like a moron when the truck driver HUGGED Dorkface. Oh yes! that happens everyday here in America! *snickers* And the cheeseburgers! And Dorkface is AWESOME - he'll love her even if she's fat or ugly, because she's MAKINO and the fact he loves her means she is perfect! HE'S A BASTARD BUT HE IS AWESOMESAUCE ON ICE CREAM!

and then? the BED omg, with him being all HEY I HAVE AN IDEA! *sexytime voice* and her being, NO, and then dude comes in, and at first I thought Dorkface had thrown himself face down on the bed in order to have a tantrum but NO, he throws himself on the bed and then rolls over and pulls the sheet over his crotch to hide his hard on. *dies* and what's even better is that Makino calls him on it later. something about how dumb it is to get excited so quickly, and y'all, i kinda died all over the place.

and the gambling! with her accidentally taking out two guys and getting thrown on the ground and Rui THROWS HER AN APPLE and i go OMG SHE IS TOTALLY PART OF F4.

I will fully and completely admit to making mad hyena sounds when they were on the island and Makino PUNCHED OUT A BEAR. *cries laughing* NEVER EVER CHANGE HYD!


I loved how often they seemed willing to have Dorkface prance around half naked (EAT A SANDWICH, MATSUJUN), and the part where they've done all the stupid fights and are just happy being naked alone having sex on the island, and she asks him his dream and he just POINTS at her and my evil black little heart melted into pieces and omg i love you Dorkface. can I have island sex with you?

and then, of course, the whole stupid tiara thing is a huge set up, and it's wildly stupid, and i would divorce my parents if they were ever that evil, and was mystery dude totally Dorkface's dad, possibly? because i KINDA GOT THAT FEELING.

and then! AND THEN!


I am still trying to get the image of Dorkface's hidiously pointy shoes out of my head, but the rest of it was OH SO PRETTY! and everyone is there! even the wenches and BatShit Crazy Girl! And then the whole thing goes DARK and then it's RUI! RUI IS GOING TO MARRY MAKINO AND DORKFACE AND I'LL FINALLY HAVE ALL THE THREESOME PROOF I NEED AS THE PRIEST!

it's perfect and hilarious and makes NO SENSE whatsoever but i dont CARE because it's HYD and it's a wedding and Rui looks PRETTY, dammit!

And omg, then they kiss, and it is SERIOUSLY the best jdrama kiss I have ever ever ever seen, it makes up for the OH so crappy one in S2 in SPADES, and he's holding her head and then he picks her up and she touches his face and I AM SO GIDDY I COULD CRY.

and then we go to one year later, and Akira is trying to reform the mob (HA i SAY! Also, somebody write me Gokusen/HYD crossovers where Akira and Yankumi meet up, k?) and Suijiroh is signing books..he's published? i guess? and the girl in front of him has the book in front of her face and she drops it down and it's Yuki and i HOLD MY BREATH because dammit i DESERVE this and THEN? HE TAKES OFF RUNNING and she takes off after him, and i decide shrieking with laughter is ok, too, because WE ALL KNOW SHE CATCHES HIM.

and then tis Makino and Dorkface, sitting in a tree..err.. playing with sticks on the island, and he asks her AGAIN what her dream is, and she starts talking about being second in his life, and that she's ok with that and he's all DONT BE STUPID MAKINO, and then she tells him he'll be second in her life, and he REALLY doesnt like that, and then she's yelling out into the ocean that it's ok ifcurly hair occurs and Dorkface is thinking she might need some therapy, so FINALLY Makino puts her hand on her stomach, and Dorkface, as much as i love him, is fairly thickheaded, so even THAT takes a second to sink in, and then he FLIPS OUT and runs around screaming YES! YES! and listening to Makino's stomach, and omg i NEEEEEEED Dorkface wth a baby. I need it like I need air! SO GET ON IT!

So, yes, this left me utterly giddy and spinning in circles and plenty of very silly preventable things happen in here, but who cares? it's hyd, and it's Makino, who STILL kicks ass, and within the first 2 minutes they show you that Dorkface still mangles Japanese in horrible ways and has anger issues, SO I AM VERY HAPPY.



Wasn't the movie awesome? Is it out with subs yet?
not..uh..officially, no. *cough* but, i..uh..might have a hookup if you need it.
I, uh, *cough* might like that hookup, yeah. Please.
if you, uh, happen to have an email address lying around somewhere...i might could help you out.
You could try: faye172002@yahoo.com
GOD! Wasn't it all fabulous?!

It makes me remember to love MatsuJun extra hard again! He was always so very sure of her, through the whole thing.

And I... really... kinda wanted them to live on the island forever. It was awesome. And I want.


We may bet more hints when we have better/other subs. I think there may have been bits lost to translation.
it was SO FABULOUS, and my love for MatsuJun came back in FORCE because he was totally born to be Domyouji.

and im betting a lot more will be clear with different subs. i know there were bits that weren't translated at all, so i have my fingers crossed!

when does the dvd come out? do we know? because im betting Stormy teams will be subbing it, and as soon as they get their hands on hq video, they will probably get started.
I started watching Brown Sugar Macchiato and 5 minutes into the first ep and I'm already sold. I just loved the way one guy SNIFFED the other! And then the little fist fight during the video. LOL
YEEES!!! *cheers* and that was Ao Quan sniffing Wang Zi, I think. i..kinda ship them in a dirty way...*cough*

it really is very silly, and very much fun. Enjoy!
Heh. It was really awesome and I plan on devoting all my time to it really soon.
So Ao Quan is the one with the motorcycle and Wang Zi the one with the BMW?

Thanks for reccing it to me. I definitely needed something fun and goofy and it's just awesome! :D
yep! Wei Lan is the dumb one, Ah Wei is the short one, Xuan Yu is the one with the guitar (i think, i have trouble with his name), and Xuan Jie is the other one.

tw names are HARD.
Ooh thanks cos I'm going to have a really hard time with the names :)
Oh my god, yet another thing to add to the "download the minute I get back home" checklist. (Which will probably have to wait until January! GAAAAAH! Must find a way to steal from you!)
if you have an email address, I HAVE LINKS FOR YOU.
!!!!!! :D


Now all I have to do is get my laptop online and HAPPY TIME YAY!!! Thank you soooooooo much! Also, I was re-reading your old HYD posts and have decided that you NEED to post HYD Returns picspam as well (unless I missed it in which case I am a moron). Also, I was sure you posted fic about the shoe incident - or did I confuse you with someone else? I MUST KNOW.
hee! i have been tempted to do a Returns picspam, but never have. i dont have the caps, and i just..didnt get the sheer shrieking joy out of Returns that i did out of HYD. the first five eps alone broke me in half!

i did NOT post fic about the shoe incident, although ive thought about it, but all my thoughts end up back at PORN, and i cant write that at the moment. but if you figure out who did, drop me the link, because id love to read it!
So this is like a year and a half way late and you've probably forgotten all about it but I found the shoe fic.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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