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ARASHI: Ohno - Thrust

I Can Promise You Two Things - One, I'll Always Look This Good

GREETINGS fellow lj-ers! It has been..er..a while? since i last posted. That would be because 1) moving sucks, even after you've technically moved and 2) the only things Im feeling fannish about are in Japanese. And Mandarin. And sometimes Korean.

Don't look at me like that. It really isnt my fault.

Let me put it this way;

American shows I am watching/planning to watch:
So, You Think You Can Dance

Asian shows I am watching/planning to watch:
So I'm Not Handsome
Yamada Toro Monogatari
Rolling Love
Strawberry on the Shortcake
Honey and Clover
Devil Beside You
My Bratty Princess
Success Story of a Bright Girl
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Nobuta wo Produce


Also, which should I watch next? *tilts head thoughtfully*

I have officially given up on Fated to Love You. I just cant bring myself to watch any further - I accidentally read an entire summation of the manga/season, and DOES NOT COMPUTE CANNOT HANDLE ANGST OF THIS MAGNITUDE MAYDAY MAYDAY. it's a ROMANTIC COMEDY. QUIT IT WITH THE SOUL DESTROYING ANGST.

I finished Smiling Pasta, which was cute and adorable, even though parts of it made me roll my eyes at the cheese. (They have to win a quiz show to prove themselves as being worthy of the title "Most Blissful Couple." And if they dont, IT WILL BE HORRIBLE! *facepalm*). But, he's adorable, she's adorable, and she's not so self sacrificing that I want to hit her in the head much, and he's not as much of an asshole to her as several Ive seen, even when he's being as asshole. Recommended!

Im looking for caps or icons for Smiling Pasta, if anybody has seen any.

Now, Maou started last week, and I've been OH SO PATIENTLY WAITING for it to be hardsubbed, which i finally downloaded LAST NIGHT at which point I immediately went "EEEIIIIIIIIIIIIII," and watched as soon as I could convince the child he REALLY WANTED to go to sleep.

Maou, which stares OHNO SATOSHI of Arashi, the lovely boy who is happily grabbing his crotch in my icon. He's spacey and vague and artistic...so, of course, he should be cast in a drama as a PSYCHOPATH. awesome! Also starring Toma, who played Nakatsu in Hana Kimi. He's a rather obsessed young cop. He runs alot. Also, he's pretty hot.


DUDE. That was AWESOME. I dont yet know character names, so we're going to have to go with whatever else Ive got in my head. Apologies if you have no idea who Im talking about.

Ohno was CREEPY good at the expressionless thing. Seriously, when he's listening to the children's choir at the church and he has his eyes closed and looks all at peace and uplifted...and then he opens his eyes and all expression drops off his face and i nearly wet my pants at the creepy factor. how calm and slow and methodical he was, thoughout added to the shivery.

I found Toma to be...slightly over the top, in the beginning. Screaming and running and hanging guys off of a building. We never heard if it was because the guy murdered somebody, but all I could think of was "DID YOU STEAL MY SANDWICH?" or something equally insane. So, yeah, over the top. But, as the action ramped up and the story got more involved, it didnt feel as overdone. Especially the scene where they are doing the reenactment of the lawyer's death, and Toma starts flashbacking to killing Ohno's brother, and Toma's hands are shaking and he's about THISCLOSE to freaking out and Ohno is watching the whole thing with this dead calm expression and it's really very powerful.

Nino was a little random to see, even though I knew he was appearing in the ep. I spent the entire scene hoping Ohno and Nino were about to make out after Nino threw Ohno up against the wall. Because, um. It's hot. Also, Nino and Ohno have really crazy chemistry, and them making out would not felt AT ALL out of place.

