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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Dear Yuletide Santa

Dear yuletide santa:

I want a pony, and a plastic llama, and a barbie dream house!

...no, no, that isn't right. Let's try again.

Dear santa,

I love fic. I love gen and het and slash. I love tight plot and hot sexing and character vignettes. I LIKE MANY THINGS AND I WILL LOVE WHATEVER YOU WRITE. The main thing that makes me clap my hands in glee is good, solid characterization. So long as whatever you write seems in character, I'll buy it and I'll sell tickets for it, too!

Particular requests:

Gokusen: Sawada Shin/Yankumi
I would love to see something both darker and yet still dorky. I would really love to see what could have happened if Yankumi wasn't reinstated, and some/all/Shin of the boys of 3D quit school

I lovelovelove dorky Shin and dorkier Yankumi, so go with that if it so moves you, but I love AUs and I love playing with What Ifs? If Yankumi didn't get reinstated, would 3D REALLY all have dropped out of school? What would happen to them? Would Yankumi allow it? Would she insist on setting up her own weird school? Would Shin end up joining the yakuza? Any and all extra characters are welcome. I am a die hard Shin/Yankumi shipper, so if that's your bag, AWESOME. If not, that is also lovely.

Into the Woods: Jack/Little Red
"I'll be your mother,now!" or life after happily ever after.again.

This was a last second decision, to tell the truth, but the more I think about it, the more interested I am in the idea. Little Red cracks me up, and I can easily see her bossing Jack around their new little house. Shippy or not shippy, either way is fine, Im just interested to see their interaction. The Baker, Cinderella, the baby, whoever is still alive, is more than welcome to join the fun.

Mirrormask: Helena/Valentine/unValentine
I would love to see Helena mourning and missing Valentine, even with unValentine right there.

I love Mirrormask, and I love Valentine/Helena and unValentine/Helena relationships, whether shippy or friendship. I've read fic where unValentine is bemused and confused by Helena laughingly calling him Valentine, which is AWESOME, but I'd like something a little more melancholy. He's here, but he isn't really, and she misses Valentine.

Brown Sugar Macchiato: Any
I would love Wang Zi/Gui Gui about Wang Zi's realization of his feelings, or Ao Quan/Da Ya and Second Base, round two! or ANYTHING. I just want Brown Sugar fic!

OMG IF YOU WRITE THIS YOU WILL BE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER. *cough* Sorry. I particularly love Wang Zi/Gui Gui and would love anything about them - pranks, silliness, Wang Zi glaring, her giggling, WHATEVER. I would really love him coming to the realization that he DOES like her, or anything, really. I also love Ao Quan/Da Ya and would love to see them get a few more kisses, or actually having a semi serious conversation. My favorite parts with those two are him drawing a heart on the board while they were cleaning the classroom, and her memory of his magic trick. But really, ANY means ANY. ANYTHING BSM would make me very very happy.

Thank you, santa!


People actually write Into the Woods fic? Heh! That's my all-time favorite musical.
Only in yuletide, that Ive seen, but that doesnt mean the world doesnt need it!

it's one of my favorites, too. I love it, in all it's cracked out glory.
*pokes you* No Tin Man in my mailbox yet, so no fic for you yet. :P

We'll see if I can write you more unValentine fic. ;)
that would be because i had it all packed up and ready to go..and then i think the child ganked it, because i found it later behind the linen chest. *note to self* MAIL IT DAMMIT. *end note*

*beams at you* i will never turn down fic from you!
oh, i forgot. the other fic was fine, yes? the supernatural one? I have to dig out which SPN comms are out there to post it. at some point i'll prolly be in the mood again, and can complete the dirtybadwrong fic.

i'll brainstorm ideas. it can get kinda hard with baby needing feeding and dog needing attention. :)
the other fic was AWESOME. i posted stuff below it on googledocs fangirling it, so YES, good!

i still havent read the dirtybadwrong, and i need to.

and i understand completely! babies and pets and husbands all take up all of my free time!
Okies. I'll look into those comms. :)

I have more mindfuckery in the dirtybadwrong!fic, but I did start the dirtybadwrong section. There's going to be tons more, once I actually get a chance to enter that headspace again.

