Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

So the Pretty

Im having a crap day. I need to see pretty.

Hana Yori Dango is currently the prettiest, so I bring you some very of the boy pretty

First off:

Domyouji Tsukasa:

Dorkface looking sad and wistful. Or possibly dreaming of who he would like to beat up next

Dorkface likes puzzles. This displeases his mother for reasons that dont get explained

My next picspam will be entitled, DORKFACE: Sadistic Bastard and WOOBIE OF THE YEAR!

He might be a Dorkface, but he's still REALLY PRETTY.

for some bizarre reason, i have no pics of him being evil. hmm.

Oh, wait!

Here he is being evil. And exposing his bizarre fashion sense.

AAAAND here he is after being punched in the face for it!


Rui really needs to be wet more often. Yum.

This picture makes my brain bleed. GUUUUH.

Oh, Rui. You have no luck with women. Which I find COMPLETELY INEXPLICABLE


I liked Suijiroh ok. Then this scene happened and Im afraid I melted into the cracks of the floor.


I have no pictures of Akira by himself. Ill add some later.


Boys! All flabbergasted because Domyouji's mom is EVIL INCARNATE.

Silly silly boys

Silly boys have a thing about apples
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