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What Do You Want to Do Tonight, Brain?

Im having one of those moments where I stare at my icons and think to myself, "i should delete everything." and seeing as I have 140 icons at last count, I AM NOT ABOUT TO DO THAT, but if you want to take a look at my icons and tell me which you like, hate, or think i should replace or never ever let go of, or whatever, my overtired brain would really appreciate it.

because right now, Im really tempted to delete everything and replace them all with countless Arashi icons. And while Japanese boy bands are a shiny, gay filled, rainbow symbol full of love, I need other things too. For some reason. Im not sure what, but im sure there is one.

My obsession with Japan, let me show you it.

the first episode of Long Vacation:

I had hopes for this drama after the first few minutes. Where the main girl is, IN HER WEDDING DRESS, frantically searching through this poor guy's apartment for her fiancee who is supposed to be at the church to get married in the next half hour, and this poor guy is all, "he isnt here. no, REALLY. he isnt behind the chair. or the door." and she's all THEN YOU MARRY ME! COME! and you can see the panic in his eyes.

i..if they HAD ended up getting married, i probably would've liked it more. because that's the kind of complete crack i really enjoy from doramas. please tell me something like this exists.

anyway, he doesnt marry her, she steals all of his cigarettes, and then randomly, a little while later, moves in. because she has nowhere else to go. because her fiancee was a douche and she had already gotten rid of her old apartment to get ready to move in with him..(where, exactly, by the way?), which poor guy desperately tries to keep her from doing, but caves because he doesnt like conflict.

and this entire time, douche boy is traveling around gambling or stealing or something with some girl who is obviously insane and he randomly calls the apartment ALL THE TIME but no one ever answers.

i think ill try another ep and see if the mains grow on me at all. right now, she's annoying, and he needs to stand up for himself. im not too interested in watching another ep, but ill try.

the first ep of Strawberry on the Shortcake:

this is a weird drama. i cant decide if i like it or not. i think it's about teenage disconnectedness or something, because there's alot of conversations about suicide and bullying and killing bullies.

on the other hand, how many dramas have a scene where you KNOW the male lead is having a wet dream, and then it shows him looking horrified down at his lap? and then washing his sheets? i snickered.

the girl in red is kinda fun, for all that i have no idea why she seems to be goading Irie on to jump off a bridge or stab someone. or steal something or jump in front of a car.

she's a little strange.

i am curious as to what will happen next though - especially now that i know the girl in red is about to become his step sister, and he has a crush on her.

plus, maybe he will get bored and jump off the bridge. who knows?

Ive told myself I cant download any new dramas until Ive watched at least ONE WHOLE SERIES of something already downloaded. Maou, obviously, doesnt count. And neither does the last ep of Yoiko no Mikata, because I have the rest and that one just got released. And neither do the episodes of Arashi shows I download, because THOSE ARENT DRAMAS.

Also, in news that doesnt speak Japanese, I watched Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog:

LOVED IT. Yes, even Act III. I love Neil Patrick Harris (and this plus the new Old Spice commercial has increased my love tenfold), and seeing his ability to deliver some of Joss' best lines completely off the cuff and deadpan? PRICELESS. I especially enjoyed Billy's garbled explanation of the third layer of character. Like pie.

And NATHAN, who can sing and be the biggest cheeseball on the entire planet? OH YES. Captain Hammer, we love you! And by hammer, I mean your penis. Obviously.

I wasn't expecting Penny to die, which i really should have, because she's female and a love interest. therefore, she must die, according to Joss standards. and i liked that she died not knowing Billy was Dr Horrible, or even that Captain Hammer was a gigantic tool (heh. the puns! I kill me.), because Dr Horrible had to come from someplace. And if he was loved and respected or revolted her with his actions - it just wouldnt be the same.

the very final bit. that last tiny scene, coming from the big song and the big party with Bad Horse - to Billy sitting alone in front of his webcam for his blog. OH. Joss, you still know how to hurt me. Do it again.

We also watched a *cough*illegallydownloaded*cough* copy of WallE last night:

I do think it was cute. I do. WallE himself was adorable, and many of the robots I would quite happily adopt and take home forever, but overall, the movie made me really sad.

I do like how political it was, with the HEY STOP DESTROYING THE EARTH and GET OFF YOUR FAT ASSES, AMERICA being brought.

but he was ALONE for 700 years. ALONE. and its more tragic then Castaway, I swear, because WallE has to cannabilize his friends for spare parts, and then there is EVA, who is lovely and fast with her gun, and i like that in a girl. but honestly, when he was trying to protect her after she goes into stasis and gets struck by lighting and is towing her to see the sunset and decorates her with lights, i CRIED. because he's so lonely, and he so wants to be with someone. it wasnt funny to me. it was tragic.

and then the humans themselves made me so sad. I cried again when we saw the babies, all alone in their little tiny float tanks.

it was very cute, and i did like the ending, and it left me feeling sort of better (especially the idea of pizza plants), but overall, it just..made me very sad.

i would, however, love to see any and all fanfic that comes about where any humans have rebellious moments where they actually USE the pool. or go jogging. i find it hard to believe that there isnt one very active little kid who insists on running off from his floatsled thing.

Otherwise. Um..we're taking kiddo to his first playgroup tomorrow. Wish me babysitters.
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