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STOCK: Sail Away


yuletide noms are open for fandoms! nom NOW or miss out on your favorite tiny fandom!

I went through the list and through the list and through the list. Alot. Because I kept changing my mind.

Finally, I nommed.

My final list..for now:
-Brown Sugar Macchiato
-Gokusen (tv)
-Nobuta wo Produce
-Smiling Pasta

*looks list over* Um. at least one is in english? *sheepish smile*

and i bet ten bucks I know who else nommed Smiling Pasta!

I had to write in Brown Sugar Macchiato, which I have never done before. i really really hope someone wants to write it besides me, because i would LOVE to see more fic.

more fic? ok, aside from one little thing I did, and a little thing literarylemming wrote just.for.me., i havent seen ANY fic for it. AND IT NEEDS IT.

so. it's done. Im not changing my mind. Nope. Not me. Not once. Not even if i AM adoring Devil Beside You.


Oh! You never did say if you liked the Mirrormask fic I wrote. It's still in googledocs, along with whatever of teh dirtybadwrong supernatural winsister!cest fic I managed to write before I went into labor. There has GOT to be something wrong with the fact that I was writing smut the morning I went into labor because there was nothing else to do at work. ;)
That would be because i suck! sorry!

i do, in fact, adore it. i read it as soon as you finished it, i think. i LOVE how he swings in and out of Valentine, and only sometimes does it occur to him to be creeped out by how accepted Valentine is. i love that it's like he is losing himself to become Helena's Valentine. and the smexing. YAY THE SMEXING.

i love these two lines in particular:
He moved above her, her Valentine without a mask or paint
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Chewing paper is like toffee. Whatever other wise words you need, I'll go find them.

i love his desperation, his NEED to be who she wants him to be. YUMMY AND LOVELY.


i read the..not the winsister one, but the other one, and commented on the bottom. LOVE the premise, the mental health angle, loved the ending and DEAN OH DEAN.

i dont have access to winsister, so you can send me an invite, iffen you want. :)

also, good news! I unpacked my last box last night and found the copy of Tin Man I burned for you! I HOPE to get it out in the mail to you by Saturday, but it depends on my brain and how broken it is.

im pretty sure i was writing smut 4 days after the kid was born, so yeah. right there with you.
okies. this is good. so I can post it to my lj. :)

i sent the invite to share the winsister one. i'm sure you'll enjoy the wrongness in it. :) i haven't written more in it because i find i really have to be in the mood to write smut, and i haven't been. heck, I find Hubby's horniness to be almost disturbing. O_o

Hopefully the burn will work in my DVD player; i tried burning supernatural eps on DVD and it all but spit the discs back out. So I'll have to drag over Hubby's laptop so i can sit on the couch and see pretty boys while i pump every two hours. :D but once i see it, I will write you fic. Promise. :)
Yes! tis very good! get to the posting! ...it's possible you already have by now, but im commenting nonetheless to encourage!

i shall read the wrongness, but not right now, as i am a super crank and cannot deal and dont want to breath fire all over the badwrongness.

i hope it will work in your player! but..i dont know. but the sitting in front of the tv pumping is how i got through the entire first season of spn in 3 days..
I had a bad afternoon yesterday. Not in the sense of a *lot* of hecticness (tho that hit at 5 pm) but in the sense that i overtired myself so that by the time the bad did hit, I was all but ready to collapse. So no, didn't post yet. will do today while i can fake some energy. :)

if it doesn't work in the player, i'll pull over hubby's laptop and sit on the couch, which i would've done yesterday if i wasn't so tired. maybe i'll do that today.
I also nominated:

- Gokusen (tv)
-Nobuta wo Produce
-Smiling Pasta.

I have no intention of changing my nominations, so those three fandoms are safe if you find that you *do* want to trade them out for something else.
*chortles* I knew you had to be who nommed Smiling Pasta! and i probably wont change mine. I find once Ive done the form once, I have no interest in doing it again.

And I love your icon, and the world needs more Akira/Nobuta fic. *nods*
I think we're the only two people in all of fandom who have any interest in Smiling Pasta fic :(

I find once Ive done the form once, I have no interest in doing it again.

Agreed. That long, *long* list of fandoms starts making my eyes cross before I'm even halfway done with my nominations.

I feel weird about Gokusen, though. I've written and talked about the series so much lately that it hardly feels *rare.* I'm actually poking at another Gokusen cliche fic right now (unfortunately, it's more stupid than funny/stupid as it stands).

And I love your icon, and the world needs more Akira/Nobuta fic.

Thank you! They are just too cute together.

I think I'm going to ask for Akira/Nobuta for Yuletide, rather than OT3 fic--a lot of the threesome fics I've found in NwP seem to value Shuji/Akira over their relationship with Nobuta. . . which kind of defeats the purpose of having an OT3, I think.
I hope BUNCHES of people write Macchiato, Nobuta and Maou fic, because I NEED IT LIKE WATER!!!

Also, do you think I should post the Brown Sugar ficlet I wrote you? This fandom desperately needs english language ficcables. *nod*
brokemycaps ficathon is open and prompts are up for grabbing! SO PLEASE GO GRAB.

and YES OMG i think you should post your ficlet! twas BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL and OMG YES POST.
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