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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

One Down, Fifty One to Go


At the end of this year, we are planning on leaving our teeny bizarre fishing village in Alaska for somewhere that might be a bit more permanent. At this particular moment in time, we have no freaking idea where to go.

So, Im throwing myself to the wolves my flist.

In no particular order, here are the issues:

Im from the South, and am, in fact, Southern at heart. I wanna go home. It doesnt have to be to Georgia, but somewhere in the South.
Ultimately, North Carolina is my happy place.
I dont like the cold (and yes, i KNOW im living in Alaska. Shush.), and I dont want to deal with alot of snow and DRIVING IN IT, because the Southern kicks in when it starts snowing while Im driving, and thats a bad bad thing.
There isnt really anywhere else I want to live, but I can handle just about anywhere..although with some places, its only going to be as long as I know it isnt permanent.
I like milder weather, humidity doesnt bother me. I like trees and green and hills.

Brandus is from Colorado. He is an only child, and his dad has terminal cancer and is only expected to live another 6 months or so.
If we move to GA, his parents will FLIP OUT. Im fairly certain this is because they are convinced that my family is standing on the other side of the state border, holding brainwashing materials and straight jackets. And we would never leave the state ever again. Or something.
Brandus likes the coast, mountains, cool weather, low humidity.

We wont have time to go to ANYPLACE before we actually move there - which means we can throw a dart at a map and pick a place and have just as good of a shot liking where we go as if we pick a place we've heard of but never been.
Moving close to a family member or someone we know would help this - help picking out an apartment, finding a job, etc
Both my sisters are very eager to have us move close to them - Melisa in Chicago, and Natalie near DC.
Neither of us have much interest in any place our families currently live.

We dont want a city. We want something smaller.
I want someplace a little "different." Someplace a little liberal and crunchy. Not scary liberal and hippie, just a little funky.
I would really really really like to be within a short plane ride home (GA) - preferably within driving distance - 6 hours or so.
I dont want to teach - I really want a job in assistive techology. But if i have to teach for a year, or find someother job, i will.
brandus teaches elementary grades - he likes 4th and 5th grades, and loves science

Brandus has a legitimate concern about picking up and moving somewhere we've never been, just to find we hate it.
He has suggested we stay in Alaska - NOT in the village, but closer to a real city, for a year, to give us a chance to travel places and see them and do interviews and stuff. It will be less expensive to travel and see places from there than it would be from here.

I see his point, but moving is going to be expensive no matter what. Im worried that if we stay in alaska another year, we'll end up spending the money to move TWICE, which we dont (and wont) have. plus, a year from now, we'll be right back here throwing darts at a map. not exactly helpful.

BUT, if we stay, there's a good chance that i could get an assistive tech position with ATLA, the AK assistive tech place. which would get my foot in the door and get me some experience. if i cant get that position, i wont be able to teach, because i havent taken the required classes to keep my license - which i COULD take this summer, if i forced myself.

Places we've considered, for various reasons:

St Simons Island, GA
Cheyenne, WY
Asheville, NC
Homer, Alaska
Carrboro, NC

So, flist, HELP US. suggest places. let me know if you live close to someplace that fits all this mess - or even some of it. share thoughts about places suggested or problems in our thinking. point and laugh. mock us publicly BUT FOR JOSS' SAKE, HELP US.



Moving moving moving!

You should move to a suburb NEAR Chicago. Like Oak Park. (This is your sister by the way!).

Otherwise, I vote for Carrboro, NC or Hendersonville NC!
Well, Maine is not a quick drive to Georgia (it's more like a plane ride from Atlanta to Boston and a bus ride from Boston to wherever...) but I love it. It's funky, a little hippyesque, has a libertarian crunchy center. They like to elect independents and third party candidates from time to time. There are no big cities--I think 60,000 people might be the biggest one--but some places are so beautiful. And if you live around Portland it's only a couple hours to Boston.

I can tell you lots about Maine. I have pictures, too. :D

It sounds lovely. What's the weather like, generally? Are there a couple of smaller towns you could recommend as being rather nifty?

Pictures are more than welcome.
My vote is for Bellingham, Wa.

Keep in mind, I live in Seattle now, so it's not a selfish request. But I grew up in Bellingham and it sounds pretty damn ideal for both of you.

There is a mountain (a real one, not like those hills in the south), several nice lakes, a river and the ocean. All within 30 minutes (or less) of town.

It's population is about 60k. It's got fabulous schools, safe neighborhoods where the evil one can grow up playing in the yard. The weather is pretty much temperate. There's less than a week of snow every year, and it usually melts in less than a day. It's never wildly hot. Summer highs around 75.

It's got a quaint historical village, a university on campus and two community schools.
OH! And liberal out the wazooo. If you live in Bellingham. The county is a little different.

There's definitely a granola vibe through and through.

And it was voted one of the top 10 places to live in the entire country a couple years ago.

Oh.... and I live 2 hours away. *cough*
Carrboro is amazing. I am pretty sure that within a year, I'll have quit my job and gone back to live there. Well, close to there, I'm not sure where we'll live exactly out there, but somewhere in the Triangle area, probably Durham.

