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I have no Halloween icons. This is odd, and must be remedied. Anybody got any they can point me towards?

So, fandom!

In English speaking news:

I had some trouble with the first couple of episodes of Bones, which seems par for the course for me. I didnt like the first couple of eps of last season either. I REALLY didnt like "Yanks in the UK," mainly because of how they handled Booth. They made him foolish, and I dont think Booth is foolish. They could have accomplished the same thing without making him QUITE as much of the obnoxious American.

I hatehateHATE that they broke up Angela and Hodgins, who I've been giddy about since Hodgins first started crushing on Angela. And i REALLY didnt like how they handled it. of COURSE Hodgins is going to be irritated that her husband is in town, and really unhappy with Angela having kissed him. Of course Angela is going to be a little weird about Cam sleeping with her exhusband. but they break up because of it? that's STUPID. and then the show doesnt even address it for one whole episode! Grr.

and then in "Twelve Perfect Pieces," they brought us ZACH! ZACH COME BACK! I MISS YOU! I did like how they handled this ep, and enjoyed it - i liked watching Hodgins come apart in anger, and LOVED seeing Sweets deal with getting Zach back into the pysch hospital, and loved that Zach admitted he was RESPONSIBLE for someone's death, but didn't actually commit the murder himself. GOOD. honestly, i couldnt picture Zach being able to do something like that.

i havent watched the next two eps after that, as we've had to cancel our cable, and i had them tivo'd and havent downloaded them yet.

I love Chuck. I love Casey. I love Sarah's hot new uniform. I love Awesome, and I love Ellie and Morgan, and Anna.

So, yes, I love this show, still.

Chuck broke my heart a little bit with how excited he was to not be the intersect anymore, and then BAM, he still is. And Casey, trying to talk them out of having Chuck killed once the new intersect is in place. But, he didnt have to make a choice, yet, and that's what Im looking forward to.

Also, Chuck walking in on Awesome and Ellie in the shower, and his later comments congratulating Awesome on what nature gave him? Hilarious!

And Awesome admitting to Ellie that he doesnt have a million moves was sweet. And Chuck using his pull to get his sister a night of romance with Awesome was fabulous.

Seriously, I love this show. I might not get all ficcy about it, but it leaves me grinning like a loon, and that's what I like.

Missed the last ep due to the whole no cable thing. Working on downloading.

AAAAAND, that takes care of all the shows I watch on American tv. Let's go to Asia!


Awesome! I loved this, just like rinalin and literarylemming told me I would, but I had to be dragged to it and bribed into watching it.

I knew it was a show about two guys deciding to "produce" the most pathetic girl in the school into the most popular, and I was really resistant to that, because i figured it would be very..mean, in a lot of ways.

Instead, the two guys genuinely feel for Nobuta, and they all end up in this awesome circle of friendship and hopefully threesomes, and she never does become the most popular girl in school, but she does make a real friend besides them, and that's awesome.

it was really different than what I was expecting, and that made me really happy.

Akira, Shuiji, and Nobuta are made of pure awesome, and Im reccing some of the fics ive found over on minionsficrecs here after I finish typing this up.

I started it, got about 2 episodes in, and then turned it off and im feeling vaguely guilty about it.

It's a cute show, even with the goofy premise of "unfulfilled career woman finds a boy in a box outside her apartment and keeps him for a pet." MatsuJun is full of adorableness as Momo, and I even mostly like the leading lady.

It's just not a show I can get into right now, and Im not sure..why. It's just not really holding my attention. Plus, I think my embarrassment squick is on high alert, because there are so many bad things that can happen. SHE'S A GROWN WOMAN KEEPING A TEENAGER AS A PET. Admittedly, he is MatsuJun and a very bendy and horny teenager, although that hasnt gotten him very far yet, but...still. Will try again at a later point in time.

I am extremely embarrassed to admit that i still havent finished watching it, although OMG IT IS AWESOME. It's just..way too much serious nail biting drama for me to deal with, as the level of drama and stress in my own life lately has caused me to bite all my nails off, and if i tried to finish watching it right now, i think i'd have to chew my fingers instead. and that hurts.

Plus, Im SCARED. I want Naruse to be redeemed and for Shiori to love him forever and ever and for them to move far away and live in a little house in the woods and for her tp read fortunes while he raises the babies. Instead, if he doesnt end up killing Shiori by accident, he'll betray her trust and ONE of them is going to end up dead, I JUST KNOW IT, and I cannot handle that right now.

I will finish it, i will rewatch it, i will post and squee and possibly write more ficlets for it, but i just cant right now.



Watched approximately 15 minutes, send my embarrassment squick meter straight to 150, and came running away. It looks cute, I think I just wasnt in the right headspace for it at the time. Will try again later.

OMG! This show is adorable! It's pure silliness, with very little angst or real drama, which has been just what I've needed.

Six boys of the same age find out they all have the same father. In order to stay in his will, they have to live together, go to school together, and learn to become a loving family in a year's time. There is a contract with all kinds of weird rules, and the boys are FABULOUS. Of course, in school, they end up going head to head with "The Ten Sisters" who rule their classroom. There are love triangles and quadrangles and all kinds of weird stuff. Trying to figure out who likes who requires a family tree and a diagram.

The boys are all members of the band "Lollipop" and the 9 main girls are from the band "Hey Girl," which is sometimes called "Blackie." I havent figured all of that out yet.

But the main thing for me in this show is Wang Zi and Gui Gui, who are busy being adorable in my icon over there. Wang Zi is the prince of the group - cool, collected, removed. Gui Gui is the prankster of the girls. There are sparks, and silliness, and adorableness, and she accidentally plays several pranks on him without meaning to. He just catches her and gives her this really intense look and warns her away, but they keep happening. She worms her way under his skin, and it is full of awesome.

It's a very sweet, slow love story, with Wang Zi coming to realize his feelings slowly. *happy sigh*

I want more of them. Much much much more.

im working on capping this, and will post episode spam soon!

Next on the list, not in any particular order:
-Devil Beside Me (tw)
-Proposal Daisakusen (j)
-Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries (tw)
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