I love psychic girl. She's adorable, and I like how they started out by showing her use her powers to find her roommates' earring. Nice intro to it. I dont fully understand her living arrangements - her parents died when she was young, so she lives beside the church in an orphanage? and they make tarot cards? huh? i must have missed something. or..it's a really different sort of church than Im used to. And I REALLY want to know why Ohno is so interested in her and her tarot cards, but hopefully, that will be gotten to.

Overall, highly enjoyable, and Im looking forward to the next ep. Which showed last night, but I have to wait for subs. This is the first drama Im trying that isnt identified as a romance, so it should be interesting to see as it goes along. Recommended!

..however, how did Ohno know what's his face would end up accidentally killing the lawyer? that seems a wee bit too convenient.


Hi! HIHIHI. I'm in Kotlik teaching summer school and it's omgboring with no people here to talk about porn or uh, other porn. Oh, or snark! Or snarking about porn...

There is no wireless internet and it's cold and rainy and I miss you guys. You should send me contact information so I can call you.

I'm using my alitria at gmail account most of the time these days.

I hope you're all well and no one killed any family members during the move.
...nothing really to say, except hi. You said it all.

I too, had a bit of a difficult time with Toma's exhuberance at the beginning. But then it kind of began to make sense. It seems as though he's been clinging to this identity of super!detective from barely a thread.

Also? I want them both to fall for psychic girl. K-now, please.

And I think she WORKS for someplace that sells tarot cards.. and the girl just happened to lose her earring there.

and... *sigh* I have thoughts, not motiviation to type them out.

Also? Add Stand!Up to your list of to-watch. Nino AND Shun AND Yamapi. Can't go wrong.
...Can Maou really fall for someone? I mean, like, really fall in love with someone? He's kinda..soulless. Which, actually, would make the loving that much more awesome.

Im hoping he gets possessive and all alpha male. Purr.

Im really hoping we see him lose his cool by the end. Wouldnt that be cool? Toma becomes more calm by degrees, and we see Maou lose it piece by piece. NEAT.

See, but the other girl is busy getting ready to go to her job? I think? or was fixing her hair in the bathroom of the tarot card shop, which is unusual, i think.

Stand UP! is on the list of things still to download. But Im trying to get through my backlog of downloaded stuffs at the moment. and THEN im allowed to download more.
I think my problem with Serizawa's (Toma's) overenthusiasm in the beginning was the same as yours, it was just too much, and it was not helping that I kept thinking, "Holy crap, how would that confession stand up in any kind of court of law?? That guy would have said anything for the cop to haul him back up, whether he was guilty or not!"

But as the episode went along, it smoothed that out and Serizawa's freakout during the re-enactment was SO MUCH BETTER than I would have thought it would be! Same for the CREEPY AS FUCK look on Naruse's face through out pretty much every scene where he interacted with other people. The library scene got me the worst because he was smiling and polite and doing everything normal people should, but then you looked into his eyes and there was just. NO EMOTION there, no soul there at all. W-way to go, Ohno! .___.b

I'm also really glad others like Shiori, the psychic girl, too! I was afraid that she'd be annoying or that everyone would hate her, but she's cute! I like her so far!
Holy crap, how would that confession stand up in any kind of court of law?

I dont actually know ANYTHING about court in Japan. And this show is going to make me curious. Ill end up very confused, no doubt. But yeah, dangling some guy off the rooftop? It works in action movies, I guess. If they had mentioned the crime, it might not have seemed so..much. But instead, I was honestly expecting him to have shoplifted a sandwich or something.

Ah! thank you for names. It takes me a while to figure out how to spell character names from dramas. I think it's because I have to concentrate on reading the subtitles, and it takes several eps for the spelling to sink in.

I DO like Shiori! She is adorable, and she's not at all creepy or weird, like you would probably expect of a psychic in a drama. And I REALLY want to know what Naruse's interest in her is. And how it started.
I don't know whether or not to recommend Devil Beside You or tell you to not bother. It's not all that good - most of the actors are over-acting, the choreography/effects are laughable, and sometimes I just want to punch the characters in the face for being morons. I mostly watch for the guy who plays Ahmon, because he's just so hot.

