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HYD: Three Hours

Fandom Implosions. Also, Send Help.

Last night, I imploded a fandom!

All by myself!

Well, sorta all by myself.

TinMan isnt the biggest fandom, really, so if I had been paying attention, i wouldnt have imploded anything. Instead, I discovered plagiarism, posted an alert to a comm i didnt realize the plagiarist belonged to, blew up a huge controversy over whether I should have posted a name, and then spent many many hours reading REALLY BAD PORN both in TinMan and Buffy fics in order to prove the plagiarism.

REALLY BAD PORN, Y'ALL. And I had to read it all twice!

I feel the need to point out - in the middle of sex, if he is "pounding his length into her, perfectly hitting her clit with every downstroke," YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. Because, um. The part that you mention? ISNT WHERE YOU THINK IT IS.

Also, somehow, through no fault of my own, except that I dont know who else I can blame it on, i have become ohsoslightly addicted to the jdrama Hana Yori Dango.


Its AWESOME, y'all. Seriously. And silly, and way over the top, and I love it so.

Help me.

Ive spent the last week and a half downloading episodes and damn my slow internet, Ive only just got through watching episode 5.

I have to say, the scene? In the rain? With the pouncehugging? and the cold and the shivering and the EEIIIIHHHH it's so pretty! and shiny! AND DID I MENTION THE PRETTY BECAUSE IT'S FAIRLY RIDICULOUS HOW MUCH IM LOVING THIS SHOW.

It scares me how many bad icons Ive seen for this show. It took me a good 2 hours to find this one icon that I didnt hate. Someone has to have good icons. SHOW ME THE GOOD ICONS.

Im so very tempted to do an intro post for this show, to make more people watch it and talk to me and flap their hands and make high pitched noises because he waited!in the rain! for three hours! AND THEN THREATENED HER LIFE COME ON IT'S AWESOME.


did i mention needing help? because, really? ive had the theme song in my head for SIX DAYS STRAIGHT.


Bad porn? I feel sorry for you. **hugs**

As for Hana Yori Dango: please post a intro for it. lol, I've seen the manga for it in the stores but I never picked it up. Where are you downloading the episodes? And do they have English subtitles/whatever? I've tempted me with the "he waited!in the rain! for three hours! AND THEN THREATENED HER LIFE COME ON IT'S AWESOME." That is soooo something I'll "flap my hands and make high pitched noises" over. lol
Bad porn! It was totally unfair!

Ooh, I will! It shouldnt even take me terribly long to do it! YAY! And yes, there are subtitles, thank goodness. Otherwise I would be completely confused...more so than usual, i mean.

And technically, i think he threatened to punch her. But, same difference! I go through jdrama, although they're also up on youtube, i think. here's the link i go through. its flocked, so you have to join first.

**headdesk** I'm going to get hook, I just know it. Do you know how evil that is?
Yes. Yes I do.

and notice how im totally not stopping you? that would be because i am EVIL.
Pure evil. I'm downloading the first episode now . . . **cries** I don't want to get hook because I know then I'll just have to go out and buy the mangas. Really don't need a reason to run to the bookstore tomorrow.
oh fandom wank...I mean, if you're going to plagiarize porn, wouldn't you look for the good stuff? Maybe I'm missing the point;) Now I'm all interested in Tin Man fic - have any recommendations on authors/fic you enjoy?
i recced some i particularly liked here. im shippy, so lkeep that in mind. i really enjoy lattelady's fic, as well.

and yes, if youre going to steal, at least steal something GOOD.
...if you're going to steal, at least steal something GOOD.

I don't know why, but that quote keeps me giggling. And it sounds like someone scolding Jayne for indiscriminate pilfering.
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