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BABY: Mine

*throws confetti*



its a new record for me! usually, for yuletide, im uploading mine at the very last minute on the very last day!


*dances wildly*

now! who wants to write me porn? who wants me to write porn for YOU? comment, leave me a fandom, couple, prompt...something to spark my brain into working..and i will see what i can do in a paragraph or so. just for you!


Yea! I'm still waiting to get mine back from my beta. :-)

Let's see... Firefly, Jayne/River, mistletoe
Chuck, Ellie/Captain Awesome


If you still need a prompt, Ellie beats CA at miniature golf
YAY for finished fic!

um... Link and Tracy and Christmas ribbon?

(are you giving promts as well?)
i would LOVE to give prompts.

Link/Tracy - backseat
I conveniently forgot how insanely nervous I get about posting smut...

She was seated across his lap in the backseat of the car, her side pressed against his chest. His mouth was ravenous against her throat as his hands grew more and more daring beneath her clothing. Tracy panted softly as Link slipped his finger inside of her, swallowing convulsively as he slid the long slender digit out, and then in again. His lips were warm against her neck, eyes closed in concentration as his other hand – tucked inside her blouse – caressed her breast, pinching her nipple gently. Her position against his chest left her helpless to do much in retribution and she gasped, shivering as his thumb brushed against her clit. His hips lifted insistently against her bottom as the stroking of his fingers grew more demanding, and Tracy grasped whatever part of him she could take hold of as the sensation building inside her pulled her under. Link whispered in her ear, urging her on as she came; her entire body trembling in his arms as the entire world outside of him shattered around her.

His hips lifted insistently against her bottom as the stroking of his fingers grew more demanding,

nnnngh. the mentals! the mentals! the HOT OMG! *dies*
Tracy couldn't stop watching him - all long legged and tall, lips pursed in concentration of where he should put the next ornament. He had come over to see Tracy, and had gotten roped into helping decorate the Turnblad Christmas tree.

The top few buttons on his shirt had come undone, giving her little peeks of his pale chest.

Her parents had stepped out a minute ago, her father to see to a sale, her mother to run a few errands. She didnt have much time to waste.

Mouth dry and hands shaking, she stepped up behind Link.

"What do you think," he said, gesturing with an beribboned ornament. "Over here?"

"I don't care about the tree, Link." She stepped closer as he turned to face her, his face curious.

His eyes widened when she ran her hands up his thighs to the waist of his pants. She tilted her head back to look up at him, a hint of a smile on her lips. "We've never been alone long enough to really get into any trouble." Her smile went naughty. "My father will forget all about coming back up here once he starts to play with his toys, and I think we should take advantage of that."

"What.." He cleared his throat as his voice unexpectedly squeaked. "Here? Now? In your living room?" His voice might be a little panicked, but his arms were already wrapped around her and his blue blue eyes were scanning the apartment for a good place to set up operations.

She tugged his mouth down to hers, shock still making his reactions a little delayed. "Plenty we can do without taking off our clothes completely. We'll hear someone before they come up." Her busy little hands were already working on unbuttoning his shirt further.

Link grabbed her hands in his, staring down at her with amazement. "You know," he said conversationally as he steered them towards a chair. "I was worried that you might think I was too fast for you." The last word came out slightly strangled as Tracy dipped her fingers beneath the waistband of his pinstriped pants.

She giggled at his reaction. "We'll go slower next time," she promised. "But I've been wondering what you look like without a shirt for three long years, ever since you got your sleeve caught on the edge of Corny's podium that time and spent the rest of the show in your undershirt."

Link sank into the chair, eyes glued to the skin being revealed as Tracy unbuttoned her own blouse, his hands going up to trace the edge of her bra. "Yeah," he said dazedly. "That was my first month on the show." He leaned forward as she reached the last button and swept his tongue over her soft belly, hands sinking into her hips and sliding around to cup her backside. He pulled her closer, squeezing tightly. "God," he stuttered, tearing his eyes from her cleavage to look up into her face "I've been wanting this," he slipped his hands up her skirt to caress her behind with both hands, "Since I saw you shaking it in detention." He pulled her tighter to him, bare chest rubbing against her belly. "God, you're beautiful."

She pressed a hurried kiss to his mouth as he started working his hands underneath her panties. He traced his tongue over the edge of her breasts, ears alert for any sound of approaching parents. He shifted in the chair, pushing her skirt up high enough that he could reposition her til she was straddling his thighs.

"I'll squish you," she panted, one hand anchoring itself in the back of his perfect hair, the other pushing her bra strap down to give him better access.

Link let out a low growl when he saw her nipple revealed. "Just sit on my thighs, not my knees," he instructed. "I can handle it. And I want you as close as I can get you." He pulled her down onto his lap, angling his hips up as she slid down.

"Oh!" Her eyes widened.

He was breathing heavily. The one curl on his face was starting to lose its shape. And he was staring, blue eyes hungry, fixed right on her, Tracy Turnblad.

Her panties were barely covering anything, his hands were squeezing and caressing her backside, and parts of her she never thought to name were pressed up at against something pulsing and hard in Link's pants.

She could die happy, right now.

Instead, she pulled his head back down to her breasts and rocked her hips forward.

Oh yes! ... that's about as coherent as I can get after that! *squee*
Oh, there was so much goodness. I love bold Tracy! and this line really stod out, I loved it:

but his arms were already wrapped around her and his blue blue eyes were scanning the apartment for a good place to set up operations.

I feel better after giving some proper feedback. :p
*grins* My Tracy is TOTALLY bold!Tracy. Always.

im so glad you liked it! ill do a round up when im done with all of these and put it in a proper post.

and thanks so much for the feedback!
Firefly, Jayne/River, With Bells On :)
His eyes were closed, his teeth were clenched, and his every muscle was straining to keep from jerking himself free.

"Bad Jayne," her little girl voice whispered, light touches dancing over his inner thighs, tracing around his cock but never quite landing. "You lose the game if you move."

His breath hissed out between his teeth, and he tightened his hands into achingly empty fists as she giggled into his ear, tugging the straps around his wrists tighter.

"Don't let the bells ring," she sang, tracing her little kitten tongue over one of his ears as she sank down onto him - so hot and wet that his eyes rolled back in his head.

"Nnngh," he moaned, eyes slitting open to watch her mouth open in a wordless moan. "So mean to me, pretty girl." He leaned an inch forward to trace his tongue up her neck. His low voice was a growl against her hot skin. "Not letting me touch, not letting me move, making me sit here and watch you fuck yourself on my cock.." He breathed out, teeth closing over the tendon standing out on her neck. "Let me fuck you," he whispered, face pressed into her neck. "Let me taste you."

She laughed, tightening around him with the movement. "Silly Jayne," she sang, rocking up against him and running her nails down his tense arms. She captured his face in her small hands and crooned, "Still, still, be still, and you'll find out how nice your River can be."

He moaned at the look in her eyes, and the tiny bells attached to his wrists chimed softly.

this is so very naughty and hot and i love it!
*naughty smile* why, thank you!
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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