Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Firefly Ficlets

I have three ficlets, all written while wildly irritated and cranky and likely to bite.

Read at your own risk.

Prompt: Snow

Gorram snow. The stuff was everywhere. In his boots. In his socks.
Down the neck of his jacket.

Jayne stood shivering for a second, trying to examine the disappearing
tracks on the ground. A couple of hun dans had grabbed Kaylee, and
with Mal and Zoe laid up in the infirmary with some weird infection,
it was up to him to get her back.

He muttered a few swears under his breath, trying to see in the
blowing snow. All he got for his trouble was an eyeful of wet.

Why the stupid crazy girl couldn't help him, he didn't know, but she
was curled up under the pilot's seat, whimpering and saying something
about pretty maids all in a row being planted in the ground.

He wasn't entirely sure what she meant, but it made the hair on the
back of his neck stand up just to hear it.

He was running outta time. His hands were so cold, he was having
trouble feeling them.

He had always kinda wanted to be Kaylee's hero. Just once, maybe.
Busting in, grabbing her outta the bad guys' hands, sweeping her off
of feet, or whatever that nonsense is.

He couldn't feel the gun in his hand anymore. And the tracks were covered.

Sorry, little Kaylee. Sorry.

Prompt: Wedding

Inara Serra stood calmly at the front of the church, one arm held
firmly by a grinning Atherton Wing.

Buried behind the church, she knew, was a cheap coffin.

Mal, she thought fleetingly, was an idiot. You can't come at people
like Atherton with a gun drawn and a ready quip and expect to be
allowed to live. Especially not if it's done in front of other

She fixed a smile to her face as the preacher stepped forward to begin
the ceremony.

It was a pity, she reflected as she turned to face Atherton, one hand
slipping up to pat at her immaculate hair. He really should've
checked that everyone on Serenity was dead, too. She touched her new
husband's hand lovingly, and pressed her lips to his.

He didn't even feel the prick of the needle in his palm.

Sheperd Book smiled benignly down at the couple as they turned to walk
back down the aisle.

It had been a lovely wedding. It was too bad that the new Mrs. Wing
was so soon to be a widow.

Prompt: Simon and Zoe

Simon stepped back, the syringe held loosely in his hand.

Zoe lay before him, unconscious. In a coma. That he had put her in.

Mal paced outside the door to the infirmary. Wash's quiet words to
his wife barely stirred the still air around her.

Simon felt a brief stab of regret. It was too late now. No going back.

River's face pressed up against the door, her eyes wide and all
seeing. She shook her head and mouthed something.

He couldn't hear her, but he could feel the words.

We're going to have to resort to cannibalism.

He shivered, as behind him, the beeping stopped.
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