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HP: Hufflepuff

LJ What?

One of my current favorite toys is the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox. I dont understand it in the slightest, but you can get a whole bunch of scripts for Greasemonkey that makes Firefox do entertaining things.

like ljwho.

ljwho is a script that puts this neat little icon beside everybody's username anywhere it shows up on lj. its designed so that you can input something other than their lj name - like, say, i could never remember who rinalin actually is..if i did it right, i could click on the icon beside her user name when my brain wasnt working, and "Rinny" or "Rin" or "my beloved Rinnypants McFabulous" would pop up. I can input any little name that helps me remember.

However, i DO know who rinalin is, as well as the majority of the people on my flist straight, so ive been using to to figure out if i should click on fandom and community things.

Based on the user.

Right now? If you look at the comm posts of my flist and randomly click on some of those icons, you might see "Don't bother," "it's like PLAGUE OF WORDS," and "dear god, are you kidding me?"

Am i going to hell?


OMG I want that.

*runs to search*
If i had any idea where to find it, i would give a link.

but its fun! *changes your pop up name to "my bitch"*
I found it:


Gonna install it and then add the script for lj how now.

*uses appropriate icon*
hee! isnt it fun?
If you're going to hell, I'll be in the handbasket next to you. :)
lol. I find it makes things much easier, if im sitting there debating "should i click this cut/link to this fic?" chances are, the answer is DONT BOTHER.
*hugs you*

Your beloved Rinnypants McFabulous
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