I'd recommend checking out the manga first (The Devil Does Exist, or Akuma de Sourou), which you can find here. It's kind of formulaic, as far as shoujo manga goes, but it's better than the drama. The drama's pretty crack-y and likes to play different versions of the same three scores over and over again. I still like it, it's just... more of a guilty pleasure than anything else.
Someone else recced it to me, so I figured I would check it out. The problem with checking out the manga is Ive yet to find ANY manga that doesnt bore me to tears. Im not much of a comic fan, either, so I think Im just not a manga person.

Ill give the first two eps a try, and see where to go from there. Besides, I LIKE cracky dramas, so who knows? Maybe Ill love it. Or at least, it will keep me amused for a few hours.

Any other recs? I seem to have this problem where i KEEP DOWNLOADING DRAMAS, even though I havent watched the ones I already have!
To be honest, I haven't watched too many dramas. I get most of them from my friend, and a lot of them are waaaaay too similar to American soaps for me to really get into them. You've probably already seen Hana Yori Dango (which is my absolute favorite)... Kimi wa Petto's not bad, and while I didn't finish it I did like what I saw of Gokusen... But then you've likely seen all the dramas I've seen and many more, so I'm better off asking you for recs. ^_^;
Yeah, I uh...might have seen Hana Yori Dango. I think Ive heard of it. *giggle*

I have Kimi wa Petto, but havent seen it yet. I liked Gokusen, but I didnt HAVE to watch it, like I did with HYD. It didnt consume my every waking thought.

Er, you want recs? Have you read the Hana Kimi manga? the twdrama is very close to the manga, which is why I cant watch it...she's about to humiliate herself! I CANT DO IT. the jdrama is..nothing like the manga and is made of complete and utter CRACK and i love it dearly. Oguri Shun (Hanazawa Rui) plays Sano, and I love him very very much.

I talk about other stuff under my tags over there on the right. "Japan broke my capslock," "jdramas," and "twdramas" i think all talk about different dramas.
LOL. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who calls him Dorkface and obsesses over the entire thing. (I have to re-find that link someone gave me to a replication of that Saturn necklace that you can buy for, like $300. I may have to beg my boyfriend to get it for me for my birthday next year.) Um, I may have made my mother watch a few episodes. I will try to get her to watch the rest when I am no longer in Germany and therefore able to make her sit down and watch it. She likes it, though, which is good.

I'm a few volumes into Hana Kimi. I have a couple episodes of the j-drama, and I had the t-drama but I kind of didn't want to watch it because it's hard enough watching people embarrass themselves in manga, let alone actually seeing them do it on camera. I am a dork who empathizes with characters too much. Bah.

As long as I never have to watch Byakuyakou ever, ever, EVER AGAIN, I will be fine. >_____>;;;;
I feel your pain! I have a ton of dramas that I'm currently watching (Hello My Teacher, HYD 2, Nobuta Wo Produce, Zettai Kareshi, Gokusen 3, Mop Girl, Guren Onna, Fated to Love You), have downloaded and yet to watch (Bull Fighting, Full House, Powerful Opponents) and yet more that I *want* to watch.

If only dramas weren't so cracky, and didn't cater to my kinks!

On the kdrama front, I'd rec both Coffee Prince, and Hello My Teacher.
I cant find live links of Coffee Prince. I remember trying jdramas, and Im pretty sure they are all dead.

or, i tried to download something else, and am just getting dramas mixed up.

so, if you know where i can download Coffee Prince, please let me know.

Also, did you see? Kuma is in Maou!

Smiling Pasta question

Did you get Smiling Pasta through jdramas? The files I got there are so bad I can hardly watch them.

Re: Smiling Pasta question

No, i downloaded from veoh.com. There is fansub who put them up - IFS, maybe? good quality. i have the OST from jdramas though.

if you locate any caps, i would love to see them. and pet them. and grin gleefully.

