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SMILINGPASTA: Engaged Turtle Couple

Hanna Watch 08

So far, here on the Carolina coast, all it's doing is raining. Yesterday was clear and gorgeous and 80 degrees, and today it's cloudy and raining.

It's supposed to hit here about 3pm or so, so we've got some supplies in case we lose power.

But if we DO lose power, obviously, no net AND no land line. So, we'll be depending on cells. And if everyone else is using those too, the circuits will be overloaded and there is no way we can get through to people.

I'll keep people updated as much as we can.

Honestly, no one here is too concerned. Nobody is boarding up their houses or evacuating. We're just huddling down and tying outside stuff down.

I'll let you know more when I know more!


Oh, damn, I forgot about you guys being out there! I hope everything goes ok, and it stays a weak storm.
We'll be ok! Im not too worried, honestly. Brandus has the day off and we're picking kiddo up early from daycare, so we'll all be together, and we've got some supplies and cell phones. we'll keep in touch as much as we can!
Good luck! My thoughts and prayers will be with you!
*dropping in randomly*

Take care of yourselves!

Just a note on the cell phone thing: When the power goes out, the cell towers will run on generators. Not all towers have generators, and the generators don't last all that long. I know you said you were planning on being incommunicado, but that's just one more reason why you can't count on cell phones in, say, a hurricane. ;)

(My father works for the phone company, so I've learned way more than I ever wanted to know about how phones work. And how they don't work.)
Be safe! ♥
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