Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

You're So Demanding

Things Ive decided about Hana Yori Dango:

1. Domyouji has a thing about taking Makino's stuff. Partially it's because Domyouji has little concept of personal possessions (he once literally took off his shirt in public and gave it to Rui, because Rui said he really liked it) and is kinda a klepto because of it, but mainly it's because he just likes having something that is hers. He wears her scarf, he pockets a toy she's had since she was a baby, and she looked for her favorite thrift store jacket for three weeks before she saw him wearing it when he came to pick her up one day.

2. F4 were all raised by nannies, and the nannies were all friends, so they would dump the boys together. Ironically, their parents pretty much hate each other.

3. Domyouji put together his first puzzle when he was 3. He still remembers the hum of accomplishment of fitting that last piece in and seeing the whole picture.

4. Puzzles with missing pieces freak Domyouji out. Like, alot. Like, ripping apart the room and sending someone out to buy an identical copy of the puzzle so he can get those last two pieces in before he can sleep kind of freak out.

5. As a child, Domyouji Tsukasa was quick to anger, fast with his fists, and a royal pain.

This didn't exactly change as he got older.

His fashion sense has actually gotten better. Which is a whole level of frightening.

Also, literarylemming is trying to blame INNOCENT LITTLE ME for things that I had no part in! I NEVER TOLD HER THAT THERE SHOULD BE A TOMA SONG!

...ok, so I might have encouraged the idea, but she had it ALL ON HER OWN!

So, for those of you who have also had your brains eaten by Japan, The Toma Song!!

Also, I am in no way responsible for the condition of your brain after it has been exposed to Japanese entertainment. I DENY ALL RESPONSIBILITY.

...also, I desperately need more fic. Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi (WHICH IS ON SO THE GOOD CRACK), Gokusen, Summer Snow, Arashi...I NEED IT. Fics and vids and fanmixes and icons and banners and wallpapers and picspams and screencaps and pretty and music and dramas and ....*hyperventilates*
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