Superfail! (aliaspiral) wrote,

The Alma Mater

I loved this ep! It wasnt as ..high energy and hokie as past episodes have been. there was more of a serious undercurrent, which was a nice change.

And yes, my love for Awesome continues. More than is healthy.

And Bryce! And Morgan! And ANNA!! AND TANG!!

*is full of glee*

First off, OMG BRYCE! IS A GOOD GUY! ...maybe..but i continue to hold out hope! he kept Chuck out because Chuck couldnt handle the CIA life. how awesome is that? also raises tons more questions. like, where the hell is Jill, and is she an agent? was she involved?

I lovelovelove Chuck calling all of the agents on campus to have them come swoop in with firepower.

More than anything ever? I LOVED THE CASEY/SARAH SHOOT 'EM UP WHEN SHE ONLY HAD ONE BULLET LEFT. seriously, major chemistry there!

Also..i need the fic where Casey offers to kill Tang for Anna. No, really, i NEED it.

yes, i know he said he didnt offer, but in my own head, he DID. and Anna swooned. much as a hot goth girl will swoon, anyway.

Anna seducing Tang to steal his keys? AWESOME.

Tang's One Remote? AWESOME.

The CIA junior team? "Hey, aren't you in my econ class?" AWESOME.

Awesome swinging Ellie around? AWESOME.

I love Ellie and Awesome's relationship, although I wouldve liked more of an acknowledgement that yes, she really DIDNT want to be stuck in a car with Awesome and his frat buddies for that long. Who would?

Yep. I love this show.

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