Yanno, I still get cracktastic dreams, but I'm too exhausted to remember more of them to write. Sometimes they involve babies, as Maddy's crying when I wake up from the earlier ones. I do remember a general sense of BWUH when I wake up, tho.
HA. I finally mailed Tin Man. And only a year after I promised it to you! *facepalm*

hey, i still owe magelette a wedding gift, and i think she's been married almost 2 years now, so im doing slightly better?
hahaha. I thank you! I was just thinking of this the other night, because I was telling Jay that I might have to put Tin Man on my Christmas Wish List. :P

I will watch and I will fic. I will somehow come up with something to make you happy. :)
you make me happy, dear one! *blows kisses* so no worries! iffen it sparks ficcy things, awesome, if not, at least it's fun!

..and i did manage to restrain myself from slipping in Hana Yori Dango, although that might be next...
You talk about it so much, at some point i should prolly watch this.

tho back to work in two weeks. :(
YOU REALLY SHOULD. i have discovered it is my mission in life to make other people drown in Asian television. SO WATCH IT NOW. WOULD YOU LIKE DOWNLOAD LINKS?

ack! only two weeks left? it goes by so fast!
No, because I wouldn't be able to dl them. :(

It might be two weeks on the calendar, but I'd have less computer time than that with errands and such. I'm partly looking forward to work again, and partly wishing I could stay home for longer. How was your transition back to work?
Well, then, I guess today's mission is to download the eps i dont have and burn them for you. and maybe possibly even mail them. but based on Tin Man, don't hold your breath or anything.

my transition back to work was WAY different than yours could be. Keep in mind that I had Voldemort right at the end of the school year, and then we did a bunch of traveling, so it wasn't like i had a routine or anything anyway.

do you have daycare set up for Maddie, yet? that was the biggest thing for me. i didnt get to ease kiddo into a babysitting situation, because of the traveling. we got to kotlik, and i basically had to shove him at Jessie and run to work the next day. and i REALLY didn't like that. she called several times the first couple of days (and by called, i mean, on the walkie talkie i had on my hip), and I ran home to get him to sleep or calmed down, but i pretty much had to throw him to the wolves. with two weeks left, i would say NOW is a good time to start getting her used to daycare/babysitting. even an hour a day, with you at first, and then without you, will really help when you suddenly have to leave her there all day long. you already know she takes a bottle, which is a huge help - as the Dark Lord DIDNT, and fought and fought and fought.

i spent the first two weeks on edge, basically, and went home at least once a day to check on things - but i was also less than 20 feet away from my house and could do that easily. it's hard, it really is.
Well, she'll be at our local Tutor Time. I already set up her crib, too. It's a small class; there's six kids if everyone shows up, but the random times I've stopped by to ask questions and drop off things, there hasn't been more than four. Madison already has her own clipboard, ready to have her feedings, poops and naps filled out on a sheet for me daily.

I kinda sorta had practice. I had to go to the hospital last Friday for an order entry class. The department secretaries babysat, cooing over her and saying how beautiful she is while I was at class. I spent half of it on Facebook anyway, because it's fairly intuitive once they actually showed you where the buttons are. I gave my 20 year old test patient polysubstance abuse, anxiety due to feelings that he's going insane, lost custody, an episode of alcohol intoxication and allergies to penicillin, cephalosporins and iodinated drugs. The things we do to stay amused. :)

At the Tutor Time, they encourage calls during the day or visits. I'm not that far, maybe 20 minutes tops, from work. One of my coworkers that just had a baby this past June told me the hardest part of the actual adjustment is timing the pumping and getting used to the discomfort.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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