Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

FICLET: A Ghost and a Boy (Brown Sugar Macchiato, G)

Title: A Ghost and a Boy
Author: alianora
Fandom: Brown Sugar Macchiato
Rating: G
Summery: Just give a ghost a little bit of time. (Wang Zi/Gui Gui)

Brown Sugar Macchiato is adorable and awesome and full of silly crackness. Just what the doctor would order, if I could afford to go to the doctor. And Wang Zi and Gui Gui are cuteness personified. So, have fic!

Ghosts shouldn't hum when they walk, especially when they are following someone.

Even if that someone is very handsome, and maybe possibly MAYBE have
actually smiled at the ghost earlier that day.

Or maybe he had just smiled at Wei Lan falling off the curb onto his
face. But she had been standing right there, having helpfully pushed
Ah Wei into Wei Lan's back, so she counted the smile as hers.

However, that wasn't helping her now, suddenly seated on a bench with
one arm in Wang Zi's firm grasp.

She was a little distracted by the way his hair fell over his intense
eyes, so she should be excused for not having any idea why he was
glaring. Oops. Ghosts don't get caught. Except when distracted by

He rolled his eyes, and she delighted in it. His nose crinkled! She
giggled to herself.

"Are you even listening?" he asked in exasperation.

She just smiled, and let him think she was up to some silly new prank.

The best prank of all will be convincing him he can't live without
her. Just give a ghost a little bit of time.
Tags: brown sugar macchiato fic

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