Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

The Life and Times of Bad TV

It is ridiculous how excited I am about the new Knight Rider. Really.

American Gladiators redux was a brilliant move on the parts of the PTB of tv. Big!Scary!People! in goofy outfits who just want to gleefully grind you into powder underneath their spandexed feet vs skinny!little!people! who think they're all that.

Who wins?

If Im watching, Im cheering for the big!scary!people! in spandex.

I think Wolf might be some sort of weird combo of XMen's Sabertooth* and Zaphod Beeblebrox. I think I might be in love with him.

There is also HELGA, who, appropriately, is the size of a tree and wears braids and a flirty skirt. My brain insists on giving her a cute accent.

Justice wants to eat the competitors. I mean, all of the gladiators enjoy the mayhem and smackdowns, but in this one episode, Justice has bloodied one guy's nose and very nearly crushed a guy in a different event and he just seems like he wants to grind you into paste and then use you as a nice spread on his crackers. He would scare me, only Im not sure someone with that much ab definition can really exist.

I also kinda want fic about the gladiators, and i fear for my sanity. and my braincells. Help?

*things my brain went through trying to remember his name:
Wolverine fights..Skeletor? Wolverine vs Skaterboy?

Also! immense thanks for those of you who played along at home and helped Amber Benson in her travels through cyberspace. Ill add a list of links to that post later. And please, if you didnt pass the pic along, feel free! Just drop me a line so I can find it.

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