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BUFFY: Ozborne

Porn for Everyone

Porn Paragraph-a-thon - any fandom, any pairing, anything. GO. make a request, write something. anything. the world needs more porn. if you just want to read, there's a master list/round up here. its going on all weekend, and it promises to be uber hot and yummy.

i have yet to contribute. as yuletide is sucking away my will to live.

I have passed the minimum wordcount for yuletide. now if i can just rewrite a whole bunch of paragraphs so my transitions make sense, i might one day be finished. maybe. hopefully.

and im tired and cranky and i KINDA HATE EVERYTHING EVER.


*goes to read more porn*


What they need is a master list of Promts because looking through them all when most of them are like "meh" to me is just way too time consuming...

Sorry you are cranky... Would you like me to post fic? I was going to wait till tomorrow...
(and it's not porn)
yeah, the prompts are way out of control. ive got the whole thing tagged, and if people are using the subject lines, then ive got a chance of knowing whether i need to bother reading it.

i should request some Link/Tracy porn. yes. although, im not sure anyone over there would WRITE it.

and yes, of COURSE you should post fic. you should ALWAYS post fic!

(ps. post more porn)
Yes, I went to look, but I was like... no way am I looking at these... especially since there are only certain peeps I'm gonna porn. :p

*posts* with flattery how can I not...

(re:ps. I would like to but at the moment it is all just sitting there temporarily stuck. )
perhaps we should have our own pornathon going on, then. that way we get our preferred fandoms and pairings, and dont get lost in that huge mess of stuff.

id even try to write Zoe/Wash, just for you.

PS. would you like help unsticking?
We could... might be fun. Although I'm too tired to do anything at the moment.

And how sweet of you, gosh I haven't read any Wash/Zoe for awhile...

re:ps. It's really less being stuck and just having so many things in the works... I have so many Hairspray fics started, and at the moment I want to getting the Christmas one done.
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