Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

Stuff I Want

So. Im sitting here, working my butt off on stupid stupid boring work things that i DONT CARE ABOUT AT ALL DANGIT, and instead, im thinking of fic i want and fic i want to write.

To write:
1. The Simon and River join the circus named Serenity. This is NOT the original Flying Tams bunny, but im going to write it anyway.
2. The one where Amber Von Tussle marches. This whole idea just makes me laugh.
3. The one where Cain pushes DG on the swings - and possibly, the one where she snorts with laughter when the council says something about princes wanting a virgin.

To read:
1. SPN AUs where Sam and Dean grow up separately, or one died, or weren't raised by John or as hunters or whatever. not wincesty.
2. Hairspray AU's where Tracy didnt go to the hop, didnt get on the show, whatever - and STILL ends up with Link. Or just rocking out. That's ok too.
3. Tinman - anything that is awesome.

anybody got any recs for me? *pines* i want fic!

crap! im late! i gotta go pick up my kid!

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