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Day of the Suck

Let me ask you a question.

Let's say you have two jobs, job A and job B.

At job A, worker A comes into work at 7:30am, looks over the plans left on the desk, executes plans, walks children to bus, and leaves.

For this, worker A brings home the tidy sum of $90.

At job B, worker B comes into work at 7:30am, looks over plans made by self previously, executes plans, walks children to bus, does report cards, attends afterschool training, does before and afterschool duty once a week, holds parent/teacher conferences, and creates more lesson plans.

For this, worker B brings home the tidy sum of $90.

Worker B looks at worker A's job and says, HUH? She contacts people, asking if this was right. She is told to shut up and do the work assigned, even though she WAS worker A just a few short weeks ago.

She emails the principal, expressing concerns and asking for clarification of responsibilities.

Email is ignored.

Worker B then contacts the district office by phone, and is addressed as, "oh yes, the one who wants more money."

One week later, worker B is called into principal's office, at the end of the day after the kids and the aide have left and told she won't be needed anymore. When worker B asks why, she is told that her lesson plans are lacking and the way she speaks to the kids makes the principal frown. Ignore the fact that there was no notice taken when worker B brought up concerns about how aide B spoke to the kids in the classroom.

Now, what would you bet is the REAL reason worker B was asked to leave?


Sounds like Petey has new prey.

Oh, Petey...

Very much of the wrong. I hate stupid political crap like that.
Sounds remarbaly like something my district would do.
by the way, i just got through watching Devil Beside You, and i LOVED IT. Way too much fun with WAY too pretty people. MmmMM, Ahmon, you so pretty. *lick*

Have you seen Why Why Love? Is it any good?

...also, Im totally not plotting out 2 vids at the moment which will feature Devil Beside You clips..

oh, speaking of vids, i went looking for the vid you made of asian boys running, and i cant find it. got a link? i wanted to see what/who i recognized now that ive seen more dramas.
Swoons over Ahmon with you.

Why Why Love is horrible!!!! Nothing like Devil Beside you - it's all angst no fun. In short i hated it. I'm hooked on Japanese shows right now - Just finished Swings Girls which is kinda like Water Boys. Was Cute :D
dammit! i downloaded it, but ill put it on the backburner. i was looking forward to more Mike He, who is really disturbingly hot.

i jump back and forth alot. I really need to do a whole post where i can keep track of what ive seen and what i have downloaded and what i like..but the very idea exhausts me.

lately, anything that is fluffy and very light on the actual angst is high on my list. Manufactured angst is fine, because you know everything is all going to work out, but the very idea of watching something like Hanadan, which is extremely high stress gives me the heebie jeebies.

I just watched Brown Sugar Macchiato and loved it, and Yasuko to Kenji, which was fun. i cant decide what to watch next, though.


I've been wanting to try Brown Sugar, maybe I'll hit it next.

I just finished Love Complex (or was it Lovely Complex) and it was Hi-Larious. Very light and fun, I would totally rec that one. (Am making a vid for it now)
that was me!
Brown Sugar is hilariously awesome. It's pretty much pure crack, so dont go in with any high expectations. ..not like Hana Kimi jdrama crack, just..tw crack. Car chases and people getting kissed accidentally, you know, the usual.

Im kind of in love with Wang Zi and Gui Gui from BSM, and Im planning to request yuletide fic.
I'll have to watch it than!!! I could use some crack as this has been the school year from hell.
you know, i cannot name ONE PERSON who is having a good year. Seriously.

and yeah, ive gotten halfway through watching Maou, which is AMAZING and AWESOME and full of Ohno hotness, and I cannot finish it because of the sheer amount of angst and stress involved in it.

i can only watch things where angst does not exist!

I'll check out Love Complex! what is it about? is it tw?
it's Japanese - which has replaced tw as my new favorite.

Tall girl falls for short boy after they both vowed never to fall in love with anyone taller/shorter than they are. Is made of win! Really short too only an hour and 39 minutes. The lead is really cute.
Ha! That sounds awesome! Will have to locate it and download.

And see, I started with Japan but switched to tw lately. I like that i actually get to see people kiss EACH OTHER. it makes it less ooky for me. plus, tw dramas are a bit more willing to embrace the goofiness, it seems. lightening coming out of someone's mouth when they're angry? AWESOME!

did you watch Smiling Pasta? i forgot to ask. I loved that one, even thought i felt the need to hit a couple of characters in the head with a brick.
I do like the goof, but I'm a little tired of the constant tw dramtic fist clinchers and central male 'asshole' love interest who doesn't realize how much he loves the female -


I seem to go through phases - when i love tw drama i hate k dramas, then i love j drama but hate tw dramas - *shrugs :D * I'm a fickle creature it all depends on the mood. (And time too - Jdramas are shorter then twdrama & kdrama)

Have you tried any hong kong dramas? i though i might branch out and try one of them but options are limited.

LComplex is so awesome i download and took the taime to hard sub so i could upload it to my ipod to watch on trips and such
cannot find! got a link handy? would love to watch it tonight!
And then people wonder why our schools are in so much trouble...

Hope you find a school that will love you and appreciate you for the wonderful person you are (and not a clock in/clock out babysitter)
actually, i think a career change is in order. im thinking of raising and breeding plastic llamas. Think it will work?
maybe a vegetable sheep would be more lucrative.

incidentally, according to neil gaiman, a vegetable sheep was what some of the early explorers called the cotton plant. But I think you should try for just a vegetable sheep--with cotton wool, and veggie patties underneath ;-)
I'm sorry that life felt it necessary to kick you in the ass like that.
Im dealing. im doing nanowrimo, and have somehow fallen face down into making a multifandom asian vid to "Beat it."

clearly, i have odd coping strategies.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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