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Have I mentioned how amusing it is to me to be sitting here on the other side of the yuletide panic relaxing with my drink*?

Flailing is going on in my flist, and normally, id be right there with you. instead, im sitting here calmly avoiding anything that looks like it might help me finish my IEPs and sneakily reading TinMan fanfiction at work.

Does anyone else belong to the yuletide pinch hitters list - not only to see if there is anything that you can offer, but also to make sure that your own request doesnt end up there?

...just me?

*there are so many things wrong with the last part of this statement that its just funny. like, i dont have a drink, im too busy desperately trying to finish all my work paperwork before Friday. also, there is no (legal) alcohol in the village, and im not nearly crazy enough to try bucket brew


As someone also standing on the side of that "ha ha, I'm done" deadline, yes, I am. And yes, I do. *g*

Though I'm not drinking either, simply because the only alcohol we have is our Don Pedro cooking wine (aka 5 buck chuck) that Tim's turned into "Dom Pedroingon" with a sharpie.

Sharpie's fix the whole world's problems. im convinced of this.
And duct tape. Duct tape makes the world go round.
you know, i wanted to see Tin Man but somehow missed it. I suspect I may have been on call, since it's a sucky schedule this month. How was it? I'm guessing good, since you want fic. lol.

any other place this movie might be so i could see it, too?
Oh, its ubercheese, really. and there are parts of it that left me going WTFOMG? like, the fact that the witch has monkey bats that fly OUT OF HER BOOBS.

but there is CAIN, the tin man himself. he's so pretty. and he has a hat! and Glitch the scarecrow is made of awesome. and DG is just fun - independent and headstrong and completely unprepared to deal with the O.Z. its fabulous in its cheese, you know?

all three parts are replaying on SCI FI on Dec 24!
AWESOME! Because I'm only working in the morning that day, and I will have the Hubby watch it with me. i loves me my fractured fairy tales, and he indulges me so. :)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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