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HANA KIMI:  Nakatsu Loves

Jdrama Ficlets

I was bored. God help you all.

New characters for me, so let me now what you think about voice and word choice. Also, if ive done something completely stupid, because, did i mention, this show is in JAPANESE?

Title: Out of Order
Fandom: Hana Kimi
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Nakatsu desperately needs a bathroom.

The sign hung on the door - mocking him large printed letters.

He glared at it and gave it a second to Think About What It Was Doing,
but it didn't change in the slightest. It didn't even look remotely


Nakatsu shifted uncomfortably and looked around. He was getting
desperate. This was getting to emergency level need, complete with
red flashing lights and sirens.

There was nothing around. No other buildings, no trees, not even a car tire.

He couldn't hold it. He wouldn't make it all the way back to campus.

Ok. No problem. He put his hands on his hips and nodded firmly at no
one. Nakatsu is secure enough in his masculinity to use the women's


Of course.

And any second now, he would step through that door into the empty
women's toilet, and he would use it.

Nakatsu nodded firmly again, because it had felt so good the first time.


In we go.

Clapping one hand over his eyes, he burst into the ladies room,
proclaiming, "I'msosorryI'mnotlookingIjustreallyhavetoPEE."

Silence was his only answer. It was echo-y in his scolding of him.

Nakatsu peeked from between his fingers and examined his surroundings.
It looked...like a bathroom. He dropped his hand from his face in
confusion. Shouldn't the women's toilet have roses or flowers or seas
of perfume or naked women or something?

On the whole, Nakatsu was rather disappointed. There should at least
be fountains or fruit or lacy things draped on the stalls.

Oh well. He shrugged to himself and promptly lost himself in the joy
of release safely hidden within the non lacy stall. Ahh. He could
feel all the stress draining out of him. Well...stress or pee or

He was about to zip up when he heard the door to the bathroom crack open.

Nakatsu froze.

There was a female in the bathroom. The women's bathroom. Where he
was. As a man.

At the thought of being a man, he couldn't help himself. He struck a
pose. Promptly knocking his elbow against the wall, where he doubled
over in an effort to keep himself from swearing in pain.

The footsteps faltered at the slight sound. Then slowly continued.
Into the stall directly beside Nakatsu's.

Nakatsu's mouth hung open for a second, and then he promptly clapped
his hands over his ears. He couldn't listen to a woman in the
bathroom! It wasn't right! His mother would know somehow and come
and kill him.

If he hadn't been so focused on keeping her from noticing that there
was a male in the women's toilet, he would have begun humming to help
keep him from overhearing...anything.

The toilet finally flushed, and he let out a soundless sigh of relief.
Just another couple of seconds...

Footsteps again, and then a soft sigh came from where he imagined the
non-flowered, boring white sink was.

Wait a second. He knew that sigh. He had memorized that sigh.

He carefully opened the stall door the tiniest amount.

There, standing at the counter, looking at himself in the mirror, was
someone he knew very well.

"Mizuki!" Nakatsu burst out of the stall in excitement.

Mizuki yelled, jumping a solid meter into the air and very nearly
braining himself on the hand dryer.

"Nakatsu?!" He asked, eyes wide with shock. Mizuki clutched the neck
of his shirt. "What are you doing in the women's toilet?"

"Same as you, I suppose," he answered cheerfully, making his way over
to wash his hands. "Out of Order sign on the men's," he posed again,
"And I really couldn't hold it. Thought for sure you were a female
and I was about to be in big trouble."

Mizuki stared at him. "Right," he said, rather weakly. "Out of
order. Female. Trouble."

"But! It was you! Which is good, because I'm hungry." Nakatsu
bounded over to the door. "Ready?"

"Uh. Sure."

Nakatsu grinned happily at the door. How very informative this
bathroom trip had been! He had learned the women's toilets looked
depressingly like the men's, AND he had found Mizuki! Mentally, he
built them a lovely house to share with matching bathrooms.

"Nakatsu? Your fly is undone."



Title: Girls Like This
Fandom: Hana Yori Dango
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Soujiroh/Yuki, more or less

It wasn't until the party was breaking up that Soujiroh started getting nervous.

Makino had badgered and bugged him into bringing Yuki-chan, even
though Soujiroh really didn't think she'd have any fun or like any of
the people there at all. They weren't like her. They were shallow
and drank a lot and most of the girls giggled whenever he spoke.

It wasn't like he left her ALONE, exactly, he had just gotten caught
up with a few girls who were showing a little too much leg, and he'd
somehow ended up on the other side of the estate from her.

He'd been looking for her for almost an hour, and with the dwindling
number of people, he would've thought she would've been easier to

Makino would kill him if he lost her best friend.

He rounded a rose bush in the garden and stopped dead in his tracks at
what he saw. Yuki-chan was there, head tilted back as she laughed,
one side of her shawl sliding down her arm, revealing more of her
shoulder than he had realized when he picked her up. A champagne
glass was gestured, and she laughed again, the sound sliding down his
spine in a way a high pitched giggle never could.

She looked..happy. She didn't look like she had even noticed he was gone.

She looked very cozy, too, standing a hairsbreadth too close to the
man she was talking to. A man with a wicked smile and a gleam in his
eye that Soujiroh knew entirely too well.

A gleam that said he had plans for this girl, this night.

Soujiroh stiffened with irritation. He had brought Yuki here, he
would be the one to take her home.

He rolled his shoulders as she laughed again. Had she always laughed
like that? Her eyes crinkled at the corners, and her mouth was open.

