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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

TINMAN FICLET: Sugar and Spice

Someone broke The Pit of Voles. I cannot access fanfic. I NEED FANFIC, DAMN YOU. GIVE IT BACK. Fess up, whoever you are, and I might let you off with just a warning. Or perhaps a big shiny medal.

I loathe fanfiction.net, but sometimes one must sully themselves for their needs. Like rereading the entire SG1 series, Good Morning, Campers! ...or possibly reading absolutely everything Tin Man written so far.

Speaking of Tin Man, sexyspork wrote apocafic! And We All Fall Down. ZOMBIES OMG.

...and then? bad things happened, and I think I got a hold of the bad crack, because the next thing that came to mind was various ways to reintroduce Glitch's brain back into his head.


I remain blameless for this, you know. Im not sure whose fault it is, BUT IT IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT MINE.


Glitch was beaming happily at his companions, although their expressions were rather more..varied.

"Are you sure this is the way to do it, Glitch?" DG asked, her eyebrows raised in disbelief. "It seems a little..barbaric."

"Oh yes," Glitch burbled. "Both my brain and I agree, it must go in somehow!"

DG shot a questioning look at Raw, who was sitting with his chin propped up on his paw, watching in fascination.

He shrugged at her look, furry shoulders raising comically up to his ears. "Both parts say," he explained vaguely. "To be brought together, one must be inside the other."

"Yeah," said Cain. "I get that part. It's the how that's tripping me up."

"Uh huh," agreed DG, eyes still on Glitch.

Glitch smiled cheerfully, raised his glass and said, "To me! To being reunited!"

The others raised their glasses dutifully.

Glitch stuffed a brightly colored napkin into the neck of his shirt, and carefully began carving the brain sitting in the center of the table. "This is going to be great!"




Oh. My. God.

*dies laughing* Only Glitch, I swear.
I dont know! it went from OMG ZOMBIES! to BRAAAAINS to GLITCH'S BRAIN OMG and you can just see how this got bad quickly, right?



And that train of thought is remarkably easy to follow. *grins*
Wth? Why was I logged out?
*headdesk* Gliiiitch...!!

That was horrible, and it made me laugh. Go you!
*snerk* I love making people laugh when im horrible! thanks!
You have said what I need to say. My brain is broken and should be removed forthwith.
*removes brain*

*presents it to you on a serving platter*

Shall I carve?

*beams innocently*
Wow... This was just the laugh I needed while I wait for people to feedback my latest fic. That is F**ked up. Like seriously.
why thank you! i love writing fucked up things! *beams*


A winnar is you! No really. I think my brain just broke from LOLing. You deserve a brain cookie, my friend. x]
a winner is me? YAY! and i love brain cookies! thanks!
AHAHAHA, and it works! So perfectly! Kudos!
*beams* it DOES seem remarkably Glitch-like, doesnt it? Thanks!
Should I make the lame joke? Oh heck, why not?


LOL, this was too cute! I loved this miniseries, cheesiness and all. :)
oh man, there is LOTS of cheese in this mini, but i love it so! and CAIN and his HAT and DG all together are so very fun and pretty!

and yes..more or less. he is.
thanks! i had much fun giggling to myself over it.
im laughing at the absurdity of it all

"me and my brain agree"

freakin hilariousl
thanks! absurdity is a fabulous thing!
oh. My. goh. I think I woke up my entire apartment laughing. Seriously, that was awesome!

Yeah I'm peeved about fanfiction.net too! I want to post a chapter gosh darnet!
hee! im glad you liked it! thanks for reading!

Holy Crap....

hey, it would've occurred to SOMEBODY sooner or later. might as well be me!

Well, I laughed. :D *thumbs up*
As soon as I read 'zombie fic' and 'Glitch's brain', my mind went, "She's not gonna...is she?"

And you did.

And it was awesome. I think my favorite part is how nobody's trying to stop him or anything. Just watching. Which, in truth, would probably be my own reaction.
oh, but of COURSE i am! because i can! and its fun! And there were ZOMBIES, what exactly was i supposed to do?

and thank you! i had much fun!
awwh man that is too funny. only glitch and hannibal lector
Well, in his defense, Ambrose agrees that it will work...maybe.

I finally watched Tin Man! Tho I missed bits of part 3 given Family Stuff. Yay for a disc, since that means I can play it again. :)

Dunno about fic ideas yet, because what is this thing called time?? I should've asked for some of that for Christmas. ;)
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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