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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


Why didnt anyone TELL me shoebox_project was updated?!



what is this and why should I be poking you about it? O_o

I'm already backed up as it is, as I haven't yet gotten Tin Man or tried to get into J-Drama. Tho I do have Kimi Wa Petto somewhere and have seen the first eppy on a rec from a friend two or three years ago. So if you move to that one, I may be able to comply. :P
shoebox_project is a multimedia Marauders era fanfic - its completely awesome. James and Sirius and Remus and Peter and Lily and Snape and its HILARIOUS and its told through fic bits and photographs - supposedly found in a shoebox under Remus' bed. ITS REALLY REALLY AWESOME. so yes, you should be reading AND poking!

i have a copy of Tin Man burned for you and have had it forever! I just havent made it down to the post office in that long. or kept forgetting it. either one. i will mail it when we go to mail off yet more things we think we'd like to keep, when in reality, we'll probably never unpack.

Kimi wa Petto! I have it right here to watch! i havent started it yet, but now i know this is how i can drag you down into the weird world of Japanese entertainment, I SHALL. also, my beloved Dorkface is the same actor who plays Momo in KwP. did you know that?

*bounces* Im so excited. YOU WILL LOVE THE CRACK. or, you'll stare at me like im completely insane. EITHER WAY, it will be fun!
Dude, I've seen ep 1 of KwP. I know how cracky it is. Then again, J-drama is nothing but crack. You're talking to someone that helps run an anime convention, girlie. I'm used to Japanese crack. ;)

*eagerly waiting by mailbox*
I assumed everyone who follows it has it flisted~ Sorry!

If it helps any, I haven't even had a chance to read it yet. I had to catch up on Grey's and Bones from last week, since I worked the late night shift, and omg it needs to be Tuesday already. ;_;
oh, i DO have it flisted, but with the last week of work and the 8 thousand things to pack, ive gotten a little behind. so it was less, "alert me!" and more, "WHAT NO SQUEE?"

so, no, you're totally not fired. :)

And i need more. MORE SHOEBOX. i reread it sometimes, and there is one scene, where they are first working on the animagus transformations that i always have to stop reading because im laughing so hard I CANT SEE THE SCREEN.
Lol I totally understand. We have a full week of downtime next week, so I plan on catching up some. :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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