She should've looked out of place. She should've been attracting
sneers and negative attention.

She looked perfect.

Soujiroh started forward.


Would be loving prompts for Hana Kimi, HYD, Gokusen, or Summer Snow, iffen you wants to play.


*WHIMPER* You took me down with your pitch perfect rendition of Nakatsu, and then you finished me off with sweet, adorable, PROTECTIVE Yuki/Jiroh fic!!!! FORGET JAPAN -- YOU BROKE MY CAPSLOCK!!!!!

Heeee! *puffs up with pride* I BROKE YOUR CAPSLOCK! I BROKE YOUR CAPSLOCK!! *dances with joy*

*blows you kisses*

i still have another little Yuki/Soujiroh thing that is itching my brain..it kinda sort fits in with this one.
Yuki stood, slightly ill at ease in the lavish surroundings. An almost full champagne glass was clutched tightly in one hand. She pulled her shawl tighter around her shoulders and looked around.

She knew no one here.

No one but Nishikado Soujiroh

This wasn't the first party they had attended together, but there was something different this time.

Tsukushi liked to cheerfully suggest that Nishikado-san take Yuki, and then she would press until he couldn't find an excuse, and Yuki would wind up sitting alone in a corner, smiling uncertainly whenever anyone came close, until he came to find her to take her home.

Tonight was different, somehow.

When Tsukushi had offered Yuki as Nishikado-san's date this time around, all the while attempting to look innocent, Nishikado-san had agreed nearly before the words were out of her mouth.

And tonight? Well, she was still sitting alone at the moment, while he talked and laughed with people, and girls in skimpier clothes than she had were fawning all over him.

But, every few minutes, he would turn and look. And he would smile - an almost uncertain smile that seemed odd on his handsome face.

Soujiroh, she thought quietly to herself as he turned and looked back at her again. Soujiroh.

This time, she stood up and made her way over. He didn't take his eyes off of her until she was beside him.

He placed his hand over her own small one when she took his arm, and he turned back to his coversation.

Yuki smiled.


Edited at 2008-05-02 04:37 am (UTC)
Hee! I hope it wasnt TOO sweet and sugary.
Oh, Nakatsu, you *darling.*

I loved the entire thing, but this: Nakatsu is secure enough in his masculinity to use the women's toilet. and this: On the whole, Nakatsu was rather disappointed. There should at least be fountains or fruit or lacy things draped on the stalls. Oh! And his mother knowing, and killing him!

I'm saving the HYD fic for when I finish the series.

Would be loving prompts for Hana Kimi, HYD, Gokusen

Gokusen: Shin/Yankumi (gen or 'ship); Yankumi's school life and home life collide. Bonus points for dorky 3-D antics.


Hana Kimi: If you've finished the series, something that takes place after the last scene. Any combinaton of Mizuki, Nakatsu, and Sano would be awesome.


HYD: The transition between Dorkface wanting to destroy Makino, and falling in love with her.
I am ridiculously pleased that you liked my Nakatsu. Writing in a new fandom is always daunting when one of the characters has a VERY distinctive voice.

The HYD ficlet isnt spoiley in the slightest, so its safe to read whenever. :)

Ooh. Mmm. Got any phrases or lyrics or anything for the first two? Im going to let my back brain deal with the third one for a while.
I'm off to work in a little while, but I'll quickly say that the HYD fic is delightfully sweet.

You don't have to write all three prompts; I hate getting stuck with a prompt I can't write when taking requests, so I always give a choice.


Gokusen: Maybe using Shin to draw attention away from her family hadn't been such a good idea. Yankumi had forgotten how much class 3-D enjoyed gossiping.

Hana Kimi: Girls in California are *weird.* / That's right, Mizuki was raised in California!
I meant to comment on the HYD fic earlier, being the only fandom on brokemycaps so far I'm even familiar with, and now seeing as you commented on something of mine I defintiely should return the compliment!

My favourite thing about Yuki and Soujiroh in the jdrama is the complete lack of anything between them to be honest (they make me laugh!), so I was really pleasantly surprised to find how much I liked this (and the little extra bit you wrote in the comments); perhaps because it's done in a delicate kind of way, it's really lovely :)
anenko should be reposting some of her Gokusen fic soon, I hope. Im still new to jdramas, so I havent written much BUT IM SURE THAT WILL CHANGE.

especially since I currently have four different fics in various states of incompletion staring at me.

Thank you! I like the idea of Yuki/Soujiroh after HYD2. It never could've worked before then. And I like it because it would be quiet and in the background and not overwhelming. Because, for all I love Dorkface, he is wildly overwhelming. And screamingly insane.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
I hope it does change! (Has been browsing your journal too!)

Ah, incompletion is okay - at least you've begun! My problem is frequent dry-spells. Usually worrying too much about characterization.

I frequently refer to Dorkface as Bull-In-A-China-Shop myself :D

May I add you to my flist by the way?
Oh, i go through dry spells. Until jdrama sucked me in, I hadnt really written anything all year. And now? I have bizarre ideas about what Dorkface would do if he really had to live as a normal person. Or how I can make Dorkface molest Makino at the dinner table WITH NO ONE ELSE KNOWING. I have many many problems, and most of them are Japan's fault.

Bull-in-a-China-Shop is a very good, highly descriptive name.

It's too long, though. Plus, he really really is a Dorkface. He can't help it.

And please, feel free to friend. I dont always immediately refriend, because im weird, but feel free to hang around and comment and mock.
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