Did you finish Fated to Love You? I think you were watching it...

Re: Smiling Pasta question

My last attempt to download from veoh.com was a total failure. I'll have to give it another shot, though. I'm really enjoying Smiling Pasta, but the video quality is driving me *insane.*

I haven't found any caps, and they only lj comm I've found hasn't been updated in many weeks.

I haven't finished Fated to Love you--I'm up to the first Big Misunderstanding after the wedding (he thinks she' was in on the plot to drug him, and vows revenge), and couldn't manage to go any further.

And because I have the attention span of a fly, I got distracted by Hello My Teacher, and then Full House (which I love, love, love. Drama wiki tells me that Smiling Pasta was inspired by Full House, although they only share the premise of ordinary girl/male superstar and handle things in a very different way.)

Re: Smiling Pasta question

If you fail at downloading Smiling Pasta, I can burn the eps and send them to you. I cant remember where you're located, but hey, I dont mind mailing them out for you. Let me know.

I love veoh, honestly. I know alot of fansubs dont like their stuff up on streaming sites, but there are a few who post their subs there pretty much exclusively. And I dont have to babysit the downloads, just tell it to download them, and whenever Im online, it just does.

Full House and Smiling Pasta are supposed to be very different, yes. Let me know if I should try Full House after you finish it.

Ive given up entirely on Fated to Love You. Did I mention the incoming buckets of heart wrenching angst? Yeah. Im not doing that.

However, I love Dylan. He's pretty, and a seriously nice guy. I wanted her with him.

Re: Smiling Pasta question

here are the ones I have, i think. Id have to look at my actual files, and they're on my other external hd. i think you'll like the show, though. It's really cute.

Re: Smiling Pasta question

Better than the ones I have:


Re: Smiling Pasta question

EW! That's TERRIBLE quality. Im glad the ones i pointed you to are better. Let me know if the downloading works. Are you going to start over at the beginning, or start where you are? And where are you in it?

Re: Smiling Pasta question

I cant remember where you're located, but hey, I dont mind mailing them out for you. Let me know.

You're *awesome,* you know. I'll give veoh another shot, and get back to you in the next couple of days. If you want any of the dramas I have, I'd be more than happy to share.

Let me know if I should try Full House after you finish it.

I think Full House may have surpassed Coffee Prince as my favourite kdrama. There are some things that bugged me--the love triangles, mostly--but I adore the series OTP. They're snarky, and adorable, and so *young* a points that my heart ached. Some of the kdramas I've watched start to drag, but I thought that Full House moved at a good speed, and didn't drag out longer than was necessary.

Did I mention the incoming buckets of heart wrenching angst? Yeah. Im not doing that.

What kinds of angst? I don't *enjoy* having my heart ripped out, but I can deal with angst if I know what I'm in for well ahead of time.

Re: Smiling Pasta question

What kinds of angst? I don't *enjoy* having my heart ripped out, but I can deal with angst if I know what I'm in for well ahead of time.

Well, admittedly, I havent actually SEEN the angst, I can just feel it coming. I accidentally read a whole thing about the plot - either the drama, or the manga, or whatever - and yeah...you know how she's pregnant? Let me just say, by the end of the show, she won't be. And not because she had the baby.

YOU GOT ANGST IN MY ROMANTIC COMEDY! *cries* Yeah, I cant handle that level of stuff when Im looking for silly and fun. I can handle it when I know it's coming - like i KNEW Summer Snow was going to rip my heart out (heh. really bad pun due to the show itself) - but when Im looking for something mindless? Plus, main dude's frustrated/exasperated/fed up look started to get really old. and the girl needed to be kicked for being WAY too accomodating and good natured.

Im not allowing myself to download anything new until Ive watched some of the backlog of dramas that i already have, but Ill keep Full House in mind!

