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Remix-a-thon, The Mini Edition

YAY for those of you who are playing with me. Signups are here if anyone else wants to play.

If you want to remix something of mine, go for it, all of my fic is at SilverFic. Previous remixes are off limits, as is anything written WITH someone else. The Deliberate Lies series, specifically, is off limits EXCEPT to people who wrote for the series in the first place.

If you want to remix anyone else, please ask them in the comments of the sign up post.

Be patient with me, as I currently have many remixes to write, so mine will be slow going, but Ill go as quick as I can.

Please post a comment here with a link to your completed remix and Ill add it to the master list here!

Thanks for playing!

aliaspiral wrote:
-Abort Once Around (Out of Orbit Remix) - Firefly (PG13) - Original fic by rinalin

-Smolder (Come On Baby, Light My Fire Remix) - Firefly (PG) - Original fic by rinalin

eustacia_vye28 wrote:
-Birth (Live from Hell) - Constantine (PG) - Original fic by aliaspiral

-Moon Girl (Myth Taker's Remix) - Firefly (PG) - Original fic by meinterrupted

-Stages of Grief (Shining in the Sun Remix) - Firefly (PG) - Original fic by bugchicklv

-The Sweetest Flowers (Icicle Remix) - Xmen (PG13) - Original fic by storydivagirl

-Girl (Bluebell Remix) - Xmen (PG) - Original fic by greenowl

rinalin wrote:
-Need (A Hundred Times More Remix) - Firefly (R) - Original fic by aliaspiral

greenowl wrote:
-Binding Agreements (The "She Said" Remix) - Original fic by aliaspiral

storydivagirl wrote:

bugchicklv wrote:

magelette wrote:

meinterrupted wrote:
-Deep in Your Shadows (The Truth and the Lie Remix) - Original Fic by aliaspiral


I completed another one!

Moon Girl (Myth Taker's Remix) at my journal.

I'm waiting to hear back from storydivagirl, but I have the stories for her and bugchicklv already picked out to mix.

why yes, this is cracky. it's also the only thing keeping me awake right now...
um... yeah. I wasn't kidding about the crack keeping me awake, apparently.

I have another remix to add to the master list. :)

I think they're going fast because they're kinda short and not massive monstrosities of novel-length fics. :D
New remix and brand new fandom for me to play with!

The Sweetest Flowers (Icicle Remix)

I've got one more promised remix to go, IIRC.
you are a MACHINE lately, girl! Its amazing!

also, just so you know, literarylemming JUST signed up for the slackers remixathon. You should totally remix something of hers...
hee. I told you that you were a muse. :D That, and I find that remixes are easy starts since the plot's already there. Kinda like how fanfic's easier than original fic? (Tho of course that means my muse decided to dump an original fic idea into my brain at 3 am this morning, the first one in years. ::rollseyes::)

I am SO going to sign up for one of hers. :D
May I just say that you are an absolutely fantastic writer and I have recommended all of your work to others as excellent examples of fan fiction?

Here's my contribution: Binding Agreements (The "She Said" Remix).

A huge fan,

Green Owl
Another story, yay!

Deep in your Shadows (The Truth and the Lie Remix)
X-Men, 600 words, a remix of your "Deep in your Shadows"
*signs up*
Wrong post!

but, welcome aboard, anyway! Everything of mine (with a couple exceptions) is open to remixing. Anyone else, please ask permission by commenting to their original sign up in the other post.
sorry it took me so long! But because of work wank, I could only work on this in dribs and drabs.

Girl (Bluebell Remix)

Yay! Finally got this added to the list. and added one of my own, too. YAY REMIXY GOODNESS!

I have one more promised fic to mix, so we'll see how long it takes me. I plan on making it particularly smutty, tho. :D
I have not forgotten this! I have a fic coming!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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