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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

You'll Be Stone Dead In a Minute

In new reports, IM NOT DEAD! i AM, however, just barely back online after cross country flights and living in hotels for FOREVER, which sucked but is now complete. YAY!

We have landed firmly in Emerald Isle, NC, which is completely awesome and fabulous and HI WE LIVE A BLOCK FROM THE BEACH!

We're about an hour and a half from Wilmington, i think, if that helps you picture anything better..or if you need help stalking, although I HAVE A KAYAK AND I WILL USE IT AS A WEAPON IF NEEDED, so stalk wisely.

Voldemort seems happy, even going so far as to SLEEP THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT FOR ONE WHOLE NIGHT. which he then taught us how bad of an idea it is to brag about things like this, as he woke up 3 times the next night. dammit.

anyway! brandus is employed, although we're waiting for the actual contract to be signed and stuff, im proofreading (20,000 words of BDSM gay porn. YOU ALL WISH YOU WERE ME.), and Voldemort is enjoying destroying anything he can get his little hands on. We're having a fabulous time!

Ive spent my time offline in no actual productive way - i could have written fic, or made vids, or even reorganized my mp3 player - instead, i watched DRAMAS!

I got all the way to ep 9 in Fated to Love You before I got panicked about the introduction of angst and ran away...i like my romantic comedies to have some angst, sure, but this is a lot less like "Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!" and much more like "I WILL RIP OUT YOUR SOUL AND BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH A SHOVEL," which is much less fun, let me tell you.

Instead, im watching Smiling Pasta, which is much more fun with much less angst, and its all angst you know will be overcome, so its all ok!

Ive also watched two eps of Regatta, which I fell into after watching the entire Arashi rowing saga from Mago Mago Arashi (MastuJun has a hissy! Aiba stops smiling! Nino fells left out! Sho fails at sports! Ohno feels like he is failing as Leader! IT IS COMPLETE AWESOME.). Regatta is fun, i think, although when dude decides to come back to rowing and tells the female team manager to stop trying to row herself, he tells her she shouldnt row because "its not a cute sport for a girl," and for a second i was honestly staggered by hopeful mental images of her telling him where to stick it. instead, she smiles and gets out of the boat. seriously, sometimes, its HARD being an American watching Asian stuff, because its so easy to get ANGRY about things like that.

Ive downloaded a disturbing amount of things, and ive found myself drifting away from jdrama and clicking more on twdramas. interesting.

Also, has anyone had any success with Bambino? i cant get through the first ep, because Ban is a little too smirky and seems like he KNOWS he's cute and adorable. plus, he's about to screw up dinner, and Im not sure I can handle it.

Also, Arashi fans, please stop me from writing dorky fic. Sho absolutely does not need to go on The Bachelor for any reason. I dont care HOW funny it would be to watch him fail with women. He fails with women on a daily basis. HE DOESNT NEED MY HELP.


Wheeee! We want to go kayaking with you! Shelly and I keep talking about going out to the coast to kayak. I think we need to actually *buy* some first, though.
Oh, you can rent when you get here! we have a spare bedroom too....*tempts* of course, youd have to sleep on the floor, as its not like we have furniture...
Oooo - we definitely need to take you up on this. :)
YAY for the Alia to be back :D

One rec - Devil Beside Me (or Devil Beside You it pops under either name) Really awesome - less angst - no real sobbing moments like Fated to be Love- angst is more along the lines of the hdy - stuff you know will be overcome. And HOT lead male! It's my personal favorite.
Sorry to jump in here, but would you mind telling me if Fated to Love You has a happy ending? I'm at the point where the hero is plotting his revenge on the heroine because he thinks she's wronged him/plotted against him--which threatens to hit both my embarrassment squick, and my dislike of watching characters I like suffer miserably.
I honestly don't know. The series is still airing so i've only seen up to 14. It's based on a book and I know in the book the two eventually end up in a relationship, but the series hasn't exactly followed the book.

To be honest though - i wouldn't be too worried. I'm 95% sure that this series will have a happy ending, i have yet to see an asian drama (esp tw) totally change the end of a book. (It is also labeled as a romantic comedy and only americans seem to think romantic comedies should end with couples breaking up :P)

I do however think it will be a VERY bumby ride as there are 20 eps. (So if it follows the tradional curve they can't 'get together' until ep 17 and they can't be happy until ep 20)

wow - I talked way more than I intended tooooooo! sorry for information overload!
wow - I talked way more than I intended tooooooo! sorry for information overload!

No, no, it's good!

I have (luckily) yet to stumble across such a drama, but I've heard some of them love killing of one of the romantic leads, or otherwise ending the drama on a sad note. I can handle the angst, so long as it pays off with a happy ending.

Thank you *very* much for easing my mind. *g*

Also... I have gotten through 4 episodes of Bambino and am Quit In Love.

The only reason I haven't finished it is because I am having trouble streaming. It's very much a coming of age and I do really like the whole cast. Ban especially has some growing to do.

I've also been watching Stand Up! Which has Nino OMG!MAKING ME CRY! I'm about 7 eps in on that, but likewise, streaming is problematic. It also has SHUN failing with girls. And Yamapi! Uh... doing whatever it is he does. I'm not so sure I love it. And one of the guys from Gokesun is in it too. Plus a cute little girl who has a crush on Nino. ANd he's all like.. girls, ewwww! And it's got some weird Japanese humor too. Much more humor and much less of making you cry. But there's a moment where Nino get's his heart broken and he's like: "If this is love, I don't want it anymore. *bawls*"

Nino love is sneaking up on me. He's crawling up from the bottom of the pack. Don't ask me how.

Also? I has a new arashi layout.
yay for successful move! yay for employment! yay for a happy Dark Lord and Master! *dances with you*

Oh, I don't recall if you knew the news prior to leaving Pants, but we're having a girl! Madison Xuan is due this September. She can be the Bellatrix of the relationship. *nods*
Ive spent my time offline in no actual productive way - i could have written fic, or made vids, or even reorganized my mp3 player - instead, i watched DRAMAS!

Are you suggesting that dramas aren't worth obessive amounts of time and emotional energy? I am SHOCKED.

I'm with you on Fated to Love You, although you got further than I did. I want to find a detailed series review that will spoil me massively; I need to know what I'm getting into!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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