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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh


Dear Babysitter-of-the-week,

I realize we have had some communication mishaps! Perhaps we should go and examine each misunderstanding!

For example, when I said, The baby can have one container of babyfood a day, and some of these neat finger food crackers with a baby on the front of the package,

I did NOT mean, Please stuff my baby full of this yummy allergen-risky peanut butter!

And, when I said, You can't take the baby to your house,

or even, The baby needs to stay here,

or EVEN I understand that you took him to your house today, thank you for telling me. Please don't take him, again.

I did NOT, in fact, mean, Please take my child out into the cold weather OF ALASKA in god-knows-what clothes for god-knows-how-long to get to YOUR HOUSE, where my husband and I have never even seen.

I understand your confusion! These things could happen to anybody!

I mean, after all, I know you know that it's not ok to let OTHER PEOPLE'S KIDS into our house "to play" or "to visit" before school starts after we've left! I mean, WHO WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?

But, there is ONE MORE TINY misunderstanding we need to clear up.

When we welcomed you into our house to babysit, and told you Feel free to use the television. Here are all of our movies. Adjust the temperature to your comfort level!,

at no point EVER did I mean OR say, Feel free to use my computer.

Nor did I say, Be sure to let the child rip off some of the keys! He LOVES that game!,

and I FOR DAMN SURE never said, After the child has ripped off the keys, be sure and close the keyboard and pretend it never happened! Don't feel the need to tell me!

Because there is NOTHING I like more than coming home, opening my laptop and noticing that FIVE KEYS HAVE SPONTANEOUSLY DISAPPEARED.

Now, we've got those silly little misunderstandings taken care of! Let's go over one more thing, ok?

When I say, We're going to hire our old babysitter back,

I mean, The girl who stays with an abusive jackass at least knows how to follow our rules and respect our stuff.

Is that clear enough? I can draw you a picture, if that will help.

Please, let me know. By which I mean, WHAT THE FUCK, LADY.



Breath sweetie - the baby's ok & your old babysitter's avaiable so it will be ok !!
Oh, Im breathing. FIRE.

and honestly, we dont know what to do at the moment. our old babysitter is willing to come back, but we're not completely sure we want her to. We helped her leave in the first place.
I used to run own a daycare center in Cali & I always told parents to go w/their "gut" feelings. Can you take a few days off work to find a new babysitter?
Unfortunately, no. With our babysitter bingo that has already occurred - we've been through 3. 2 of which were fabulous but 1 was abused and fled, and 1 who took a permanent job at the native store. Anyway, we are both very very out of sick days, and I cant pull from the sick bank again so soon after my kidney stone encounter.

It just sucks. And the problem isnt the number of people available to sit - its that we dont trust many of them. We know their kids, see. And I cant hire someone to watch my kid when I know their kid has come to school everyday for two weeks in the exact same clothes - and they havent been cleaned.

We'll figure something out, but I might pull out all my hair and have some sort of meltdown first.
Will ad you & your family to our prayers.

However, I just saw your icon, and it made me snicker muchly. *kisses*
Shit. That is not even a little bit okay. Man, I would be seeing red and ripping out hair. I am actually fuming right this minute sitting in my chair, childless and in New York, on your behalf.

Edited at 2008-03-26 02:00 am (UTC)
Im just so beyond pissed. We found out about her taking kiddo to her house on Friday. We found out about all the rest today.

Im just...gn.zsdkjfjg. Who the hell goes into SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE and messes with their stuff? And their KID? We're PAYING her to stay here and take care of our kid. the rules AINT THAT TOUGH.

Thank you for the anger. Please keep your hair in your head.
oh, i know, but dumb me persists in thinking that most people have a basic concept of "things we dont do to other people's stuff or kids."


thank you.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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