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MOVIE: Weighed and Measured

And So On and So On (I Remember You)

My subject titles are getting progressively more obscure. Oh well.

Thing the One: Why is no one of my flist discussing Tin Man? Why have I seen NO ONE mention it? SOMEONE TALK TO ME DAMMIT. Things like: Why Glitch is friggin' awesome. Or, why Kane/DG=OTP, regardless of the fact she is young enough to be his daughter.

Thing the Two: toisch is writing me fic! HOW COOL IS THAT? It's Firefly, and it's The Education of Simon Tam, and there is JAYNE! *hops*

Thing the Three: There is no spoon. Discuss.


I just finished watching all of Tin Man last night at around 2:30 am. :p

Though I always
I'll discuss these things on my LJ I never actually do... I love Glitch, I love Cain, I love Cain and Glitch camaraderie, and I liked DG a lot more than I thought I would.

I thought the whole thing was a great idea, I enjoyed it, and I could totally support your otp... :D
i need to discuss it in more detail. like the cheese that was the ending. or why Az felt the need to flash the country to show off her monkeybat tattoos. or the reserved hotness that is Kane/Cain/whatever. Do we know the spelling? I should check the official site.

Also, i loved the Question-answer chicks. hee!

hey, are you going to play in the Hairspray secret santa thing?
The ending was cheesy but not really any more than was expected. Although I thought the resolution, when Az comes walking in was off. How did they know she was okay? Just not quite right to me.

And Lordy the flashing... when I watched that I couldn't help think how weird it would feel to act that bit. :p

Cain! I was thinking the same thing. I really liked that character and I think the actor really pulled it off even though every once in awhile he made me think of John Wayne...

I'm contemplating Secret Santa, but I always worry with those things that I would be able to complete my gift in time. But then I want to do it because I want fic! :p So, I'm still thinking about it.
i kinda want to do secret santa, but what if my gifts suck? plus, there is ALOT of RPS, and frankly, i just want GOOD WELL WRITTEN Link/Tracy.


oh yeah, i was expecting the cheesy ending, but still! and Glitch didnt even get his brain put back in!

the flashing just made me snicker. and the end where Az walks out as herself, my husband and i were adding to her lines, "Im back! What should I do about the monkey bat tattoo on my butt?"
Me too, but yeah what if I can't produce anything worthwhile? And AMEN! All I want is some good L/T. There is really nothing out there to read...

Oh no, you're right they didn't even put his brain back in! Poor Glitch. And I was all "what about her robot parents!? I hope some one fixed them." :p t!

Monkey tattoo on her butt! lol bugger could come in handy at some point, but if she thought flashing her breasts was demeaning I can't imagine trying to send that one out for recon...
EEP! I'm still in the middle of watching it! I d/led it last night and watched the first part but by then it was 3AM and I was sleepy so I'm about to watch the second. And OMGYESPLZ Cane/DG OTP!
I love your icon.

I've got Tin Man waiting on my Tivo. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.
There have been like a million Tin Man reaction posts on my list, and already some fic.
That settles it. Im coming to read your flist!
Did anyone else who watched Tin Man think it was odd that the Queen got her portrait taken with her adviser? I kept waiting for Glitch to turn out to be DG's dad. And there was definite chemistry between Cain and DG -- very, very sad that they didn't do anything with it. I was also disappointed that DG didn't get more character growth faster (by hour 3, she was still running around with her eyes really wide and often no common sense for the situation -- bad director/writer/whoever decided that!)
In still going on torrid affair between the Queen and Ambrose.

And I like Glitch better.

And YESOMG, the wide eyed blank stare? and the "let me squinch my eyes shut and REMEMBER" thing? GAH. Zooey's a good actress, so it wasnt her. drove me nuts!
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