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I Can Promise You Two Things - One, I'll Always Look This Good

GREETINGS fellow lj-ers! It has while? since i last posted. That would be because 1) moving sucks, even after you've technically moved and 2) the only things Im feeling fannish about are in Japanese. And Mandarin. And sometimes Korean.

Don't look at me like that. It really isnt my fault.

Let me put it this way;

American shows I am watching/planning to watch:
So, You Think You Can Dance

Asian shows I am watching/planning to watch:
So I'm Not Handsome
Yamada Toro Monogatari
Rolling Love
Strawberry on the Shortcake
Honey and Clover
Devil Beside You
My Bratty Princess
Success Story of a Bright Girl
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Nobuta wo Produce


Also, which should I watch next? *tilts head thoughtfully*

I have officially given up on Fated to Love You. I just cant bring myself to watch any further - I accidentally read an entire summation of the manga/season, and DOES NOT COMPUTE CANNOT HANDLE ANGST OF THIS MAGNITUDE MAYDAY MAYDAY. it's a ROMANTIC COMEDY. QUIT IT WITH THE SOUL DESTROYING ANGST.

I finished Smiling Pasta, which was cute and adorable, even though parts of it made me roll my eyes at the cheese. (They have to win a quiz show to prove themselves as being worthy of the title "Most Blissful Couple." And if they dont, IT WILL BE HORRIBLE! *facepalm*). But, he's adorable, she's adorable, and she's not so self sacrificing that I want to hit her in the head much, and he's not as much of an asshole to her as several Ive seen, even when he's being as asshole. Recommended!

Im looking for caps or icons for Smiling Pasta, if anybody has seen any.

Now, Maou started last week, and I've been OH SO PATIENTLY WAITING for it to be hardsubbed, which i finally downloaded LAST NIGHT at which point I immediately went "EEEIIIIIIIIIIIIII," and watched as soon as I could convince the child he REALLY WANTED to go to sleep.

Maou, which stares OHNO SATOSHI of Arashi, the lovely boy who is happily grabbing his crotch in my icon. He's spacey and vague and, of course, he should be cast in a drama as a PSYCHOPATH. awesome! Also starring Toma, who played Nakatsu in Hana Kimi. He's a rather obsessed young cop. He runs alot. Also, he's pretty hot.


DUDE. That was AWESOME. I dont yet know character names, so we're going to have to go with whatever else Ive got in my head. Apologies if you have no idea who Im talking about.

Ohno was CREEPY good at the expressionless thing. Seriously, when he's listening to the children's choir at the church and he has his eyes closed and looks all at peace and uplifted...and then he opens his eyes and all expression drops off his face and i nearly wet my pants at the creepy factor. how calm and slow and methodical he was, thoughout added to the shivery.

I found Toma to be...slightly over the top, in the beginning. Screaming and running and hanging guys off of a building. We never heard if it was because the guy murdered somebody, but all I could think of was "DID YOU STEAL MY SANDWICH?" or something equally insane. So, yeah, over the top. But, as the action ramped up and the story got more involved, it didnt feel as overdone. Especially the scene where they are doing the reenactment of the lawyer's death, and Toma starts flashbacking to killing Ohno's brother, and Toma's hands are shaking and he's about THISCLOSE to freaking out and Ohno is watching the whole thing with this dead calm expression and it's really very powerful.

Nino was a little random to see, even though I knew he was appearing in the ep. I spent the entire scene hoping Ohno and Nino were about to make out after Nino threw Ohno up against the wall. Because, um. It's hot. Also, Nino and Ohno have really crazy chemistry, and them making out would not felt AT ALL out of place.

I love psychic girl. She's adorable, and I like how they started out by showing her use her powers to find her roommates' earring. Nice intro to it. I dont fully understand her living arrangements - her parents died when she was young, so she lives beside the church in an orphanage? and they make tarot cards? huh? i must have missed something.'s a really different sort of church than Im used to. And I REALLY want to know why Ohno is so interested in her and her tarot cards, but hopefully, that will be gotten to.

Overall, highly enjoyable, and Im looking forward to the next ep. Which showed last night, but I have to wait for subs. This is the first drama Im trying that isnt identified as a romance, so it should be interesting to see as it goes along. Recommended!

..however, how did Ohno know what's his face would end up accidentally killing the lawyer? that seems a wee bit too convenient.
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