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TYR: Ike Laughs

Stuffs Sense

REMINDER: Those of you who are playing the in Slacker's Remix A Lot challange, I hope you're all writing! Ive got multiple ones to do, and have done a fake one (but I remixed a remix of one of my own fics, which doesnt count as a remix), and have another one half done. Id love to read more, so get on it peoples! *grin*

In other news, I want more Simon/Inara fic. And Jayne/Inara fic. I cannot fully explain either of these - except that there is something very elegant and refined and quiet about Simon/Inara, whereas there is something very intriguing and hot and tawdry about Jayne/Inara.

Except...rinalin and i were talking about her fic The Chosen, which is Jayne/Inara, and NOT in a tawdry way, and I was wondering if there are fics that have long term Jayne/Inara relationships. Have you read any? Do they exist? CAN they exist?

As the characters stand right now, there would have to be some significant changes in order for me to see anything long term between those two, and yet...Im wildly intrigued.

Anybody know of anything?

And Simon/Inara. Please to rec. Or write. Please?

In other news, the village continues to get more insane (aberdeen, guess who just called me to see if we needed her to come back to babysitting, as she is BACK IN THE VILLAGE WITH HER BOYFRIEND?). I think we're done, now.


I agree, i think that J/I can go the distance, even as they are. But, I think Inara would need a MAJOR sea change to see Jayne as he is. And not as how he presents himself. If that makes some vague form of sense.

im a member of , as well as civilized_rules, which is Inara/Simon. But, they're rarely updated, or werent, so I let them fall of my flist when I had to cut it down a while ago.

I think Ive read part of your fic before. Will give it a read!

And you actually know where I live? DUDE, that's amazing! No one knows where i live!
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