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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Yule This!

Whose up for yuletide this year? I cant decide what I want to request, fandom wise!

I mean, there are my standards, ones I consider so very carefully year after year:
The Inside
Road to Avonlea
- I want Gus backstory, dammit! I want Gus/Felicity!
Young Riders
Earth 2
Fionavar Tapestry
- Davor of the Axe. yes please!
- the world needs more unValentine/Helena

But..I dont know. My head has been turned by all this silly jdrama and twdrama stuff, and Im really tempted to request:
Nobuta wo Produce
Smiling Pasta
Hana Kimi
Hana Yori Dango

not to mention the new-ish fandoms that actually occur IN ENGLISH, like:
Tin Man
So You Think You Can Dance
- I find myself needing Mark/Chelsie fic. DONT JUDGE ME.

And of COURSE Im forgetting things! *clutches hair*

AND having to consider what Ill be willing to write! Which is..a disturbing list in itself...I just...I CANT DECIDE!


I'm so unsure; last year I passed because the amount of fic I'd produced was so little (to me) that I figured I wouldn't be able to get inspired and do it... And I feel the same this year, really. Though I did do Yuletide the year before last and utterly enjoyed it (as much as I hated it! ;D )

It won't stop me submitting fandoms however! Because I like to get certain fandoms out there in the hopes of something new to read; from your list I'm planning to nominate Gokusen anyway :) And I have a space so possibly HYD too ;)
I could always write more Mirrormask. I'd write you Tin Man if I've seen it (plenty of time coming up, chicklet!). Did you forget Firefly and HP in your list of standards?

Whatever happened to everyone else's Slacker's Remix stories, anyway?
oooh, yes, please! More Mirrormask!

..DID I send you Tin Man? I thought I remembered sending it, and then i started to doubt myself, and then i couldnt find it, so i figured i must have..

Firefly and HP are waaaaaaaay too big for yuletide. it's a rare fandom exchange, and it's my very favorite exchange of all time.

The Slackers lived up to their names. I still have several that need to be written, but ive just had no time and no motivation. i should poke my flist about it, too, just to see if anyone else can come up with one lurking on their hard drive.
Okies. I shall have to think of something for you, then. It was unValentine/Helena, right? :) I think just for fun I'll try to do something other than the series I had written a while back.

No, no Tin Man arrived here. So I can't ship anything or write stories. :(
Grr. I SWEAR I burned it, packaged it up..did i send it and it got lost, or did i lose it before i managed to send it? *thinks*

i shall reburn it and try and get it to you soooooon.

i love you. i love unValentine. it doesnt even need to be shippy, although shippy is awesome, but i just love unValentine and Helena and him trying to find his way around and figure out why she seems to know him. of course, on the other hand, id also love something addressing the fact that he ISNT Valentine from Helena's pov. but whatever you write will make me giddy, as always.
all righty, then. I shall think of something for you.

I did troll FF.net just now, just to see what's out there. I remember when there were five craptastic stories on there. Now there's about 37 or so, and one or two of them are decent. Still, I can write someting specially catered for you. Shall I include pr0n, since you asked for some a while back?
i love you. i adore you. i hope you go into labor soon and arent pregnant forever. *nods firmly*

and HEY, if you want to write me something specifically, WHO AM I TO SAY NO?

Porn or no porn, tis up to you and the story!

*bounces excitedly*

very loose idea bouncing about in my head...

He wished he knew what she saw when she looked at him. She had made him a mask and a costume, had dubbed him Valentine for the circus, had taught him how to juggle and joke along with everyone else. There was a shadow behind her eyes, something that wasn't quite right. It was as if she was seeing someone else standing there instead of him, someone that he should have known but didn't. It was an odd creeping feeling along his spine, a sensation that he wasn't all there, even when he was. It was like being a dream and real at once, drifting between worlds he didn't realize even existed. She saw something when she looked at him, something he couldn't put his finger on. Maybe she could only see the potentials in things and not the actual things; she was an artist, after all, and they were supposed to be quirky and eccentric.

Still, he wished he knew what she saw when she looked at him. He wished he knew what to expect when she opened her mouth to speak, when she leaned in for a juggling trick, when she fastened the mask over his face and sighed "Valentine, you're always going to be an important man."

It made him want to be this Valentine, whoever he was, whatever he was. It made him want to break his heart to pieces, to have her glue it back together in the shape of the thing she saw. It made him want to be something other than who he was, some pretender who ran away to the circus to lose himself from the grief of normalcy.

He wished he knew what she saw when she looked at him. Maybe then, it wouldn't be so hard to bear.

Re: very loose idea bouncing about in my head...

ohh, this is lovely! i love the idea that he KNOWS she doesnt see him, it's always been one of my favorite things about fic, but this is a completely different take on it - almost creepy, in a way.

and this line makes me fall over:
It made him want to break his heart to pieces, to have her glue it back together in the shape of the thing she saw.

Re: very loose idea bouncing about in my head...

hee. It pretty much wrote itself once I got the vague idea to do it from unValentine's perspective. I only ended the comment!fic there since I was runnin out of steam. :)

I take it you like this? :D

We can do this choose your own adventure style. or hell, since we're both up, gimme a call and we can plot this out over the phone. yay for same time zones! :D

Re: very loose idea bouncing about in my head...


give me about 15 minutes!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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