If it comes to it, and you need Smiling Pasta, you can send me Full House, and we'll call it even. :)
you know how she's pregnant? Let me just say, by the end of the show, she won't be. And not because she had the baby.

Ohkay. That's off my "to finish" list. I know dramas are fond of killing off characters, but I've managed to avoid any deaths so far, and would like to keep it that way for a while longer.

Plus, main dude's frustrated/exasperated/fed up look started to get really old. and the girl needed to be kicked for being WAY too accomodating and good natured.

Yeah. A lot of drama males are jerks (to a greater or lesser extent) pre-woobiehood, but a *lot* of my initial enjoyment of a series depends on how the female lead manages the guy's moping and temper. I did like the hero of FtLY at the very begining because he was so nice to the heroine, so seeing him heading into jerk territory was upsetting.

Are you going to start over at the beginning, or start where you are? And where are you in it?

I downloaded the first four episodes, and watched up to episode 9 on mysoju. They are so *cute,* although they make a lot of trouble for themselves (the kiss as a punishment? and then the angst that followed when Ah Zhe won?)

If it comes to it, and you need Smiling Pasta, you can send me Full House, and we'll call it even. :)

If you're still willing, I'd be more than happy to send Full House your way. (You can play softsubs, right?)
Yeah. I dropped FtLY for alot of the same reasons. I couldnt handle that level of angst, and I kinda wanted to punch whatshisname in the face, and give her a good swift kick to the butt.

And he started off so NICE and WONDERFUL! Honestly, until I got to ep7, and started getting uneasy about how nice she was and how much of an ass he was being, I reallyreally loved it. And then..there's this part in ep8, where, HONESTTOGOD, she's dressed in a chicken suit, and he's talking to her, only he doesnt know it's her, and he's talking about how NICE and WONDERFUL and GIVING she is, but everyone just steps on her, especially him, he's the worst one of all...and i just. gah. i dont even know. and she KEPT IGNORING DYLAN. Who also has SCADS of money, likes her, and is hot like fire. Grr.

*happy squeals* Im so glad you are liking Smiling Pasta! They are just ADORABLE. And while he tends to be mean, he's just teasing the majority of the time, and he just likes to tease her to get her angry. And Im ok with that. And yes, and there is more silly drama coming -there's this whole competition about calling each other names and there is a soccer ball kickoff and all kinds of goofiness. but, it's cute, and they're too adorable for words.

i just want an icon of them walking hand in hand from the 2nd or 3rd ep where she is wearing the turtle shell. the first time he calls her his turtle fiancee.

Sure! Do you want Smiling Pasta? They're hard subbed. I THINK I can do softsubs. I havent tried, but ive read directions for how to do it, and i think i can play them on divx...email me and let me know - alianoraATgmailDOTcom.
One of the things that, in general, gets to me about dramas is the female doormat. She's so sweet, and wonderful (and usually at least a little bit dim), and the guy spends most the series stomping on her feelings until he realizes that hey, he really does like her after all! Some shows manage the right balance between OTP squee and emotional abuse, and others really, really *don't.*

Dylan didn't do to much in the episodes I saw, but yes--he seemed like a sweetheart.

I was kind of depressed after I finished Full House (OTP of squee, totally), but Smiling Pasta is hitting a lot of the same kinks. But god, do I *hate* the media and fans in Smiling Pasta (we hate him! we love him! no, no, we *do* hate him! or *is* it love? Shut the heck up, and leave me to my OTP squealing).

I've looked around for Smiling Pasta caps, but the only images I've been able to find come from one of the official sites (http://www.ttv.com.tw/drama/2006/pasta/newphoto.asp), and don't have the image you're looking for, so far as I can tell.

Sure! Do you want Smiling Pasta?


Full House is only softsubbed, and I have no idea how to create hardsubs. I use VLC, and they play fine (although I do very much prefer hardsubs).

I have to get to bed now (early morning tomorrow), but I'll email you soon.
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