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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


Thing the One:

boxathon wants you to sign up for prompts in fandoms you've never written in before.

Which is why Ive signed up to write a Real Genius fic.


Thing the Two:

Why has no one insisted I watch Hana Yori Dango before? The jdrama, not the manga. Or the anime. Or whatever else it's been turned into. Rui is a cutie, and I kinda wanna marry him and his casual carelessness. Anybody on my flist watch? Also, Im dling eps, and ive only gotten 2 downloaded so far and its taking FOREVER because I can only download at home, where the internets, they are SLOOOOOW. and all the uploads are on mediafire. i would really really love if someone could hook me up with a private server or eps on disc.


i love you?

Thing the Three:

27 Dresses is HILARIOUS and Im more than a little in love with James Marsden* lately. First Hairspray, then Enchanted, and now this. YAY. I need icons. of the whole movie, not just the pretty of James Marsden. Please to share?

Thing the Four, which is vaguely related to previous thing:

Seeing as Ive been wildly in love with Dr Simon Tam lately, I need fic recs and Im in desperate need of icons. ICONS. ICONS OF SIMON. Please to be sharing where I might find some. Yes, muchly thanks.

Thing the Five:

Ive gained back the five pounds I lost - not a few weeks ago, when we had cookies in the house and I was chowing down - but now, when all Ive had for snacking purposes is popcorn. Gah.

Thing the Six:

Live Mocha rocks my French socks off. And as soon as it teaches me how to say that IN FRENCH, I totally will. It's a great review at the moment, but we havent gotten to anything I havent learned before. It said I could start in French 201, but I chickened out and am going through French 102 first. YAY. I am alianora over there, if anybody wants to come find me and strike up a chat in my poor flaily French.

*Number of times James Marden was mistyped as James Marsters: 4


ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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