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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


I have to make a confession.

After alot of thought, soul searching, and time spent in front of the tv and my computer, I've come to a conclusion.

I dont like Supernatural.

Now, I dont DISLIKE Supernatural, and to say I dont like it is going too far. It's kinda in the land of "meh" for me.

Sure, Dean and Sam are pretty, and the more flashes of Dean's real personality (the protectiveness, the peacemaker), the more I like him. But, there's just..something. It just doesnt..call to me.

So, to be ever more accurate, Ill say this.

I only like Supernatural for the fic.



I kind of feel the same way...

I don't get the CW (stupid Waco, you have to get the extended cable for that), and it comes on at the same time as Grey's, so I always end up downloading it.

And I still have the last six episodes pre-strike sitting on my computer, waiting to be watched, and the new ones supposedly start back up in a week or so.

They're so purdy though. :3
oh, they're pretty, yes. but...some of the storylines are so silly, and Dean can be such a douche, and i realize this is coming from someone who is currently mainlining Hana Yori Dango, in which ALL storylines are silly and Dorkface is a MAJOR douche, but i cant help the feeling.

I lovelovelove the fic, though. When i can find nonWincest.
I don't even read much fic, because this fandom fails at het for the most part. And I like the show and enjoy it, but I don't know if I've ever been OMG SUPERNATURAL!
I have some het recs, if you want. I dont go for the wincest, so ive got a mix of gen, brother bonding and a good smattering of het.
Oh, yes please! The fandom is just so daunting if you're not a Wincest or J2 fan.
here's a link of recs ive made. im working on another one right now, so ill drop that link when im done. i tend to like either snippets or long plotty and weird.

some het in this bunch. you want funny hot het? start with The Day Dean Wouldn't Leave, and read that whole series.
I loved Supernatural when it first started. I have no clue how I slowly stopped watching it. Maybe the timing was wrong and something else I wanted to see was on at the same time. I'm not home most nights so I have to tape everything. lol, and there are some fandoms out there that is better left to fics then watching the stuff the writers come up with.
i didnt have the CW when it morphed into that station, or the WB for a while before that, so I never COULD watch it.

and then i borrowed my neighbor's copy of S1 for something to watch while sitting around waiting to have a baby. and then i needed something to do when the baby was eating, which was "always," so ive watched all of s1, and a couple episodes of s2. i had just started ep3 of s2 when i said, "you know what? no." and then came and posted.
lol, I've seen like one new episode and that was only because iTunes had made it a freebie that week. I was slightly confused about what was going on and what had happened at the end of the last season while watching the episode but it didn't make me want to go see the episodes I missed. Battlestar Galactica, well I missed a whole season then saw a later episode and had to go back and watch the whole season. I wished more shows would do that--have one or more episodes that make you want to go back and watch the episodes you missed.

Hmm, I might just have to see if my library has copies of Supernatural. You make me want to watch it the beginning.
I've only seen the first 10 eps, so I can't talk about the rest of them. They're cute (nummy nummy) and I thought it was a pretty cool idea. So I guess I'm in the "I like it" camp.

Fic, tho, makes everything better. So you can find a perfect niche in the fandom that calls to you when the source doesn't, and be perfectly happy with it. Makes sense to me.

In my case, this is true with BSG Season 3. I thought it was Teh Suxors and stopped watching, but the fic was awesome. Go figure.
I can forgive you the Supernatural because you still have fabulous taste in other shows.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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