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My Face is Very Sad

Somehow I missed the signups for remixredux. *cry* Im assuming it most likely was announced while I was puking from pain and taking as many drugs as possible. Yay, kidneys.

So, i will not be playing, but i still want to.

Who wants to have a tiny remix-a-thon with me?

...this might work better if i had written anything in oh..months. *sigh*


I'll do it with you, if you want. I was dying of pneumonia, so I wasn't online the entire time of sign-ups either.
Yay! *hop* I know I have your web site somewheres or another, but remind me where it is, please?

And all of my fics are either under my various tags, or at SilverFic. Nothing is off limits, except for the ones that were written AS remixes in the past.

Word limit, im not concerned about. YAY FOR REMIX!!
OOH! Me! I won't be able to do it for a few days (Tuesday-ish) but I'd like to try. I *DID* sign up for the remix/redux and this would be a perfect opportunity for me to take advantage of your skills, a test-drive so-to-speak.

If I can do something with a wonderful writer's work, I'm bound to figure something out for what I was assigned. *sigh*
YAY! *hop* Feel free to grab anything from my tags or pretty much everything is archived (i think..i need to doublecheck) at SilverFic.

The only things off limits are things I wrote for remix, and the Deliberate Lies series.

Where can i find all your stuff, just to make sure i can go through everything and pick and choose. :)

Thank you for playing with me!


I will! And don't worry about the not writing fic for months. The last fic I wrote was, oh, for Pirates 3...
I will! And don't worry about the not writing fic for months. The last fic I wrote was, oh, for Pirates 3...
YAY. and you have an excuse, you wrote a BOOK. and its getting PUBLISHED. and im all jealous and stuff.

Where is most of your fic? Im updating SilverFic at the moment, but most stuff is there. Grab anything except for stuff i remixed. :)
I only wanted to remix fics for people I know. Such as you.


I am officially moved now. New house. Bigger bedroom. Smaller house all told. The cats freaked out in the car. There was peeing and pooping and all kinds of unpleasantness.

And also? I hurt.

*misses you*

Want to play then? Its up to you!

...you moved? already? when did you find a place? do you have a roommate, or are you on your own?

and ew about the cats. my cats freak out too, and this summer with them on the plane will NOT be fun.
I missed the sign-ups too. *sadface* All my stuff is on my website or tagged under "fic" on my journal. Everything is up for grabs, except fic written as a remix, as per the regular rules. ^_^
YAY! All my stuff is at SilverFic, except for what Im updating right now. Only things written for remix are off limits. Everything else is free for grabbing.
I missed it, too. work and getting new crack at home, not puking or anything.

but i'll totally remix something with you. I've been wanting to write SOMETHING, but my muse isn't cooperating at all.
okay. I didn't have an intake this morning, so I didn't even wait for your reply.


So, uh... what are your posting rules? ;)
I'm interested in playing. Almost everything of mine can be found here: Photuris.

Anyone may do a remix of any of my fic and an interpretation of any of my icons as fic. All I ask is that you be sure to post it to Copper For A Kiss so I may read it.

Muchas gracias!

Green Owl
I wanna, I wanna! *bouncing!* Just tell me what to do, precious, and do it I shall!
1! I am absolutely positive you have both mine and rinny's permission to remix anything you want!

2! if you wish to remix anybody else, ask them in their comments here - just "hey, can i play, too?" works

3! remix! party! groove!

4! post! drop a link in the comments of this post

5! Enjoy the people falling all over themselves to tell you how fabulous you are!
OMG *is addicted to remixes after her first time with remixredux* PLEAAAASE?!!
Hop on and welcome aboard! Anything I wrote is fair game and everything can be found at SilverFic. The only things that are off limits are things written with other people, and things written for previous remixes.

If you want to remix for anybody besides me, feel free to drop a comment to their comments in this same post. :)

Post and comment to THIS POST.

Have fun!
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