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ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

Fic or Treat!

Here's your Fic or Treat post for today!

Please post a comment, and whatever Ive got stuffed into my basket
(and you will take your chances - ficlets, pics, screencaps, riddles,
anything) is what you will get!



fic or treat! HEEE.
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Hope you like! :)
hahahaha, so awesome!!1!! I absolutely adore it. Best. Halloween gift. Ever. ♥
trick or treat!!
Im not sure whether this could be considered a trick or a treat..

trick or treat smell my feet... :p
I will NOT smell your feet! ...but I will write you a quick ficlet...

It had taken a while to progress to where they were now - there was Inez to congratulate again, Maybelle to hug, Penny to squeal with - and the entire time, Link hadn't once let go of her hand for more than a minute.

Penny, Seaweed, Link and Tracy had ended up sprawled on some of the audience chairs when the crowd finally started to thin out. Edna and Wilbur were some of the last to leave, after Link had assured them several times that he would get Tracy home before too late. Corny was still holding court with Maybelle over in another corner, but even that group was starting to drift away.

Tracy bumped her shoulder into Link's, who was laughing at some wild story Seaweed was telling.

He looked down at her, and a slow smile spread across his face and warmed his eyes.

His tie was undone, his shirt had lost its top button, and his hair was starting to droop, despite the amount of hairspray currently in it.

He had never looked better.

I use my Jayne icon just for you. :-*

Fiiiiiic or treat!!

Re: I use my Jayne icon just for you. :-*

I geeeeeve you this:

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Memory of happier days on the island..*sigh*

Re: I use my Jayne icon just for you. :-*

N'awwwwwww. :( That makes me all nostalgic. THanks!!
What a great idea! I think I'll steal it, heh.

Trick or treat!
por vous!

Lego Tardis!
D'awww! *snuggles it*
trick or treat!
for you, my dear, I bring you Luke Danes
ooooh yay! As long as he is season five, early season six Luke. Otherwise, I'd have to smack him and that's no fun.
Trick or treat!
Por vous

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Trick or Treat or lovies?
ALWAYS lovies! *snuggles*

for you, for the cuteness factor:

lolcats and funny pictures
Fic or treat!
Fic or treat! :D
Your treat is Malfoys!
Is it too late to trick or treat?
Not at all!

Tree of life!
ooh! thank you. Must...get...to..work...to... edit...down...to...correct...size...for...lj!

ARASHI: Sho and Aiba - Laugh

October 2014



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