Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

More with the Pretty, Please!

pathstotread posted a link to picspammy, and so that's what Ive been doing ALL DAMN DAY.

Look! It's Luke and Lorelai from Season 1! I had forgotten how very very adorable they were. it makes me want to rewatch Double Date and Forgiveness and Stuff and about 5 other episodes. back when they were adorable. *pines* and Rory/Dean from S1, when CuteDean was the high school boyfriend I wished I had had, and Rory was an adorable spaz. "Hey, uh, do you have a second?" "No. I have gum!"

and then, it's a picspam of Alice and Uncas from Last of the Mohicans! this is one of my favorite overlooked ships - they're so sweet and tragic and they dont even TALK to each other! *cries* i LOVE it when he falls, and she steps backwards and looks out, then back at evil dude, and then just..steps off. it's gorgeous and horrible and lovely.

and here's a little bit of lovely Zoe and Wash. i love the quotes sprinkled throughout this one, and how very happy they are.

and OH MY GOD Doyle and Cordy! *dies* i still get chills. Is that it? Am I done?

...oh man. this comm is going to take over my life for a while, isnt it? um. i promise to try and limit how many picspams I do of shows in Japanese? *hesitant grin*

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