Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

2007 Fandom Round Up

Fandoms: 12
Stories: 12
Drabbles/ficlets: 18

Fix (Power Corrupts Remix) - Dawn Summers (Hard R)

So Doing It - unknown (PG)
A Very Bonsai Christmas - Casey (PG)
Vocabulary Lessons - Ellie/Awesome (NC17)

Diane Duane - Young Wizards
Fairest and Fallen - Nita, The Lone Power (PG)

Earth 2:
Savior - Devon Adair (PG)

Not Exactly Subtle, or, Blindingly Obvious Jayne, River (PG13)
Binding Agreements - Sequel/Prequel to Blindingly Obvious - Jayne, River (PG13)
Pinball - Fun and Games 5/10 (PG13)
Tug of War - Fun and Games 6/10 (PG13)
Nu Shu (Woman's Writing) - Simon Tam (PG)
Possibilities - Crew (PG13)
Ten and One - River (PG)
A Hundred Times More - Jayne (R)
Rivers and Oceans - River (PG)
When Appropriate - Jayne (PG)
With Bells On Jayne/River (NC17)
Underneath - Jayne/River (NC17)

Gilmore Girls:
Never Lie Down - Rory, Lorelai (PG13)

Shirts and Sandwiches - Link Larkin (PG)
Beribboned and Bold - Link/Tracy (R)

Fabulous - Edna (PG)

Not a Stranger - Rebecca Locke, Danny Love (PG)
Undercover - Team (PG)
Inspiring - Danny, Mel (PG)
Wink - Rebecca, Danny (PG)
Control - Rebecca (R)

Fierce and Free - Oona (PG)

Sugar and Spice - Glitch (G)

Young Riders:
Mute - Buck/Ike, PG13

My Favorite Story of This Year:
Not Exactly Subtle, or, Blindingly Obvious. It's fun, it's silly, it's..completely implausible, but I like it. it made me giggle and giggle while writing it, therefore its my happy place.

My Best Story This Year:

Possibilities. Its crew fic, and its just..I dont know. There is something about it that really works for me.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

A Hundred Times More. I love this story and how it turned out. I love the idea behind it. The reaction from the flist was underwhelming. Oh well!

Most Fun Story:

Fabulous. Hands down.

Most Sexy Story:

With Bells On. Yum.

Hardest Story to Write:

Vocabulary Lessons. I kept putting it off and putting it off, because i couldnt figure out how to start the darn thing.

"Holy Crap, That's Wrong even for You!" Fic:

Sugar and Spice. HEEE!

What's Next?:
WINGTIP, by all that's holy. Im very disappointed that it didnt get finished this year, although the remaining five parts are plotted out and are sketchily written. They just need some major fleshing out. And then I really want to meta about Birdy, and tell everyone how she came to be.

Im also hoping to write more in Hairspray and Tin Man, as Im having tons of fun reading the fic there. Also, I have my fingers crossed that the Sarah Conner Chronicles will be AWESOME and sweep me away in fannish joy.
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