You can easily drive to the beach or the mountains, although they are both a little far for day trips. Jesse Helms once described Carrboro as "the People's Republic of Carrboro" which is awesome and true. It's awesome, because, I also like living in the South, and it's a little piece of non-uber-conservative South without having to move to Atlanta. I can deal with living in a city the size of Atlanta, but I'd rather live somewhere smaller.

Carrboro is a small town, but the act that it is surrounded by Chapel Hill and Durham and Raleigh are so nearby gives you access to things in larger cities. There are also smaller communities around Carrboro in Chatham County that you could live in if you want to get a little further away.

DC is close, and it's about 7-8 hrs to Dalton. But, if you need to fly, it has a major airport.

There are lots of jobs there, too.

I really just can't imagine anyone not being happy moving to the Triangle. I guess I am a tad biased, but I loved it there, I honestly think you guys would too.
p.s. I've never lived there, but I've heard similarly awesome things about Asheville. When I was first reading through your post, that's where I was going to suggest you move to, but then when you listed Carrboro, I had to mention its awesomeness and forgot all about Asheville.
i'm all for you moving back to Colorado, but that doesn't seem to be what you want (the 300 days of sun do come with some snow--sorry).

The only other places that I've lived have been a small suburb of San Antonio (and i have fond memories of there) and London (albeit only for a semester). Live Oak, TX, was kind of an average suburb, but not overly "Texan"--we had a huge melting pot there of Hispanic, German, and enough Irish to feel at home :)

My grandparents lived in Cochran, GA, and that was a really small town (but I haven't been there in over 10 years). my uncle swears by Brunswick, GA -- so much so that he's quit jobs when they've wanted to transfer him to another city.

*sigh* I wish I had more help for you. Cheers!
I like Colorado fine. But I know if we move back there, we will NEVER EVER LEAVE. and i just..cant handle that. Plus, then I would have to deal with his parents gloating, and then i would get arrested for assaulting my father in law with a fork, and that would probably be bad.
hm... i see NY isn't on that list. ;)

I'm not terribly traveled or versed in school systems (hell, I'm just learning what's out there now in Long Island), so I'm no help there. But I have driven through I-80 and I-95. Have you thought of Delaware or Maryland? They're fairly coastal though low lying. It's a little less urban and not that far from NC (or NY!) but not so scary that they might not have assistive tech spots. If you were leaning toward Maine, there's Massachusetts or Rhode Island. I've visited the Boston area and part of RI close to MA, where a friend of mine lives. It's fairly small townish and even Boston isn't so hectic (then again, NYC is my meter for urban).

so... uh... I'm not very helpful, am I? Are there websites for assistive tech that might point you toward places with spots open?
Urban is scary scary bad. We're looking for places smaller than 10k - we're coming from a place of 600. We dont want our brains to explode.

And sadly, there isnt really an assistive tech website. i have to search city by city. its frustrating.


Ok, so we wouldn't want you to move to DC itself, just to our neighborhood! We're outside of DC on the Maryland side, in a fairly crunchy neighborhood. Green space everywhere, solid democratic state. We've got a great forested backyard, a neighborhood lake, and lots of great stuff within walking distance.

www.ghi.coop is our co-op neighborhood - houses for sale are listed here

http://www.greenbeltmd.gov/ is the larger town.

www.wmata.com is the DC metro map. Notice how it comes very close to the neighborhood. YAY public transportation!

This is your other sister, by the way...


Greenbelt? How about Illinois?

I will agree with Spectacles that Greenbelt is way great, as I totally loved it when I went to visit a few months ago. But there are also great Suburbs around Chicago! Public transportation plus good crunchy-ness. (This is your other sister by the way). You don't have to live IN the city, but being close to it would give you many many job options!!!! And would be more inbetween the two sets of grandparents! Oh and close to me too.
I'm of no use, especially since we'll have the same dilemma in, oh, six months (keep your fingers crossed for Phoenix because of school). Being near grandparents=free babysitting, which is something high on my list for when we move back stateside. So don't move to LA--too expensive, too crowded, too much smog, too much crime/traffic/ugliness, etc...

I'd stay out of DC proper--there's always Maryland, Virginia, etc., and those are still technically no sugar in my cornbread states...and there's the Chesapeake nearby. :) That's my two cents. But I think I swallowed too much of the River Anduin today whitewater rafting.
Being near grandparents=free babysitting, which is something high on my list

*raises eyebrow* oh, really? You're moving back to get free babysitting?

Is there something you would like to share with the rest of the class?

I highly recommend the triangle in NC. Ask me whatever questions you want - I bet ayekamn would also be willing to discuss it, as we have both lived there. You might also think of Asheville. I <3 Asheville.
Eh, I see she has already replied, and her thoughts mirror mine. Well, that's two votes for the great state of NC. One nice thing about the triangle is the proximity to both mountains and beaches - equally distant, around three hours or less to each. dugbrown and I are glad to be where we are now, but miss living there.
ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

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