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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Behind the Scenes

Im still taking requests for this meme!

anr requested River, in Broken Like Dolls

1. Kaylee was the first one. She's was so smiley and happy. River just wanted to be able to keep that feeling.

2. Simon was slow, and he was crying, and she didn't understand. But he had a syringe in his hand and a gun hidden in the infirmary, and how could her ge ge ever not say how pretty she could look all dressed up in pink and lace?

3. She knew where Jayne was the whole time. She could have gone in and added him to her toys at any time.

He was just more fun while he was still moving on his own.

rinalin requested crew, in Raised Right

1. Zoe found a bundle of clothes in the rag bin when she went digging for a red patch for one of her shirts.

She smiled for the first time in weeks when she figured out they were Jayne's. All of the ones with naked girls on the front.

She wondered if Jayne had gotten rid of them, or if Kaylee had thrown them all out.

2. When Kaylee came in for her monthly physical, Simon winced.

Finding a way to be very very busy looking at her most recent bloodwork, he forced himself to ask her about contraception.

She about fell off the infirmary table, she was laughing so hard.

3. Inara particularly enjoyed dinner these days.

Jayne and Kaylee were generally teasing each other and laughing, but tonight they came in and both seemed to having a hard time not grinning like idiots at each other.

Halfway through the meal, after Jayne had nearly knocked over his own glass and dropped the rolls, Inara handed him her kerchief.

"I believe you have some grease on your neck, Jayne." She widened her eyes innocently. "However could you have gotten a smear of grease there?"

Kaylee started to giggle when River piped in, "That's not the only place he has grease!"

literarylemming requested Danny, Do You Know the Muffin Girl?

1. Danny sometimes worried to himself that he was getting past his prime. Old. Stale.

His biggest fear was becoming moldy.

2. Danny got along with the bear claws, mostly. They were big and bulky and bragged a good bit, but they were good guys.

He never could convince Birdy that they wouldn't squish her.

3. He used to dream about the smell of apples.

Now he dreams about cinnamon and spice, and girlish little giggles from a muffin half his size.

literarylemming wanted to know about Gabby, in the Dragon Dancing series

1. For months after she went back home, Gabrielle drove her mother to distracting by insisting on being called 'Gabby.' The lovely Mrs. Delacour had no idea who this 'Sharlie' was, but she swore to herself that she would have him murdered.

2. Gabby kept the tiny Welsh Green on her bedside table. She spent every spare minute in the library for almost three months trying to teach herself the charm that kept it animated.

3. The first time she met her sister's fiance, she nearly fell out of her chair.

Her mother scolded, her sister gasped, but she still managed to overturn the sugarbowl when he told her that Charlie was his brother.

Please come play! This is fun!


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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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